The “victim” is the real racist

goodes victim

The reason this is of interest to those in other lands and at other sites is that it shows, in fine detail, how the hegemony of Them, the govt, major bodies, the media, the schools, the left, PCists, victimhood specialists, the self-entitled, entertainment “stars” – in other words, the vocal ones with the power to influence – all combine to push a line they’ve agreed on.

More than that, they act to shut down any “dissent”, giving high-sounding justifications. I’ve been into a dozen sites, news services and the AFL itself, even Geelong FC and the line is the same:

The tiny minority booing are “racist”.  We don’t want this.  Adam Goodes is a fine Australian. Therefore, stop booing him.  It’s unAustralian.

That’s the narrative on this issue.

1.  For a start, it is not a tiny minority.  Were it so, the combined forces would not have moved and combined to this extent, as a campaign, to shut down the dissent.

2.  There is no outlet at all for the alternative view, the view which underlies the dissent of fans around Australia.

3.  They are attempting to show it is just a “racist” minority.  No it’s not, it is a sizable proportion of every crowd at every club across the land over the whole season.

The headline admits it is a sizable problem, even the Geelong CEO acknowledges the dissent and the right to dissent and there are dead giveaways in the very way it has been reported:

Cook calls for calm

GEELONG CEO Brian Cook has moved to ensure the club is on the front foot in relation to crowd behaviour when Adam Goodes and the Sydney Swans visit Simonds Stadium to play Geelong on Saturday week.

Geelong has already been in contact with the Sydney Swans and will liaise with their own players and staff, the AFL and the AFLPA to ensure they deliver a strong message about what they consider appropriate standards of behaviour for supporters at the game.

Cook told it was important the Cats took action to support both their reconciliation action plan and diversity policy.

“What is going on is not the Geelong way – treating people unfairly and being abusive – so we want to do something about it to make a stand against those elements,” Cook said.

“It’s really important our crowd is very fair about this and thoughtful about what they do.”

Cook conceded the inherent difficulty in prescribing how people behave, but said their message was about maintaining the standards that people were used to and expected when they went to the football.

Precisely, he concedes this. Not once do any of this hegemony stop and think why the crowds [plural] are doing this or at least they are pretending not to know why, in a not dissimilar way that van Gaal pretended not to know that Di Maria was thinking of leaving Man U.

The whole of Australia actually knows why Goodes is booed but the PTB are spinning this line, using media to shut up any dissenting view, even pundits on blogs and other social media are exhorted to be “fair”.

Fair?  Wonderful how they employ that term, having acted as they have to be anything but fair.

A Guardian article on it summed up the whole situation.  It opened with Goodes being quoted and then again and then again.  Not one word to the contrary from anyone else.  Not one interview with a “booer”.  Then the journo, open-armed, having shut out the answer to her own question, cries out – just why all this rotten racism towards an icon of the game?

A Brisbane footballer who left Geelong last year and returns this weekend as foe, concedes he will be booed but not for the reasons Goodes is being booed. He genuinely does not know why Goodes is being booed.  That’s why no one will tell him.  And why will no one tell him?

Because he is aboriginal and cocooned, plus the media shutdown does not let any of it get to his ears.

It’s now got so bad that Goodes may not even play this week:

Goodes given leave by the Swans, may miss Crows clash

Amfortas sends this,  a spoof on the issue, only substituting an Australian pollie, Bronwyn Bishop, for Goodes:

AFL issues directive to social media: Stop making fun of Bronwyn Bishop

In what has been a dramatic 24 hours, the AFL has issued a directive to social media users to stop sharing memes making fun of Bronwyn Bishop’s recent indiscretion regarding the claiming of transport costs. An AFL “spokesperson” described it as a logical next step, saying:

“We realised that if we have the power to tell crowds or individuals what to do when it comes to a football match, then we have the power to tell crowds or individuals what to do in other areas of the public sphere. Indeed, we feel it is our obligation to tell people what to do in order to make the world a better place.”

In that Daily Mash type spoof lies the underlying reason, the real reason Goodes is being booed:

Indeed, we feel it is our obligation to tell people what to do in order to make the world a better place

And this is where you, the non-Australian reader come in – even without knowing the full story, you now get a whiff of the dirty pool that’s going on here and the political divide which splits people.

wilson brereton

One’s a female journo who puts the narrative. One is a former champ of the game, known for his provocative play.  Guess which one supported the “Goodes is a poor victim” and which said “perhaps Goodes should look at himself first”?  No prizes.

dermott thinks

Finally, the reason this player is being booed.

For a start, he’s a whiny type who does the equivalent of “diving” in AFL football, he plays for free kicks plus he is the poster boy of the PTB, in a similar way to Emma Watson and Jamie Oliver.  He’s done dirty things on the field.

Fans don’t like that.

Yet he wins two best and fairest awards and is made Australian of the Year by the officially appointed “council” who determine such things, e.g. it would be that Emin is our Artist Laureate over here.

Why?  On the basis of race.  He is a favourite demographic of the PTB, nothing is too grotesque to lavish upon him.

And how does he respond?  How does he thank left-liberal Oz and the PTB?  He badmouths them, saying at his acceptance speech that Oz is HIS land, not whitey’s.

If it were only that, it might have been acceptable.  But a 13 year old girl at a game, an intellectually challenged girl, shouts abuse at him. No one has said that that is good.  What happened though?

He goes over to the fence, tackles the girl, the police come and drag her way from her family, take her to the station and grill her for two hours.

That did not go down well with Australia.  Sometimes, the opinion of the nation does slip through:

the real fans

On every conceivable occasion, he whines and plays the victim, invoking what happened in 1788 as also happening to him now.  Crowd reaction has been predictable.

The PTB and official pundits say this is all about racism.  Well, in a way, it is – about HIS racism.  He can’t assimilate, doesn’t want to – he is the champion of Aboriginal rights now [read money, compensation]. What of Jewish rights?  Polish? Redheaded rights?  They’re not favoured demographics, are they?

And penultimately, this weekend just gone, one of his teammates does an aboriginal wardance haka thing, aiming a spear at the crowd.  Andrew Bolt wrote, at the Herald Sun:

The public rejection of this racial division that Goodes now represents has prompted Lewis Jetta to make even clearer that this symbolic spear-throwing at (only) white supporters is actually an invitation to a race war – an inflammatory and threatening challenge that the AFL must stamp out fast before this gets out of hand.

But does the AFL stamp it out?  Oh no, quite the opposite:

goodes victimhood

Allowing him to continue the victimhood moneyspinner.  Do they ever stop for one second and think why a large section of every single club boos this one man at a game?  Is it really that they don’t like the man himself, his football?

Or is it, conceivably and finally in this post, that people are thoroughly sick and tired with being told what to think, how to behave, where to sit and stand, what to do by the PTB and their fellow travellers?

This is by no means over and threatens to escalate into a nationwide debate of the real issue – something the PTB must avoid at all costs.

Debates like this on much read blogs:

2 comments for “The “victim” is the real racist

  1. john in cheshire
    July 28, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    Good for the Aussies,maybe there’s hope for us yet, because if us whites don’t start to fight back and defend our race, I have a strong feeling that we will be obliterated; not just in Australia, not just in England, not just in the USA but in all countries where whites are currently the majority race and where clearly there is a plan to wipe us out. Apparently, a politico in USA has said that their plan is to’chase down’ every last white man. That plan is clear to see for anyone who cares to look.

  2. July 28, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    Yes, John.

    Just to complete this, two comments from social media downunder:


    Goodes has othered himself, and continues to do so. He has set himself apart as different from the fans, and set himself up against them.

    He has, by his own actions, made himself foreign. And the crowd has seen the elites fawn over him because of it, which exacerbates the tension.

    And so today they boo.

    I for one would suggest the AFL think long and hard before acting to suppress the booing with anything other than words. Doing so will force the sentiment down where it will simmer and eventually express itself against some Aboriginal on the streets who otherwise would be ignored.

    Suppress this and it will find a vent.


    I don’t know crap about footy but I understand that Goodes has been playing for many years.

    If the booing is a long term (career) event, it may be a response to his playing style. Racism might also be a possible (small) element, but I doubt it.

    If however the booing is a recent practice, then it would seem that Goodes has “done something” to piss off the crowd, notably those supporters of another team. Racism would seem very unlikely if there is no history of booing directed at Goodes and moreover, other Aboriginal players are not subjected to routine booing. Racism is not singular.

    From what I do know, Goodes has injected himself further into the political arena. The idiots at the AFL/ABC and other like minded organisations should have a look into that probable cause.

    By the way, imagine if the crowd responded to an aggressive spear throwing action by collectively lifting their arms in a “rifle aiming and shooting” action.

    This is taking on a nasty hue downunder. Lastly, this might put it in perspective:

    Adam Goodes to the national audience at the Australian of the Year award: “Just remember whose lands you are on.”

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