British athletes are objecting after the Union Flag was left off the new kit released in advance of the 2015 World Championships of Athletics in Beijing, China.


I want to know who the weasel was, the creep, who decided this. Who was this little lefty who’s been watching like a hawk with all his little mates, deciding in meetings how far they can actually push the British public before they snap. Deciding how quickly they can act to remove all British identity.

#  “…to help create a strong team identity for the British Athletics team” Jesus wept! what weasley, weak nonsense. What the hell does it even mean? Surely they already have an identity – they’re British! No doubt these weedy words will impress the leftie feminised males and other sob-sisters.

#  Part of the little by little removal of national symbolism, like dropping Britannia from our coins – all part of the grand EU design.

#  That’s what they want. A bunch of rootless slaves who don’t care about each other, or anything else for that matter.

#  These bas*ards won’t be happy until our athletes are wearing the Star And Crescent on their kit.

#  May those responsible burn in hell.

Oh they’re going to hell all right but in the interim, they can inflict huge damage because they’re gutless, they work in the shadows, do things by stealth and by the time the public finds out, it’s too late and gonadless Cameron would never step in to set it right. And don’t forget:

#  The biggest travesty in my opinion is the way that the St. George’s Cross has been incessantly labelled as a racist banner by the British media and has been pushed to the point of extinction.

You hardly ever see the St. George’s Cross these days, most people who are patriotic in England choose to fly the Union Jack because it is considered acceptable patriotism and causes far less aggro.

Our national flag, for those who’ve forgotten:


Creeps is too nice a word for leftists who do this kind of sneaky dog’s act.  There was a series made by John Cleese some time ago on how to irritate people – he explains it in the clip below in the first minute. The rest is the sketch:

He says, essentially, to appear to be doing it accidentally, push bit by bit but never too far at a time.  Sums up this removal of the flag from the British uniform.

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  1. August 16, 2015 at 4:23 am

    The prat at the Guardian, talking of ditching the Union Flag, provoked much comment, of which this one of the more printable:

    Flags, especially ours, are a big problem for Common Purpose. They connect the future to the past, and involve all of us in our nations past glories. Our flag is steeped in glory and history, our ancestors have bled for it and died for it, and many of us would do the same.

    We just had VJ Day. What would those veterans think of this art critic at the Guardian?

  2. Andrew S. Mooney
    August 16, 2015 at 10:52 am

    It doesn’t follow that Dave can’t do anything – It is potentially very easy for him to score a quick hit in the fashion that Mrs. T did:

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