No-one gave a damn!

1400 White kids groomed, raped and sexually used and abused over a period of seven years in Rotherham by (wait for it) men of Pakistani Heritage……………..Police activity……………….Nil

Two separate allegations of paeadophile activity levelled against a DEAD former Prime Minister over a three-day timescale …………………FIVE major police forces, services; whatever, commence immediate and high-profile investigations.

Can anyone else besides me see a pattern of events developing? I mean, all those White kids in Rotherham, Rochdale and again in Oxford: the council, the social worker teams, the police; no-one can say that the warning signs were not there. And yet; until the whistle finally blew, and the Jay Report was delivered, NO-ONE gave two shits for those kids in that miserable, so-called ‘multi-cultural’ Muslim-dominated town in Yorkshire!

But when two allegations of the new ‘Holy of Holies’, of Historic Sexual Abuse emerge, a charge which cannot, ever, be conclusively proven one way or another; mainly because the suspect is DEAD: not one but Five Police Forces jump, and commence ‘investigations’ of a man who had held the highest political office in the land!

Just by the way, whatever happened to those allegations of a Very Senior Labour Politician who was thought to be involved in paeadophile practices? All those headlines, all those hints; and then….Nothing. Strange, that silence; or is it?

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  1. Henry Kaye
    August 5, 2015 at 12:31 pm

    TPB decide (and always have decided) exactly what can be said to the public. You can bet on one thing – whatever they decide CAN be said will have little,to do with the truth. The media eagerly lap up anything that is scandalous or unusual in the certain knowledge that a gullible public will devour the meal offered.

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