Celebwatch – this week, Cheryl Tweedy

Is it possible to live this life, read a paper, watch TV, without this lot always being in our faces?

Once again, Katy Hopkins calls a spade a spade:

‘You need a roast dinner’: Katie Hopkins issues Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s with a tongue-lashing over her ‘tinky-tiny’ frame

Cheryl Tweedy has four things not going for her – she’s brainless but with a self-promoting, narrow-eyed cunning, she has that awful bodyscarring down the back, the self-ordered-mutilation which she thinks is somehow attractive, she’s totally full of Cheryl and now this Biafran waif thing.

Katy Hopkins might not be pleasant but she sure gets it right.  Fisherman Jim is a commenter whose strength is probably in fishing but he too is on the money:

Why do these celebrities think its OK to court publicity to earn millions and then whinge when they read some adverse comments. For once I think Hopkins is spot on the nail, and if the Cheryl what ever her name is doesn’t like it, get an anonymous job in Tescos or something, marry a bus driver and shut up.

There’s a reason people like the ex-Mrs. Cole are cut down by people like us. No one’s really interested in her body shape, nor Serena’s but it’s when they put such a premium on themselves which everyone else has to go along with, plus they put on the amateur theatrics – it leaves people like myself cold.  It’s all Cheryl, Cheryl, Cheryl.

First an example from the past, with Alison Clarkson responding to an interviewer about Cole [it’s at 0.34 secs]:

She has a history, this Cole, of taking umbrage when she’s actually out of order taking it, then she co-opts the media and all her friends to get behind her against the person she’s displeased with and somewhere along the line, she pulls her Cheryl stunt.

The Cheryl stunt is that when you perceive yourself as the victim, which of course you always do when someone displeases you, you go all ultra-feminine and vulnerable and shuffling feet and all that and suddenly drop in some tragedy about your family which you’re stoically coping with.  Therefore only a beast would disagree with you.

True, it’s not just Cheryl, it’s most women and all leftists who do this, with a few on the right but not many. Most women are leftist of course in their way of going about things.

The example with Katy Hopkins is that she attacked Ms Tweedy on her ridiculous Biafran look and it’s quite fair enough that Tweedy hit back with talk of not speaking about women’s bodyshape etc.

But she couldn’t leave it at that, could she, Tweedy?  She had to gild the lily and so we got:

You have no idea what I have been through. Just loosing my father in law v recently and everything that comes with that.

She could learn to spell for a start.

You see her sneaky and quite nasty little move – WTF has her father-in-law got to do with her body shape?  Bloggers have given this general trickery a name – Victimhood Poker and as I say, it’s women and leftists who are the masters of it.  Cole has a PhD in it.

Why do I insist on calling her Cole or Tweedy?  Because we are being directed to call her something different + she acts in this manner.  Therefore I call her Cole or Tweedy until she starts acting ethically.

Oh – do you remember this?

The singer Cheryl Tweedy of Girls Aloud was yesterday cleared of a racially aggravated assault on a nightclub toilet attendant.

As for Serena, were she a nice person, most would just say nothing.  I’d say nothing about her unfortunate shape. Actually, the Djoker is nothing to write home about either in his own way but no one mentions it because he’s not placing a premium on himself, apart from the tennis.

Serena though is a mistress of the catty herself, the look which kills, she and her sister bullied the locker room according to many players and the catfight with Sharapova shows what nasty, spiteful children they really are.

It’s always someone not nice who gets it from the public.  Other people such as Federer also have skeletons but they get away with it.  Sure there is prejudice about and people who hate for hate’s sake.  They exist.  but as the quote by Fisherman Jim shows, for the most part, it’s behaviour which annoys, not the look of a person.

Cheryl Tweedy, sorry, is pathetic and if I said there were four strikes against her, then that is to ignore the fifth – which is her use of the media against her victims.  It’s the way the media laps her up uncritically which galls with many.

Especially with her victims.

hopkins right

cole tattoo

Could we perhaps have a whip around to buy poor Chezza some clothes and a square meal? Plus compensation for that toilet attendant?  And Alison Clarkson?

2 comments for “Celebwatch – this week, Cheryl Tweedy

  1. Flyinthesky
    July 13, 2015 at 5:33 pm

    Cheryl verscoleedy is a player and she’s very good at it gaining fame and fortune way beyond her talents, it just serves to illustrate how vacuous and shallow the populace has become.

    Celebrity culture, the adoration of often empty vessels.

    A few of my favourite examples are Steven Fry, with his hand wringing positioning. Capitalising on his undoubtedly masterly grasp on the English language people tend to accept what he says as a truth rather than in a lot of cases recognising what it is, just a masterly constructed sentence.

    David Attenborough with his soft voice, sincerely spoken and in appealing tones. He doesn’t get the exposure for his brilliance he gets it because he’s on message. AGM must be true because D.A. said it is.

    Hugh Grant, front man for the “hacked off” campaign, it should really be called “found out” he didn’t get support to protect his and his cohorts rights he got support to protect people much higher up the food chain but we bought it.

  2. July 14, 2015 at 9:55 am


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