The new radicals

To slightly misquote the letter of Tom Paine‘s comment but to capture its essence, he once said that blogposts about blogging are among his least favourite and I’d agree … until a blogger comes along who is worth speaking of.

Most posts are about events, ideas and behaviours but few go into the person disseminating them, unless that person is in the public sphere.  Worse is a blogger who puts a post on two separate blogs at the same time, as this one is.

Political bloggers seem to fall into two categories – those adopting the UN globalist attempt to redefine reality by means of subterfuge, bully boy tactics, changing the lexicon and history books and hardselling the package to the plebs … the Newspeak trolls in other words, usually statist.

And then possibly the majority – the little blogs out there which try to cut through the BS and get straight to the essence.  Twice now that that word has been used. There’s more than a little calling out of the Emperor over his New Clothes in this and the best bloggers, IMHO, call BS and explain why, often by copious use of quotes.

In an era when the Social Justice Warrior has become the brownshirt for the new establishment, these people are the new radicals, China and other oppressive regimes such as the UK try to snuff them out by various means – the UK is more subtle, calling it “two-tier” blogging or some such guff.

The Z man is that breed of American blogger who pulls no punches, who is able to get to the point quickly, something I’ve not yet been able to achieve. Still, there are badges I do proudly wear on the sleeve, such as this from a died-in-the-wool old-style student communist Rik Mayall type:

# The Higham fellow is a pathetic, sick individual. He embodies every bit of superstitious belief, ritual, taboo, violence, viciousness, exploitation, and ignorance of any creed known to man. What an ignorant philistine he is. Imprecate vocabulary always is. 

In other words, he calls Higham out as a classical liberal. And:

#  Have you ever considered that you might be the Anti Christ? Mad, full of hate, mysogynistic, just plain weird. Man, you tick all the boxes.  You are one insane son of a bitch.  Bitter.  And left as scrap.

In other words, supports the family and traditional marriage. And lastly:

#  Just to add, I generally find your posts on here to be amongst my least favourite and amongst those I agree with least, however, that shouldn’t stop one reading them.

Had I been amongst those who just ignore posts by those with whom I disagree I would be diminished by that wilful ignorance.  Keep it up …

Isn’t it interesting that pesky pushers of traditional values, common sense, restoration of sanity to society should be cast as subversive radicals?  That this and other blogs could be thought of as harbourers of dangerous thought and hate crimes.

Where has society gone?

The Z man has a way of distilling truth into a few choice phrases, to be met by apoplexy in comments.  For example, he might write:

The other day in my Greek post I pointed out that sovereign debt is mostly a way to rob the property holders of countries. No one really thinks about it like that as the people in charge prefer we think of it in other ways. They like to talk about government investment in the safety net, as if it were a real physical net underneath all of us, magically held up by fairies and magic dust.

That’s the sales pitch. Most sensible people like the folks reading this blog see past it and understand that it is just a way to pay for an ever expanding government. As we’re fond of saying on the Dissident Right, no tree grows to the sky.

Eventually the government can borrow no more because no one will lend. That’s not just a Greek problem. The public debt of the West is at level unimaginable just a generation ago.

There are a few things going on in here.  Firstly, he doesn’t care what detractors think, he knows he has it nailed. Secondly, there’s more than a nodding acquaintance with ego, which is fine in my book, as long as he’s delivering the good milk before he kicks the bucket over. Thirdly, he gets to the nub of things many have been thinking.

Today, global finance is the tool to break the spine of the middle, making them dependent on the ruling elite. The systematic looting of Western economies through central banks is sucking the life out of the citizens. The Greeks are finally fighting back, but until they start hanging the people responsible, the tide will never turn.

I particularly appreciate the small vignettes such as:

One of my rules of life is to never put a bitter weirdo in charge of anything. People on the fringes usually have a lot of strange new ideas, but they are just as likely to secretly harbor a lot of deep resentments about the core. Barak Obama is the most obvious example. He was a fringe weirdo growing up in elite private schools and that festered into a deep hatred of typical white people.

A corollary to that rule is to never hire a mentally disturbed grifter to run your company.

His style he describes thusly:

Reality is simply too big and complicated to be anything other than messy for self-aware mammals. Religion used to solve this by blaming the gods, but now we just politely refuse to talk about those intractable or inconvenient aspects of human existence.

It’s very hard to counter someone who writes in a hard and fast manner and there are no available facts to actually disprove it.  Therefore detractors must resort to gainsaying, abuse and marginalization.  An example:

The recent unrest in American ghettos has been great material for the TV news channels. The only thing better than burning buildings is seeing people loot the building first then set it ablaze. If they are doing it during the day it is even better as you can then get great closeups of the rioters.

The trouble is all the people doing this are black.

This one made me smile:

The pornography industry has convinced a lot of men that lesbians are hot super models or the girls down the hall, if you can just get them drunk. Of course, lesbians in the press avoid the normal kit as they know how TV works. Viewers want to see attractive people. That means lantern-jawed men and model quality women.

In real life, lesbians look like the guy who paved your driveway.

And this one copped a putdown:

My guess is women don’t care what men have to say either, but most men assume that anyway. Women seem to think we are supposed to care what they have to say so we have all of these rituals where men pretend to care what the hot women in the office is saying about sales, but he is really just thinking about banging her.

Alexandra Erin, May 19, 2015, retorted:

Okay, I started to think that this was an over-the-top (or maybe under-the-bottom) parody when I got to the line about not listening to “the hot woman in the office talk about sales”… someone in the workplace talking about work would be the worst possible example of a woman men have no reason to listen to.

For playing out the ridiculousness of the positions to a hilt, I give you an A+, but as useful satire, I can’t give you more than a C-. Good satire does more than hold up shoddy thinking to show how shoddy it is. It must say something new.

One more before the summary, a taboo:

Jews do run things. If you look around, it is not hard to notice that men of the tribe occupy a disproportionate amount of the nation’s high ground. Hollywood is run by Jews. The media is all run by Jews. Finance, obviously. Look at the list of richest 1000 and you see that 30% are Jews. It’s not a conspiracy or part of some master plan run from a secret location in Israel. Jews are just a wildly successful people.

The bottom line is that this sort of blogger simply does not care what the detractor personally thinks of him – he’s there to make a point and once the point is made, it sticks in the mind and either chimes in with what you’ve been thinking or else raises your ire.

This is the most subversive thing for the controllers of society since Jesus of Nazareth had his say and even some on the right want that never mentioned if you don’t mind, pretty please.  The more pressure to shut up about something, the more it’s going to be mentioned.  The Streisand effect.

And it spreads, not like cancer but like the treatment of a cancer. I was put onto the Z man by reader Chuckles who joined the battle behind the scenes and a few years later, here we are, a network introducing yet another dissident to the discerning click-in, click-out reader who despises the MSM for the lying toerags they are.

Were I not to argue that blogging serves a useful social function, even now in the era of the diminishing of blogging overall, then what the hell am I here doing it for, wasting this dawn light when I could be snoozing?

Methinks it has little to do with some sort of Woodstein major breakthrough the FBI actually made and Woodstein took the credit for to make the WP and Ben Bradlee look good but that each little blogger chips away a bit at the edifice the Man has constructed to shore up his power … and that is more than useful.  All of us worker ants can be stomped on individually but someone else is going to say it through whatever is the new Samizdat of the time.

And the humour is that since the left hegemony became institutionalized as the citadel of the PTB for our time, it falls to the denizen of the two up, two down, clipped lawn, box in suburbia with the wife and two kids to become the new radical, something he or she would not have dreamed of two decades ago.

There is an element of the entertaining in the blogposts which stick in the mind but there is also an ineradicable touch of truth inside, as one commenter wrote:

This wasn’t satire. It wasn’t even over-the-top. Just obvious, hence the title.

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    July 6, 2015 at 8:44 am

    In other words the world is perfectly normal

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    July 6, 2015 at 12:47 pm

    Damn you, James!
    From American Thinker to Your Freedom And Ours, I already have more bloggers on my “must read daily” list than I can cope with and now you introduce another!

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