We must counter the abused and misused term “racist”


If this cuts across Julia’s post on the matter, then sorry but clearly we were thinking the same things at the same time.

Amfortas commented:

Wiggia’s vid is a fine example pointing to the self-loathing of the white world. This is possibly partly a deliberately encouraged self-abnegation infiltrated by anti-western ideologies and partly a neurosis brought about by the carnage of the 20C. It is a sickness.

And this is the vid he’s referring to.

I see others have commented as well.  These are the key ideas:

1.  “Governments” or rather, those behind governments, e.g. the UN, “Them”, whatever you want to call this elitist power, have been steadily pushing the line, through education, film, govt., through every form of media, through govt social policy, that to oppose open slather immigration, to turn a blind eye to uncontrolled immigration, is tantamount to this construct of theirs:


They have provided a buzzword whereby the uninformed and lazy, who willingly adopt the ready-made package of the Narrative can quickly and without thinking it through or hearing the other side, put people down.

This buzzword is a weapon, not an argument. Consequently, I and many others of like mind on this issue flatly reject two things:

a.  the abuse and misuse of this word;

b.  the right of these people to frame the terms of reference of the debate itself.

2.  We are in a highly dangerous situation today in which people can be incarcerated for objecting.  Just how far that is way out of order, way beyond any sort of constitutionality, is frightening.

Even more frightening, given that govts will always try this on, is the ordinary people who go along with it, thinking they’re actually doing good, that they’re actually morally right in abetting this skewed governmental smothering of dissent.

This labelling and bansturbation.

3.  The truth is that that this is a ratchet. Like EU powers, which always go one way, never the other, are never repatriated despite Cameron’s bollox, the movement of immigration [see vid] is always black, Muslim, South American to Europe and North America, never the other way around.

Never.  That’s what a ratchet is – it drags one way but prevents the reverse.

And this is a zero sum game.  The more other populations flood us, the less we ourselves produce children due to the changed culture, again thanks to the PTB’s agenda, whilst those populations have no restraint whatsoever in populating, then we are in a statistical nightmare.

4.  We are in the thick of a fundamentalist war here, the fundamentalists being those who say we should be a racial melting pot … in Caucasian corners of the world only.  Never in the corners from where the flooding populations come.

And they do not come to assimilate, they come to expand, dilute and ultimately remove the indigenous cultures which existed in our lands.

Behind them in this war are the arms of state which can place Tommy Robinson in a cell with Muslims, the governor knowing fullwell that he stands a chance of being beaten up.

This is a duty of care and protection of prisoners?  And only Breitbart reports it?  No online MSM whatever?

In other words, not only do these people have a counter-argument to us, they act like gangsters, there is deep untruth in the way in which they operate.


Three scenarios:

1.  A black man is standing beside the road on a Saturday night in New Cross [I saw this from the top of a bus].  He is approached by a group of thugs who knock him to the ground and kick him.

That is racism. No question about it. He was doing no harm, that young man.

2.  A group of demonstrators are set upon by a group of “Asian” demonstrators, with police backing [United Association of Fascists].  Only the indigenous are arrested.

That is racism, plus it’s a crime under UK law, by the police, abetting the Asians.

One of the indigenous chases an Asian and kicks him.

Line ball. Yes, it’s a crime, ameliorated by provocation.

3.  A spokesman against uncontrolled immigration is having Sunday lunch when a group of protesters for uncontrolled immigration attack him and his family in the pub.

That is racism, plus thuggery, plus it is an arrestable offence.  The ringleader said they were just having a joke. Amelioration?

The bottom line

If you are against the swamping of your land, its heritage and culture by other cultures, whilst you would have welcomed visitors in small numbers and love visiting other lands anyway, then you might be many things but one thing you demonstrably are not is Racist.

Using that term is a total cop out which covers the real agenda going on, aided and abetted by the ordinary leftist.

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5 comments for “We must counter the abused and misused term “racist”

  1. Johnnydub
    July 26, 2015 at 12:09 pm

    This has been planned and implemented for along time now.

    The question I can’t seem to get my head around is qui bono?

  2. Henry Kaye
    July 26, 2015 at 12:48 pm

    The question that no-one seems able to answer, James, is: “How do we get rid of THEM?

    • July 26, 2015 at 1:18 pm

      Yep. They brought in sedition laws for any who tried.

  3. July 26, 2015 at 9:05 pm

    But we all know you can’t be racist to white people the ethnics say so so it must be true!
    If a white man is attacked by black/Asian it’s a crime…However if a black/Asian man is attacked by a white man its a “RACE HATE” crime.
    Race has nothing to do with it, a crime is a crime is a crime.

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