Seven seven

77 bus

If you click on that pic, you’ll be taken to the CNN compassionate view of what it meant to people involved.

Some might say leave it at that but like Banquo’s father, the ghost of the victims will not rest until those responsible, even down to Cressida Dick, are brought to book. In the case of someone like David Kelly, we’ll be waiting a very long time.

My most caustic comments are for the Colonel Blimp types who harrumph, with absolutely no evidence whatever, that they “don’t do conspiracy theories”. Fact free assertions come from them, not from those who’ve looked into things.

On the other hand it’s a rarity to find people who will believe what they find but won’t fall for the trap of connecting all the dots. Best which can be said at this time is that it needs a public inquiry. Then again, looking at the Common Purpose run Leveson and the Hutton – let’s not hold our breath that anything will come to light. Look how long Hillsborough took to nail anyone.

Global Research commented on conspiracy theories concerning 7/7:

If the Peter Power exercise is a deliberate distraction, a boil in the bag conspiracy theory cooked up by the security services, then we need to go elsewhere.

The question remains, if the alleged bombers are innocent then how were they manipulated into doing things that the state has used to make them look like terrorists?

After all, Sidique Khan and Shezad Tanweer were the trustees of the Iqra charity bookshop and youth outreach organisation that appears to have been a hub for the distribution of ‘extremist’ Islamic media. Sidique Khan apparently went to a terrorist training camp in Malakand, Pakistan in 2003, and to at least one ‘training camp’ in the Lake District in 2001. Khan and Tanweer were both surveilled repeatedly in contact with convicted terror suspects. Khan is even on tape talking about terrorism over a year before 7/7.

The answer to this question of why the alleged bombers did these things appears to be a network of spies or provocateurs working, we assume, for the British security services. The man running the Iqra bookshop and the Lake District ‘training camps’ was Martin McDaid.

He was a former Special Boat Service soldier (or so he said), who had converted or reverted to Islam and become a radical. As revealed by Newsnight, one man who got involved in the activities at Iqra was a youth worker named Mark Hargreaves, who suggested that McDaid might have had a hidden agenda that involved ‘grooming’ young Muslim men.

Interestingly, the answer seems, IMHO, to also be found in Operation Cyclone and the subsequent ISIS and as that gains more mainstream acceptance, perhaps this might extend to similar operations like 7/7.  There appears to be a distinct pattern of an arm of government going into an area and destabilizing – it’s a time-dishonourable tradition – Contra, Sandinista.

Why on earth would that not be happening here?  On the other hand, why try to make out these Muslims were innocent if they weren’t?  That doesn’t let security off the hook in any way.  Someone provokes and funds, the nutters go off to do the job.

And who turned off the CCTV at exactly the right moment?  And how did that policeman know an explosion had taken place 11 seconds before it did and why was it in the news but then never appeared again?

You might not like it but such questions do not go away just because someone does a bit of harrumphing.

Why did the snipers shoot at both sides at Maidan in Kiev?  Why are Germany and Greece at each other’s throats?  To whose advantage is it?  What do they wish to happen next?

Following the 2007 trial (R vs Khyam et al), a lot more information about Operation Crevice became available, including how MI5 came across two of the alleged 7/7 bombers while investigating those around Q and Junaid Babar.  This story was summed up, on the evening of the guilty verdict in the trial, by Panorama in an episode called Real Spooks:

That was what was known in 2007, and as you will see from the video even the BBC were suggesting that Q and Babar were spies, working for the security services all along.  In Babar’s case this was all but confirmed in a 2012 BBC documentary called Modern Spies, where Babar was described as ‘a human source that intelligence services dream of’, and ‘an individual who had both the access and the capability to get into groups that simply would not have existed without him’.   

My point, before anyone rushes in to say what bollox, is how would you know?  How would I know?  How can any of us not involved know what really went down?