Planned Parenthood – the Empire Strikes Back

There were two or three pieces sent in the past couple of days on the Planned Parenthood baby parts tale of woe.

While the left looked on with dismay, pundits, bless them, were straight into it:

What makes this tape so different, so appalling, is that, at some level, there a sense in all of us, which ideological indoctrination cannot wholly suppress, that, morally, something terrible is happening here.


So far, so good and all that remained was for the left’s heavy hitters to try to staunch the blood from Planned Parenthood’s severed limbs.  The left’s heavy hitters are, of course, those who fund and direct policy via thinktank “discussions”, e.g. the one Bush, Fox and Martin attended in 2005, out of which came the SPPNA. Soros is in there.

Essentially, these people have had it all their own way until now.  Therefore, for the conservative side to land such a heavy blow on the Sanger/Lucis Murder Inc. organization was a bit suspicious for mine.

I’ve been waiting for the left outrage and/or silence to end, waiting for the inevitable “debunking” attempt, heavy with loaded language and sure enough, it came – but not from the Huffpost or similar, nor from Rachel Bloody Maddow and similar.

No, it was in The Daily Beast.  It’s a strange beast, certainly doing similar to our sites in exposing this or that via contributors, and the libertarian side of politics sometimes confuses that with conservatism.  The reason it gives the appearance is that most of the outrages have been from the left in society since the hegemony really gripped and it’s exposed many.

It possibly was neutral pre-2010 but then something happened:

On 12 November 2010, The Daily Beast and Newsweek announced a merger deal, creating a combined company,The Newsweek Daily Beast Company.

Newsweek, Time and the like are the left press of course – I presume you’re at least that far along that you see this in its support of Krugman, for example and Keynesian solutions. I was certainly caught out and once I started on their piece on the PP expose, immediately things appeared strange.

In the film, the author said, they’d used actresses to speak the lines from the recordings.  This Daily Beast author had moved straight to the actresses = hoax line, the predictable line of the left in trying to limit the damage across America.  The language was all “purported to” and so “many across the nation have swallowed” and other journo tricks.

At a minimum, the army of left journos are churning out “debunkings” as we speak and if they can get the same people to now doubt, the manipulators hope they’ve at least lessened the damage.

Seems to me that this one has got away from them to the point that in the same way they’ve flung mud for decades and it’s stuck, it will do so against them this time.  And it’s critical because the billion dollar abortion industry is crucial to the construction of the feckless society they want, with hordes of pregnant mothers able to freely go about it in one night stands and so on until there is no institution of marriage remaining, no necessity for it in their eyes.

Perhaps it’s giving to much credit to the evil muvvers who’ve set up the whole show – Agenda 21, frankengrain, gay “marriage”, Common Purpose.  It seems to me, when this broke about PP that they’d wait awhile and then out would come the fiskings of the exposers.  Purpose – to finally kill off opposition to abortion and its main traffickers in the States – PP.

That’s the state of play at this moment, coming into this new week.

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  1. July 27, 2015 at 9:14 am

    Pelosi said she felt it wasn’t PP which needed investigating but those who had done the expose. They were the ones to be prosecuted. [And no doubt will be.] How brazen.

    My mate, who is Pro-Choice, said that this thing which has blown up is beyond anything decent and that really is it. The Beast writer said it wasn’t actually illegal. No, nor was it to kill a Jew, nor was it to kill a non-Muslim.

    At what point does society examine these people? It’s already over 6 million.

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