Sometimes it just has to be said

For a few days, I’ve been under personal attack, in response to my attacking the left for this very tactic. My N1 question was why the left refuse to condemn Planned Parenthood. It is taxpayer funded and needs to be defunded.

On Twitter, unfortunately, those of like mind to the defunders have sometimes used pictures of foetuses and have quoted PP employees. Not sure of this tactic, it’s not unlike showing ISIS atrocities in graphic detail but it sure focuses the mind on what is being perpetrated America wide by the left.

I was then attacked for attacking the left. Someone wrote that it’s time we stopped talking left-right. Oh yeah? Well who facilitated Planned Parenthood America wide, eh? The Tea Party?

One hit back with all the things the GOP had done wrong. What’s that got to do with centre right libertarianism? How is hitting back at the GOP going to affect me? Let me start on the bloody GOP myself – Reagan enacted a number of measures, blogged on in 2006 at my other place, to continue the destruction of education, Bush was Skull and Bones, like Kerry. I can go on. Would you like me to start on Cameron and Osborne and their faux austerity?

Point is, I do not like the tactics of personal attack on the messenger, in lieu of facts and speaking out on the issue and I don’t like the invoking of a personal tragedy as reason not to speak out. The ghost of Edmund Burke is looking on, stroking his chin and wondering why people won’t speak out. Pastor Niemoeller is beside him.

Thus, with no apologies:

pp excuse

In other news, the Left:


And now for something completely different – the Left:

low people

Penultimately, the Left:


And finally:

why no labour woman leader

Have you ever had a look at leftwing British women?  From Harman to Ashton, why would you ever want a leader who is going to harangue you every second of every day and if you’re white male, also wants you dead?

You have a lovely Saturday too.

1 comment for “Sometimes it just has to be said

  1. Greg Tingey
    August 23, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    It is taxpayer funded and needs to be defunded.
    Sorry – statement supported by no evidence.
    Could we have some please?
    After all, the whole idea of planned parenthood is NOT to be overwhelmed by too many people, isn’t it?

    P.S. I’m pink, male & 69 years old.

    P.P.S. Are you a Roman Catholic?
    If you are, then I understand your insanity, but am not prepared to endorse it.

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