Dishonest journalism

If you distill everything we don’t like in politics into one word, might that word be “dishonesty”?

But it’s more than that – it’s that tricky-dicky way people who think they’re oh so clever, e.g. Cameron, Haig, Blair, play these little tricks on us, grinning and congratulating themselves at their own cleverness.

This one was either Taki’s, Fraser Nelson’s or one of the subbies he uses. Isabelle Hardman? Yes, it’s the Spectator.

taki click bait post

The article, for what it was worth, was how the Golden Dawn of Greece is like UKIP. Actually, they’re nothing like it but this is what this Taki was actually saying, whilst making his feelings about that ambiguous.

Take it from Taki: the party’s strength lies in its youth movement and its incorruptibility, and it’s as neo-Nazi as Ukip.

So, clearly saying UKIP and Golden Dawn are not neo-nazi but saying it in a way which provides great clickbait, which is why I refuse to supply the link to the piece. And it does lump both in the same basket, whether praising or damning.

Two nasty bits of work in the journalism business are Fraser Nelson and child-journo Isabelle Hardman who can’t stop at obvious criticisms of the insanity of Labour and the Left, of warmonger Blair but then have to stoop to the same tactics as the Left and indulge in shoddy journalism to get their points across.

As for UKIP, they’ve clearly dropped back since GE15 and the reason is Nigel. Nigel is the cow who gives good milk and then kicks the bucket over. His kick the bucket over moment was his “unresignation”.

Whilst that was howled down by the Left – Labour, LibDems, Cameron’s two thirds of his personal party – and whilst there was apparently a coup from the left of UKIP in the offing, this having to be stemmed, it probably damaged Nigel in the eyes of the rest of Britain.

I certainly see him as an obstacle now as much as a sayer of correct things – he’s still the party’s best handler of the media, with Paul Nuttall in second place – but he’s not going to be elected to parliament – both the dishonest people in the Tories and Labour will see to that, plus the British public.

Yet UKIP itself is still viable, its message still rings like a clarion call.  It’s just the obstacle of Nige in the way of electability.

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  1. August 10, 2015 at 11:39 am

    Update: The Spectator has dropped the article to lower down the page under “Life” heading, following comments from various readers.

  2. Greg Tingey
    August 13, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    Not dishonest, so much as horribly deluded.
    They “WANT” to believe UKIP is up there with the EDL & the old NF, that they do believe it to be true, & act upon their own delusions.

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