The SJWs are out in force

The sort of lunacy so many of us are commenting on at blogs across the UK and US sphere, plus Australia in places, is hardly keeping up with the flood, the torrent currently pouring through every fissure worldwide.

If it’s not ISIS slaughtering its way to Hell in the Middle-East or the lunacy of our gummint being sucked into the the game of the evil muvvers ripping off illegals in the Mediterranean, it’s our home-grown issues with these mindless buffoons we are pleased to euphemize as Social Justice Warriors [SJWs].  Plus education.  Plus the judiciary.

This below is not one you’ll necessarily take up your cudgels over but it’s part of the global war all the same.  I personally couldn’t get into it and yet the role of Vox Day in taking it up to the SJWs is commendable.

Chuckles sets the scene:

Interesting how lefties and SJWs and the like are almost always totally certain that they are part of a huge majority of ‘right-thinking’ people and anyone disagreeing with them is a miniscule fanatic minority.

It’s the old ‘but everyone I know voted labour/lib dem/democrat whatever. hen the truth rears it’s ugly head, that in fact THEY are the loon fanatic minority, their minds simply cannot process it, and they descend into complete meltdown, as they KNOW that their beliefs are right and EVERYBODY agrees.

Perfect example here, where Peter gets an update from a couple of Tor books employees on the Gallo/Feder affair. The ‘right sort’ of people’ in Tor management simply cannot process the fact that they have offended tens of thousands of readers, authors and the like.

Everybody they know in New York thinks like they do and agree with them, and all the people they chat to on the internet agree with them. SO it must be a bot network sending all those emails. That’s what it is, and that evil Vox fellow.

They keep doubling down, oblivious to the old dictum about ‘stop digging’, so I guess they wont stop till they are shown the door.

Vox also comments at some length about Peters post.

For our readers, this might not be the most engaging topic but the overall issue of how SJWs operate is engaging, very much so.  From the Amon Duul commune to the issues at OoL to this about Vox, the other side is characterized by the same things each and every time:

1.  An unsustainable, loony idea e.g. the trans-race thing, an illogical extension or a twisting of a sound original idea, e.g. tolerance, love and fairness.

2.  Couching it in feelgood language of love and justice, e.g. Skin for All, Tolerance of every Race and Colour and so on.

This is where they take a perfectly acceptable idea, e.g. tolerance for every race, creed and colour – no one really disputes that all God’s creatures should be treated equally as people, as long as they are just getting along with their business and not laying it on us.

The issue of course is that they wrongly apply it in inappropriate ways.

As with Life of Brian, fine that every man should have the right to have a baby but it simply can’t be and it’s not intolerance in the least, it’s reality. Ditto with gay “marriage” which simply can’t be, by definition, not through our fascism but by the definition of marriage.

It’s like – let’s pick something from the air – like fighting for the right of electricity to go through rubber. Don’t oppress Rubber, you fascists.

3.  Far from it not causing any damage, it very much causes damage. This is not just charmless eccentrics adding colour to a nation’s character – this is seriously intolerant people with big money behind them.  From the IPCC hockey stick to this latest about Tor [I think it is], the pattern is the same.

The false construct now takes on the form of dogma, ill thought out, can’t work, and when criticized on the dogma, they slide back to the general point of “supporting tolerance, love and fair play”, which it is manifestly not about in the least and no one’s disputing the general principle.  Why would anyone sane oppose those general principles?

What this is about is:

a.  The lunatic extrapolation of a general idea;
b.  The intolerant manner in which it is then pushed, using govt and major money to back them and anyone disagreeing is auto-attacked and personally vilified.

It’s the refusal to have a fair discussion without resorting to stratagems which characterizes the SJWs. It’s the mind of the zealot which interprets any questioning of the dogma as attack and they have their battle plan at the ready, supplied by Them from centuries of doing such things.

And that battle plan involves suppressing and exterminating.

The damage is the way people are sucked into the lunacy via the portal of “tolerance, love and fairness”.  Aesop wrote fables about how it operates, from the lulling of victims into a false sense of security to the attack once captive or within range. Ulysses and the Sirens was about that.

4.  They then develop their own “studies” which the MSM trumpets, e.g. the YouGov poll on Brexit and the MSM presents it as a normal poll by a reputable company, with no agenda. The average reader reads and parrots: “Oh look, no one wants out.”  It’s the most disgraceful dishonesty by someone or some firm making out it has integrity and is honest.

The effect is that it devalues polls in general and people like us end up not trusting anything and sheeple end up vehemently believing what they read – it’s a form of tribalism.  The casualty is truth.

The effort expended by these people is mindboggling, the lengths they go to, from complete rewrites of every history book to every law to every rule and regulation in Elfansafetee – the whole face of the land is endlessly transformed and we poor sods have not a clue how far the cancer has gone.  Some inkling but not a comprehensive overview.

We on blogs know the UN is integrally behind much if not most of it, through the EU and through our homegrown loons, tied in with the left’s 1%, tied in with the Big Business/Govt ties.  When I was a SJW in my early 20s, I don’t recall ever reading anything but leftist tomes presented by our elders and betters as gospel, e.g. Tawney, e.g. Marx himself. The sheer greed of so many businessmen and lack of concern for workers played straight into the globalists’ hands.

If you can write a celebrated tome and in it, the very language and actions of these businessmen appear to have come to pass, just as the book said, then those taken in by all this will cease to question the logic of the proposed solutions.  Marx is deeply flawed and it wasn’t even the point to be logical. The whole point was to tell a few truisms about capital and labour, cast all life as worker v boss and there we go – straight to Stage 4 – the conflagration.

The whole point was to achieve Stage 4, there never was and never could be any Stage 5, it’s unachievable for humankind because of interference by Them who are orchestrating the whole show. Plus human nature.

That escapes the SJWs, the Rik Mayalls who love wallowing in their rhetoric about sexism, racism, disablism, homophobia, prisoners’rightsophobia, whatever. You’re all haters.

And where do they get the time to do all this, by the way, if they have jobs and are at work?

Those of us on blogs such as this – we’re splintered, fragmented, we differ on nuances of opinion and thus oppose each other on many other matters, often the shades of opinion are fine.

The SJW has no such constraints to action – the Narrative is handed down through the organs, they all snap into rank and file and away they go. In short, they’re very much like an army, whilst imagining themselves freethinkers.  Python nailed it: “Yes, we’re all individuals.”

I did a musical post on the German Amon Duul commune and one of the songs is: “Why can’t we all be the same?”  I kid you not.  This is people supposedly wanting the freedom to think for themselves.

We, meanwhile, are unherdable cats.  Should Nigel lead the Out campaign or should he go nowhere near it? The notion of us all combining to oppose the SJWs, no matter what – that is alien to each of us. We make very poor cogs, very poor clones.

The irony is that we vilified reactionaries, the centrist bourgeoisie/sentient working class, the ones supposedly fascist according to the SJW army – we cannot oppose this army of theirs because of the very fact that we have our own opinions.

Perfect example is the falling out between Kippers and the Richad Northers.  There should be no division in pursuit of the common goal of Brexit and yet there is.

Why?  The real enemy which we see all around us now is getting away with murder and we bicker over who should effing well lead this or that.

And the money behind the SJWs knows it all fullwell and grins.  It’s all going to plan.

6 comments for “The SJWs are out in force

  1. AndrewWS
    June 15, 2015 at 10:41 am

    WTF is this storm in a teacup all about?

    • June 15, 2015 at 12:52 pm

      It’s about SJWs riding roughshod over normal people.

  2. June 15, 2015 at 2:46 pm

    Zozchial Justitz. The Churches are infected with it. Do-Gooders distored and depraved.

    Are there other sorts of (insert prefix here) justice out there? Is social justice better than straighforward justice?

    A chap could get sacked from his profession for simply asking such questions.

  3. June 15, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Excuse my cynicism, but I think the whole Social Justice movement is based on a false premise. By definition, ‘Justice’ is loosely defined as fair play, even handedness, objectivity. Yet the ‘justice’ the SJW mob seems to want is to take from those of us who have struggled, scrimped and fought for to be handed over to their chosen clique (Who never seem to give anything back in return) because it’s ‘fair’. Fair to whom?

    I’m all for a level playing field, equal opportunity etc, but the SJW’s want the dice loaded in their favour.

  4. Daedalus
    June 15, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    Rik Mayall? I assume you mean Russell Brand. Mayall has been dead a while unfortunately.

    • June 16, 2015 at 12:21 am

      His spirit lives on.

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