Within our lifetime?


[There is a] United States military training exercise, scheduled to take place in multiple US states from July 15 to September 15, 2015. Their announcements raised concern referred to by The New York Times as “travers[ing] the outer edges of political paranoia.”

People’s reactions to events are the critical factor, of course, in how the PTB act next time. Those reactions are watched, not unlike by Dr. Mengele,  by those arranging things and who has which reaction is critical – all this is a known known.

They also know that a few buzzwords and a large section turn off.  For example, mention Alex Jones or David Icke.  Amazing how the names instantly turn people off and yet both started with a series of events in the first place from where they developed their ideas.

In other words, the catalyst, the original doings, was quite real and happened – it’s just the dot joining which people don’t like and when the lizards start … dot dot dot.

I would suggest that, rather than being all one way or the other, do some cherrypicking – look at what does actually hold up, no matter who wrote about it, note it, look at something else puzzling, note it and so on.

And bona fides do count. For example, reader and fellow blogger Amfortas is not given to conspiracy theories and says so.  A few things I’ve run in a post, he’s pooh-poohed, yet he comes out today with: “Bohemian Grove is in the news again, not the usual news though:


Mention Jade Helm 15 and your reactions fall into one or other of these camps:

1.  Eh?  What’s that?

2.  Sigh [eyes to ceiling], here we go again.

3.  Alex Jones is the Man and and can join dots well.

4.  There are certain things in this story which are factual, they are not theory, they are happening and this is a worry.

#  On April 28, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor the operation, declaring, “During the training operation, it is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property right and civil liberties will not be infringed.”

# On May 5, 2015, U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert, Republican from the 1st District of Texas, and Vice Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, voiced his concern in a statement, saying his “office has been inundated with calls referring to the Jade Helm 15 military exercise”. With concerns about the U.S. Army is preparing for “modern-day martial law”.

He noted a political consideration saying, “I was rather appalled that the hostile areas amazingly have a Republican majority, ‘cling to their guns and religion,’ and believe in the sanctity of the United States Constitution”.

#  The USASOC claimed “the size and scope of Jade Helm sets this one apart” from previous training exercises, such as Derna Bridge or Robin Sage.

The socialists, of course, are fine with it and anyone worrying is a tinfoilhatter:

#  On May 7, 2015, Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic Governor of Virginia, called Abbott’s mobilizing of the Texas State Guard in response to the training exercise “one of the dumbest things I have ever heard”.

There are any number of things this could be about .

My feeling is it’s kite flying, testing reaction, Obama getting a bit of his own back, making non socialists look loony [“one of the dumbest things I have ever heard”]. A trial run, a prototype for a possible later end run.

It’s way too public and is meant to be.  Nice little move starting a national army exercise on the very day the Cremation of Dull Care takes place at Bohemian Grove.  At a minimum, it shows that these people directing the show are well aware of such references.  Why? Why would they be?

The fact that it’s already begun needn’t matter – the original scheduling made a good story.

The PTB will observe throughout the reactions of people in those states, how they would have to be dealt with in the GOP states, how far the Democrat staters can be relied upon etc. etc.

Everyone who has come out in horror has been added to the list to be dealt with later – every major takeover has ever been so – the academics and old conservatives are first up against the wall or “retrained”.

So far, there’s no theory to it at all.

It’s obviously coordinated with other moves and is costing the taxpayer big.  It also fits into a pattern of major moves, society altering moves, from Cameron’s bludgeoning through of gay “marriage” to the sudden navy ship happily carrying the boat people to Italy, moves of boldness and chutzpah, to gauge people’s ability to counter them.

If you see our “leaders” as buffoons without a single original thought between them and therefore, they could do no harm at all, you are not taking into account the minds which can create ISIS.

There are moves afoot all over the place and an agenda. There’s kite-flying, there are low-level moves and it’s observed if the truth comes out or not.

For example, back home here, in the Labour leadership race, watch Yvette Cooper [mumsy] carefully. Is she not rabid Common Purpose to the core?  Explore her story.



The get-out clause

And  for every proactive move, there is a get-out clause, no?  A perfectly rational explanation.

There is always a rational alternative explanation and those who like Occam’s Razor can say there it is. Coming back to Jade Helm – it’s just an exercise, nothing more.

Yet atrocities in America seem to be in a continuing series. Lone nutter pops up after a period of relative quiet, possibly a Manchurian – the type is quite Manchurian – the calls for greater control go up from the Democrats, gun control and they hope that more and more people will change opinion on guns, not understanding that that’s irrelevant – the Constitution guarantees home defence.

The battle in people’s minds is constantly this – isolated incident or part of a pattern which, whether designed or not, still ends up feeding certain “well-formed outcomes”.

Expanding this

The rank and file Christians [the hierarchy seems bought off already – see the Pope’s encyclical on climate], say it’s the end times. It might be, it might not – no one can know but one thing is for sure. If it is actually the end time, then those verses fit in very well indeed.

Look at this another way. The PTB, say in Masonic form, are well aware of ancient history, know all the quotes, have observed what works and what doesn’t on people. There is a ready made form guide available, these are not people who’ve been dumbed-down like the new generation and who receive the Narrative at school and university before being unleashed on the society – these are people in the know.

So they take a reference such as the ten northern nations, whoever they are, coming in and helping the Muslims, ditto Iran, ditto China and Russia.  It’s in Revelation. And while scholars argue about that having already occurred in 70 AD or whether it is yet to occur – an irrelevant debate, the bottom line is that each era interprets it for their times.

OK, if it is for our times – and I don’t say it is – then this is very much how it would occur. Rather than prophecy coming true, how about a ruling oligarchy seizing on ancient prophecy and making it come true for our time?

Thus Operation Cyclone gets the Muslim prophecy going about the new Mohammeds storming across the desert on horseback, slaughtering all in their wake and it fits in well with the PTB’s own plan – The Great Work of Ages and Moriah Conquering Wind – yes there certainly is insanity involved here and it’s filtering down to society, look around.

So, on the doorstep of Europe, with nations in Europe already softened up for the kill via PCism, no defences anymore, complete demoralization – see Bezmenov – the great fight for civilization begins.  They’ve been itching for this, the PTB, for ages now.

And the biblical narrative says that the ten northern nations come down and help the infidels, meaning the Muslims.  In fact, everyone is ascribing roles to different groups.  Is the New Babylon Brussels?  It doesn’t matter a toss what the bible was referring to in John’s mind at the time – this is the story for a new age now.

And the Muslims have their own lore – they say they win but the Christian book says the west wins, the great hero from the west is lauded, he goes in to dedicate the new temple [remember the Muslims are defeated] and hey presto – the Abomination of Desolation.

The great saviour turns out to be The Great Satan and the one in the middle-east Little Satan. The people themselves are, as usual, irrelevant, cannon fodder, in the scheme of great things afoot.

Consider the minds starting all this – consider the state of those minds.  Deep insanity, militarism, zero compassion, greed, apostasy, twisted sexuality, zero ethics and a sense that they are making their mark on the world. It was exactly the same thing which started The Great War – same people, same mindset. The warrior elite doing a pleb cull every so often.

The demoralization in Britain

My Russian mate, when I told him about the lunacy going on in Britain – see any Julia M post – shook his head and smiled because the path we here are following is precisely how the Soviet Union did it.

Incorrect thoughts found you in reeducation and then spirited away.

Who will be spirited away? Cameron and the faux conservatives? Lib Dems?  Labour? The church hierarchy, already under the thumb?  Or us – bloggers of a certain age, male [and some female] who bang on about our fathers [and mothers] having fought – physically fought – to preserve this land.

Should we keep blogging?  Should we stop from fear?  Should we stop because no one reads us and most who do pooh-pooh it all? Or tell us to take our pills?

Consider China

Prophecy marches on alongside actual events.  There is always the get out clause but there are also those in China, the great sages who point to China’s illustrious warring history and say it’s time for China to cease nourishing obscurity, it’s now the next phase and hey presto – China awakens.

Bible says army of 200 million will descend on the middle-east halfway along in the end story. Interesting – China has now put through the Karakoram Highway, which completes the reconnection of the Silk Road. Where does it end up, once it goes through Pakistan and sweeps down?




Where has China been of late, maritimewise?  Where are their new seaports?  Explore it through Google search.




Now observe the red route – where does it end up?

valley of esdraelon

It ends up here – the Valley of Esdraelon and the route to the Mediterraenean.

China needs to complete its land and sea bridge, just as Putin is completing his land bridge to Mariupol.  It’s just above Haifa there, the end point of this arm of the Silk Road.

Where is Haifa?  On Mount Carmel.  Notice Nazareth too?  Map’s too small but Bethlehem’s in there too.

What happened recently in Bethlehem, by the way? Did you see it in the news?

Religious references trot happily alongside actual world events.

Follow the route from that shore back to Jerusalem south-east down that yellow road and the words of Jesus of Nazareth spring to mind – when it all starts, head for the hills.  Not all that many hills in that area – Mount Carmel of course but there’s another, near a town called Megiddo [see it at the foot of the map].

One name for hill is Har.  Har Megiddo.  Let those who can see – see. Let’s move along.

There’s a river stagnating down that valley to the Med, called Kishon.  It boils with chemicals and rank pollution even now. Recall references to rivers of blood? Recall Chris Rea?

How could the Chinese/Persians/Pakistanis get across two dry rivers [biblical reference] in Iraq?  Tigris and Euphrates are big rivers, wide.  How could an army march across there?



Why would Turkey do that?

Oh and by the way, before I forget, which city does that army go past, some 30 miles south of Baghdad, what was that the site of?  Tower of Babel, yes.

Tower of Babel – haven’t we seen that recently?


And earlier?


Moving on, what is this bull and who is the woman on it?

bull and woman

In fact, who was Europa? This may enlighten some. It’s a Jewish site, you’ve been warned:


And always there is the ever-present get-out clause.  At the same time, quite evil muvvers making use of prophecy and legend to cover their true purposes.

Christie’s Poirot [in other words – Christie] had just such a case in the middle-east.  He reflected on the power of the legend, the curse, how useful it is in covering your tracks.

Miracles? Man made miracle, e.g. in Nairobi.  Put your base camp in Nepal and Tibet.  Call yourself Maitreya and use people like Benjamin Creme and Share International to spread the word.  Explore the UN connection to all that. Bring in Thule, theosophy. Notice the presence of the U.S. in Tibet?  Why would they be there?


Cover story – destabilizing China, destabilizing any threat to those behind the US “leadership”, to the hegemony.  Real story is that the whole idea is conflagration and atrocity.  With all bases already covered, with power already in their hands, this is just sick theatre to keep the analysts guessing.

The work, the effort, that all this has taken. From Agenda 21 to the seed banks off Norway to the whole EU project which was always doomed?  Why?

Why are they doing this work, this Great Work of Ages?

Which of these two does the progress of ISIS resemble more – faith, hope and charity or Moriah Conquering Wind? Mohammed rides again in a storm of dust, this time on tanks.

Who’s supplying?  Who’s paying?

This can go on forever. And finally, back to Jade Helm.  Jade – which country’s stone is that? Helm, Helm.  No, can’t place it.

Just one more:

In Spain, Deputy Secretary Anthony Blinken and Spanish Deputy Foreign Minister Ybanez Signing of the U.S.-Spain Amendment. The Amendment allows for permanent placement of a US crisis response force at Morón Air Base in Spain.

FEMA in Spain. Anyone see this covered in the MSM? I don’t have a TV.

Drawing this together

Let’s not over-extend here. Simple question – is anyone in any doubt that great things are afoot?  That the PTB are being quite proactive in these years now?  One new crisis after another coming out?

Do you believe that destiny is a random set of coincidences or maybe natural waves, as economic modelling tries to make sense of? The Krugman view?

Or do you see quite proactive moves by some really evil muvvers?

You’ll not accept my notion of whom it serves – Ephesians 6:12 – but even if you’re a rationalist, there is still a quite open and transparent set of moves going on.  Most of us will accept it is to keep the plebs down, keep them from combining, through labelling, e.g. left/right, dumbing their kids down in schools, indoctrinating them through the Narrative.

Removing logic from their brains.

Charlotte Church made her prepared speech someone wrote for her – the language was not hers.  She opened with a shouted appeal to the masses, the Eva Peron touch, the emotion. She then said there was no need for the austerity, which is actually right – but not for the reasons she said.

The reason it’s unnecessary is that policy at Westminster could easily have headed it off at the pass in the 90s. But there was no political will by our puppets up there, just thrall to the EU. Same lot in the Ukraine and in Greece, next Spain.

There need not have been any immigrant issue – it’s artificial.  The national debt – different to deficit – was largely avoidable.  If Osborne is applying sound fiscal policy now, why not earlier?

Because there is a Great Work of Ages going on. There had to be a ginormous blowout, with a weakling in Beaker covering for previous governments which had already done the deed, in order to produce the need for austerity, reducing people’s living standards, providing sub-standard food – ensuring the eating of junk by pitting a Jamie Oliver against them – and providing the pretext to cut everything, including the armed forces.

How much of any of this is Charlotte Church aware of?  How’s her sense of history?  She said there was no need for austerity.  Ok and her next point was also sound – what the country needs is stimulation.

Yes, it does.

How does Charlotte interpret economic stimulation?  Look at her speech for yourself – she said stimulation must be accompanied by protecting welfare.  I’ve not misquoted her – look again at her opening remarks.

That’s the level of historical economic understanding? And a 10,000 strong audience lapped that up – the world according to Charlotte.

Others might say stimulation will come with getting out of the EU, applying a sane tax policy, providing incentives for small and medium businesses, plus initial safeguards, reining in council greed and their outsourcing, providing employment.

But no one wishes to know, apart from 3.8 million at GE15.  And by marginalizing these people, by running around like headless chickens, listening to Brand, Church, Osborne, Cameron, Harman, we can truly say to all those out there:

“You will live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.” [Tesla]

[Thanks to Ian Parker-Joseph for the pic at the top.]

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