Liz Kendall is finding out the hard way

The message does become blunted with repetition. Not only that, but there is the Liz Kendall Syndrome.

This is where you might have the facts at hand, you might see that voting in Corbyn would be a disaster for your party, but you can’t come out and say it.

For if you do come out and say it, plus give sprays to every other kind of inanity the party indulges in, plus you fire broadsides at colleagues who deserve it, then you’re not going to be too popular. You’re going to alienate, not just the natural enemy but most of your support as well.

So what should Kendall do? Say nothing? Leave Labour unelectable? Or try to get all the Narrativists who think they’re doing a grand job to see that they’re not, that they’re hellbent on leading the nation to destruction?

And it’s not just colleagues. The whole machine now has turned anyone who should be sane enough and calm enough to make tough decisions into a wee timorous beastie, endlessly analysing instead of doing, reproaching others instead of stating one’s case boldly and with backup, blurting out then prostrate, apologizing for telling the truth.

Perfect example is this one about Serena:

Last week David Frum was widely denounced for reacting to a New York Times article about Serena Williams’ late career resurgence … with bemused skepticism rather than with the conventional hosannas for Serena’s strength and feminine beauty.

He called a spade a spade. That can’t be today. There is a Narrative and the high-ups decree who is in favour, who is not and woe betide anyone who steps outside that.

And that is coercion of thought, something which should be anathema in America.  In fact, as I lived in Russia, it is therefore immediately apparent to me, plus to Russian friends who are observing these things with a mix of bemusement and horror, that in the US and UK, a second Soviet Union is being born.  And people are meekly accepting it.

The very word “denounced” is pure Soviet, pure Nazi, pure Church elders witchhunts.  This is what they did in Russia – got neighbour to denounce neighbour.  I saw the office they could go to in our local area.

And this one – are bicycles sexist?  What sort of question is that?  No, you silly bint, they’re bicycles, FFS.

Citi Bike’s gender gap is part of a broader pattern among cyclists across the country; bike-share systems in Chicago and Washington also have more male riders.

Clearly there is some kind of discrimination going on, with a disparate impact on women. And probably minorities, too. I notice there is no racial breakdown of bike sharers provided. Surely the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights should investigate.

I hope that that is a satirical piece and not serious.  Because if it’s serious, what hope is there?

Yet these are the sorts of brains which Liz Kendall is contending with.  They know she knows and don’t like it.

And as is the wont of that side of politics, they can’t just say their opinion and then shut-up. No, they have to trigger investigations of anyone disagreeing with the party line. And the mechanisms, the machinery, is all set up to carry that through to fine or incarceration.

That’s what being in the Soviet Union is like. That’s what being in a Matriarchy is like. Not to mention the paranoia and bizarre over-rationalization of every-bloody-thing under the sun.

As for the bike thing, always beneath the surface, driving it along, is the concept of coercion.  If you don’t do as I say, then you will be coerced until you either comply with my view or else you end up a bloodied pulp.

That is the model of society these loons – for that is what they have allowed themselves to become – are laying on each and every one of us.

Our eight Tornado fighters won’t make the slightest bit of difference to the bloody tragedy in Syria – let alone to Isis’

What is the definition of a nation [see my previous post]?  What is the definition of treason to that nation?  Do the actions of our parliamentarians, under the thumb of the EU, constitute treason?  Does the term fit to a tee?

WTF is anyone thinking allowing this to happen?  And what is the given reason?  No natural enemies any more.  Just as Obama gives carte-blanche to Iran to finally destroy Israel.

AntiChrist, anyone?

They never directly address these things, do they?  They come at you with some other ridiculous guff – a point Liz Kendall made about Corbyn – not based on any reality but involving millions of your money, great disruption, great financial loss.

Yes, I know, Henry Kaye, that this is preaching to the converted and to the unconverted Narrativists, nothing I can write would alter anything.  Yet it was interesting to observe Liz Kendall come to terms with just what she’s up against.  And she’s just as apoplectic as us, albeit for slightly different reasons.

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  1. July 22, 2015 at 3:36 pm

    No-one can say that JH has not given his all to encourage ladies on bicycles. That is probably a cause for some lunatic feminist to say he is sexist.

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