Divide and rule – how we’re all manipulated

From Theo via Chuckles:


We can come back to that later. Breitbart reported:

“Sorry, but there is no way you are leaving this room.”

There, in just 11 words, lies the problem with the Euro and the EU; it’s not up to the member states. It’s up to the Eurocrats who have spent their whole lives dedicated to building an undemocratic, European superstate which has little regard for the will of the people of its own membership countries.

The Financial Times report about the talks sheds light on the “extremely hard, violent even” round of talks that sounds more like it descended into a shouting match in a playground than a high level, diplomatic summit.

Every single issue involving this bunch most call the PTB and I call Them, provides the same scenario, the same procedure. It worked in the past in the 1856 grain shortage and JPM, it worked at Sandy Hook, it’s working now with Ferguson and the Greek bailout.

Entirely separate issues? Not in the least – all part of divide and rule, keeping people at loggerheads, whilst walking in and looting the place. EU in England is exactly the same motif.

These are the stages:

1. A period of general demoralization of the people from within the country [see Bezmenov quote on the KGB and Soviets yet again, see Norway in WW2].  A mood in line with the enemy’s agenda, let’s call it Them for now [see Vietnam].

2.  A period of accompanying polarization when at worst there was an uneasy alliance earlier [see men and women] but now is deep hostility [feminists, leftists v the voice of sanity], the emerging flames now breaking out in spot fires here and there, just waiting for a general conflagration [see blacks and Muslims also].

3.  A period of hardening of the non-believers, the rationalists. These are the type of people who can think, who are rational, who visit blogs and have their suspicions confirmed but who also see this loony element speaking of birth certificates, 911, 7/7 and they flatly refuse to accept any of it.  The buzz words tinfoil hats are introduced into the so-called debate.

What this demographic entirely fails to accept is that it is just as manipulated into denial and yet belief in strawmen as the most avid believe-anythinger, dot-joiner. And as Bezmenov said – you can present them with authentic information and their heart is hardened – to the point that, say, a friend in this demographic might send material with “This is the type of thing you believe in, here, it’s for you,” without the slightest effort to explore.

4.  The dividing of issues into adversarial camps [from JFK to Sandy Hook today] such that no true debate can take place – people occupy entrenched positions.  An engineer friend of mine is fond of saying that academics like to argue in long tomes and take positions, assign fault, whereas an engineer is only interested in a solution.  Yet he will believe, holus bolus, the narrative about reality just as much as the other side – the tinfoil hatter.  Who is the logical one?

5.  Into such a scenario comes a bete noire, pointed to and increasingly vilified by the PTB’s MSM and a Narrative which this lot have supposedly contravened [see Ferguson, south London looting].  Or a Sandy Hook or Tunisian gunman.  In a world where Manchurians do exist, this might be a random nutter, it might be someone equally observing events and having things whispered in the ear or it might be a Manchurian.

6.  Anyone noting anomalies is set upon by the entrenched camps and called a Truther, Birther, or maybe even Hookist or Tunisianist – the immediate reverting to the one word label works just as well on the centre-right “rationalist” as the opposite narrative does on the “lefty loon”.

Bottom line – all of us are being manipulated.  All of us.  The sheer weight of MSM slant and downright lies tells in the end [see UKIP in GE2015, the SNP scare and Cameron sitting pretty].  In my case, I read Julia, read Breitbart, see how off the planet the left are and what is the overall effect – it drives a wedge between me and people I got along with well before, many who are vaguely into freedom and being left alone by Them in the same way.

Which is not to say people are wrong – OWS was about a very real thing – the banksters – as we now see in the Breitbart quote of Tusk above.  The problem with OWS was not the ire agaisnt the banksters or crony capitalists, it was the way it was all manipulated and funded by Soros and Co, at which the left automatically hit back with – oh yeah, how about the Kochs?  And again – they’re correct.

7.  So with us already in entrenched positions out of which we’re not going to budge for anything, an incident occurs, perpetrated by agents provocateurs [see Bobby Kennedy, 911, 7/7].  Everyone in the media, from the MSM to the blogs – goes straight to entrenched positions and attacks their personal bete noire. Mine is “Them”, the subject of this post.  Yours might be the bankster or even the “far-right” blogger.

Greece itself. Greeks – lazy bstds, serve-em right, rules is rules and you vill obey! You wanted the loans in the first place, say Frau Merkel and Bertelsmann. Or else poor Greeks – this is an end-run for the theft of Greek sovereignty, the bureaucratic financial take over of a nation and its people, preying on a nation’s natural proclivities.

And both angles have truth to them.

8.  Pointless pointing out that govt has a history of doing precisely these things through its agencies [see Operation Cyclone, Agenda 21].  If one’s personal narrative does not permit of believing it – it ain’t gonna be believed. If it chimes in with our personal slant, it’s going to be uncritically accepted, even though each of us think we’re critically fair and even-handed.  

And why is this personal narrative so powerful, so hardwired?  Because it chimes in with one’s personal experiences.  Because in believing all one’s life that X or Y are the baddies or maybe following a personal epiphany, one only sees X or Y as the beast and attacks only X or Y and everything coming out of X and Y is lunacy to us.

But is it 100% lunacy though? These events are rightly paired – explore it yourself:

Rwanda/Kissinger, Vietnam/Kissinger, Middle-East/Clinton/Carter, Darfur/UN, Kosovo/NATO, Kiev/EU/CIA/NATO. Every single one of those points to the actions of agents-provocateurs in place in the days leading up. Thatcher’s son, Christie’s fictional Colonel Race – it is a timeworn ploy.

The Quiet American, Greene himself a poster boy for the left establishment which runs things today.

And so to the girl in Theo’s piece at the top, the one at every atrocity, the rent-a-weeper.  Was the photo manipulated, photo-shopped or was she at each?  And why?  Are you certain that Sandy Hook was real?  How are you certain?  Who or what made you certain? Are you certain that the trap the “Hookists” fell into was not also carefully laid bait, knowing the tinfoil hatters would go charging in, looking for “anomalies”?

Bottom line – all of us are being manipulated.  All of us, in so many small ways.  Separated by belief, divided into camps, denying the other camp the right to worship or think as they wish, agreeing to the coercion of the bete noire by the manipulators, Them. Always falling into adversarial camps which refuse to see any morsels of truth embedded in the dross spoken by the other side.

And meanwhile, having successfully divided and ruled, Them play hardball in a way the Greek PM had no idea of, even involving harm to his person.  The carrot and stick – with a Doug and Dinsdale edge to it:

“Nice country you have here. It’d be a pity if something happened to it, wouldn’t it?” “Yeah, as my bruvver just said, fings break, don’t they, Alexis? You enjoy your health, Alexis? We only want your good health to continue.” “Yeah, as my bruvver says, we only want what’s best for your little country. You get my drift?”

Who was it said the big nations act like gangsters, the little nations like whores? Change “big nations” for Them.

Whither democracy?

6 comments for “Divide and rule – how we’re all manipulated

  1. Graham Wood
    July 14, 2015 at 8:57 am

    James. This seemed a very confusing and confused comment and one has to get through a blizzard of words to find out what you are trying to say. Who for example, are the “we” being manipulated?

    • July 14, 2015 at 9:05 am

      All of us, Graham. Even the libertarian or centre-right are entrenched in some ways.

      The points 1-8 are the way the PTB go about it, go about dividing us. I’m going to change the heading now to try to clear the confusion – I’ve only just put the post up.

      It’s better through examples. Take GE15. As most know, I have Tory roots and Tory friends. I was Skyping with one who is a high-up in one of the many associations, mentioning Nigel and the groundswell. He chuckled at the other end and said Carswell will be returned.

      What none of us could have known was how the SNP scare would be played out and how the total hopelessness of Miliband and the treachery to the country of Labour would be played up. The accuracy of the Tory prediction and my friend’s manner had me stroking the chin in thought.

      And then there was how the Tory spokesman knew that Nigel would lose by 2 to 3000. This was said just after 11 p.m., before any boxes were opened. How so accurate? And it certainly saw off UKIP and the detested Reckless.

      The question we face is just how far can the PTB manipulate to produce a result? How much is random and sheer skill to pull off, how much is payola and threat?

      The world’s been watching Greece. OK, it’s been presented as gallant little Greece v Merkel and the forces of eurocrat darkness. Yet who is the Greek PM? A communist just like Merkel – or to soften that a little, a modern global bureaucrat gangster. In other words, behind the theatre, who does Merkel have in place to “negotiate” with? One of her own. Not a Farage.

      Was Farage a bone thrown to us to keep us malcontents happy, to give us hope, to give us something to fight for? Whether Nigel’s in on it, is a useful fool or is genuine is fairly irrelevant. If the PTB have this level of manipulation at their disposal, then what can any of us do?

  2. Henry Kaye
    July 14, 2015 at 10:22 am

    I, too, found your posting a little confusing but I SO agree with the general point of your argument – WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED. For most of my life I was not very interested in politics or high finance or the antics of all those high fliers who enjoyed so much influence. More recently in the leisure of my retirement years and with a long memory of how things have changed, I have come to realise that a pitiless, relentless few are ruling the world.

  3. Penseivat
    July 14, 2015 at 11:32 am

    To determine if we are, indeed, being manipulated, just consider how many of the proposals put forward by the Frankfurt School of Thought have either been incorporated S into legislation or accepted as normal by society in general. Scary. Very scary.

  4. Judd
    July 14, 2015 at 11:33 am

    Have come to the same conclusions meself, it appears to be carefully choreographed extended play.

    Indeed having initially thought (and still hope fervently) that Farage and UKIP were genuine and lets be perfectly honest, now our only hope, i too have been wondering if they weren’t being carefully boosted behind the scenes following the previous GE’s (and EU’s) results which showed, for better or worse, that many people were no longer reading from the correct hymnsheet and had voted BNP.

    Have we ourselves fallen to one of the best ruses of the last decade, i don’t think so but won’t be putting me life savings on it either.

    You wouldn’t put anything past them, Divide and Rule has always been part of the winners arsenal.

    Why for example has so little fuss been made about the ballot boxes at Thanet South supposedly going walkabout for several hours, investigated for a whole 5 minutes by, er whom? nothing to see here move along now.

    Add 2 or more generations of people programmed/brainwashed by the goggle box, disillusioned parents themselves already well down this road, and carefully chosen teachers backed up by apparatchiks all singing from the same hymnsheet, and you have an unthinking pliable drone audience ready to join in the mass chorus of whatever the chant of the day might be.

    • Brightside Bob
      July 14, 2015 at 11:51 am

      I misread your last paragraph as saying: “…by the ‘google’ box…”
      Freudian slip perhaps?!

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