SJWs even ruin football

Interesting that this is sent by an American, Lord Somber, on Australian football, for a British blog. Like it. Let’s go.

How Social Justice Warriors Ruined Australian Football

Decades ago, in the “bad old days” when men were men, women were women and small furry creatures from … well, you understand, Oz football was dominated by a few teams, of which Carlton and Collingwood were the two main ones.

Carlton was the Chardonnay set, the Lygon Street cappuccino quaffers, the brash money about towners.  Collingwood was the working class, the bovver boys, the great unwashed.

A Grand Final might get upwards of 120,000 people.  It was a man’s game, despite the Sydneysiders calling it aerial ping-pong.  And aerial it was, one of the main features the highmark where a player would launch himself onto the shoulders of an opponent and take a spectacular high grab.

The finest kick was the drop kick where the ball would strike the ground before being kicked and the trajectory was elegant, the distance long.  The stab kick was also a feature.

Today, to be fair, the movement is far slicker, it’s like basketball, the movement deft but it’s become wimpy, the whole game, despite the injuries. Significant is that, though the SJWs have managed to cut out almost all physical contact of a robust nature, the injury numbers are higher than they’ve ever been, which is consistent with the general principle that results of socialized policies always backfire to give a result opposite to that intended.

An example of that, of course, is feminism, which has made life a misery of unfulfilled expectation among real women across the western world.

And thus to the article. The empty stands:


From the early 2000s, the AFL made a deliberate push to court female fans. Whether they did this for financial reasons or because they felt the ever-increasing pressure of creeping political correctness in Australian society is unclear.

It started with a token female on TV panel discussions.

Then they started commentating live games.

Then they became umpires.

Then they became coaches.

Out went the cheerleaders.

Feminists complained that there was no female AFL, despite women’s football only being played by a tiny minority of untalented lesbians with serious gender identity issues.

Numerous outspoken female “experts” who had never actually played the game emerged in the media.


feminists in football

It’s the hypocrisy from the bleeding heart mob which is especially galling. When a male commentator such as Newman passionately implores us to forget politics and focus on the game, he is vilified as a “privileged white male,” a “dinosaur” who “must retire.”

Well, Sam is a bit of a dinosaur [chuckle], one of the old time stars of the club I follow the exploits of and he calls a spade a spade:

So then we get to St Kilda who are thinking of having a gay pride game. This is just using the competition again as some political agenda.

Why don’t we have a boat people day next week or what about we have a transgender round and we will get Caitlin Jenner to sing at the grand final?

I am a white, Anglo Saxon, male, Protestant, heterosexual and I am waiting for my day to come, and when it does I will be first in line to [ask] just how stupid is this?

Whilst that is so, there are other things too. One we’ve covered recently – the aboriginal issue – and we needn’t go over all that again.

And whilst it is a good commentary on the state of the modern game once the females got into it and feminized the c*** out of it, emasculated it into pretty boy, coiffed hair theatre, the demise actually began long before then.

In the 80s, it was decided by the male left that Carlton was above itself, the aristocracy of the land and had to be cut down. Also, no one wanted the perennial cellar dwellers like St Kilda to stay down there.  The left always starts with a good cause most people agree with.

Then they wreck it.

The AFL brought in its Equalization Policy, which has transformed the game but has not resulted in the improvement of the lowest clubs.

Under this policy, clubs could no longer recruit for themselves – there had to be a National Draft Day, a Trade Day and so on where everyone was herded into a big room and the AFL decided who got what in draft picks.

And it went for this thing you might have heard of – positive discrimination.  Even today, there is the phenomenon where one club, Sydney, is now being banned from trading – that’s right – because there is a new Sydney club the AFL favours and they want that new club to get all the best players.

A few years back, Sydney was getting COLA, the city weighting on salaries and other clubs were crying foul on favouritism. Club success is now dependent on the suits at AFL House. Geelong, my club, has been licking backsides and has been offered money in exchange, to its everlasting shame.

So the AFL has been trying to “shape” the game in its own image – the hallmark of socialism – and not letting it find its own level, follow its own evolution.

And the result has been a disaster.  The lowest clubs with the poorest cultures are still the lowest clubs with the poorest cultures.  Nothing has altered.  They get the best picks and then squander them, poor administrations are kept in place and repeat the errors year after year.

One of the clubs, Melbourne, were in a “tanking” scandal, whereby they’d throw games to secure a better draft pick.  Carlton, once the aristocrats, are now the wooden spooners.

And now the AFL has a coaching academy with Levels 1 to 4 courses, for the socialization of potential head coaches, i.e. graduates will be the only ones allowed to coach teams, now steeped in aboriginal rights, women’s rights and so on.  Not how to play football but the SJWs don’t care about that or about the people who once loved the game.

One day, hopefully, SJWs will be shot on sight but that day is some way off.

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