Measure twice, cut once!

During the seventeen/eighteen years I lived in South Africa, it was a privilege to live, travel and work in a Society where Engineering was understood. In amongst the many things produced in the power-house which was the Engineering world of South Africa, they built locomotives, diesel and diesel-electric and electric engines which hauled the people and merchandise of a Sub-Continent; efficiently, practically and competently. The railways of South and Southern Africa were criss-crossed by the ever-familiar russet-red paintwork of the Zuid Afrikaanse Spoorweἒ (South African Railway) locos as they reliably pulled the freight of seven nations towards their destinations.



Fast forward thirty years, and into the reign of the African National Congress, the chosen Party of the Black man’s vote. They gave an order for seventy railway locomotives to a Spanish firm, an order worth 3.45 Billion Rands (£181 million Pounds), and when the first locos came off the ship in Cape Town, they found that the engines were 30 centimeters too tall. If used on the long-distance lines where the freight runs heaviest, they will rip off the catenary cabling as they enter a tunnel, and the trains will, simply, stop!

COPE spokesman Dennis Bloem questioned why Prasa had “wilfully” ignored explicit warnings about the unsuitability of the Spanish-manufactured diesel locomotives. “Was it because of sheer arrogance? Or was it because of the bag that someone might have passed under the table?” Mr Bloem challenged. Perhaps Mr. Bloem mis-spoke? He should have stated ‘several bags’

‘Alles kom regt; mijnheer!’

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  1. Hereward unbowed.
    July 8, 2015 at 8:37 pm

    Which way were the bribes going? The land of manana, is just as bent as Zumaland.

    And…….. the terrorist regime of the ANC, for the peoples of South Africa have fashioned such a sparkling success story during their ‘tenure…..

    Although ‘tyranny’ may be a more accurate descriptor and not just in South Africa.
    As the world observes, in the land of Mugabe, to Sudan, the Maghreb and across Africa, from Alexandria to Cape Town, from Tangiers to Antananarivo: evidently the natives are incapable of governing themselves.
    All of Africa, is still a continent of Bushmen and where tribal differences and hatred runs deep and seemingly irresistible.

    Africa, where bribery is a currency, where corruption abounds and opens doors and the poor are shut out or, made to be cannon fodder.

    The beeb tells us on world news24 of the “unending success story of Africa”, which is polar bespectacled ocean going horseshit.

    Fluister dit minjheer!

    And the imperialists are still there but this time in the shape of the PRC and by comparison if you think that the British were exploitative – take a look at how the PRC forces deals and ‘digs for gold’ in Africa and then have re think.

    Yet, on the PRC there is never a murmur of even a question from the BBC world24 shills, their subtext reads, it’s OK for the new colonials to rape Africa, just blame the problems on the ‘old’ colonial powers – Socialism, it makes you blind and stupid in so many ways.

  2. July 9, 2015 at 2:38 am

    Mike and Hereward commenting, such vile racism as you express, putting down de black fellow simply for being crooked shytes, should have you baking cakes for gay buggers for ten years in any decended society. 🙂

  3. July 9, 2015 at 9:08 am


    You are astute, and well-informed; and you are dead right! The thieving communist thugs masquerading as the ANC government have been ripping off the South African people, both white and black, for the entire time they have been in power; and the timing of that rip-off commenced some ten milli-seconds after they took power from the Nationalist Government.

    If you give a credulous, tribal-minded people a dynamite thing like a Vote; you had better be prepared for the natural consequences; and those consequences are as we see today in South Africa, with power cuts due to a complete failure of the Electricity supplier, Eskom, to even maintain their stations, never mind invest in new ones. We see the ravages of the Black Empowerment rules, which takes ownership from the White man of his own Company; and hands it over to the Black ANC man. We see lots more, but most are just ignored by a credulous world media, who only see the ‘Rainbow Nation’; even if that Rainbow is discoloured, torn and shabby!

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