So, Only Your Vision Of Your Country’s Future Is Valid?

On the cobbles in front of Hasselby castle – a peach-coloured 17th-century confection run these days as a hotel – around 70 musicians play a stately polka on fiddles, nyckelharpa, clarinet, flute and accordion. The youngest looks about five, the oldest in his 80s, and a handful wear Swedish traditional costume: the women in full skirts, aprons, lace collars and red woollen stockings, the men in waistcoats, shorts and socks with ribbons. Nearby, a Danish klezmer band on a big sound stage is lifting a crowd to its feet.

Sounds delightful, she says, without a trace of sarcasm…

But music wasn’t the only thing on the agenda at this year’s Stockholm folk festival. The mass play-in on the cobbles was a demonstration organised by a group called Folk Musicians against Racism (FMR) and their outrage was directed squarely at the third-largest party in Sweden’s parliament, the far-right Sweden Democrats (SD), who won nearly 13% of the vote in last year’s general election.

It’s OK, everyone! The folk musicians are here! We’re saved!

Earlier in the week, an advert on Stockholm’s metro paid for by the SD, addressing tourists in English, said: “Sorry about the mess here in Sweden. We have a serious problem with forced begging. International gangs profit from people’s desperation. Our goverment (sic) won’t do what’s needed. But we will!”

And what’s wrong with this? What could cause the Danish folkies to get their tambourines in a twist?

Is it not the truth?

Everyone knows this advert was directed against Romanians,” said Kim Persson, 23, of Tunnelbaneorkestern, a Stockholm band made up of three Romanians and him

“And the SD knew that people would get really angry and tear the ad down. Running the ad in English was a PR trick.

“But the best way to deal with SD is to meet them with good arguments. They have an obscene dream that 100 years ago everyone had blond hair and blue eyes and was very happy. But 100 years ago we had the Sami people, as we have now, and Sweden was really poor. Hunger drove many to emigrate to the United States.”

Yes. Emigrate. They didn’t stow away in lorries and storm railway terminuses, did they?

And when they emigrated to the US, they didn’t immediately set about trying to get the US to be more like Denmark, or give Danish émigrés special dispensation, did they?

Sweden led Europe last year in the number of asylum applicants it accepted per capita; in absolute numbers it was second only to Germany, a country with a population eight times larger than that of Sweden. But an electoral backlash to the longstanding policy has resulted in the fracturing of its centre-left political consensus and a public self-examination that many say has barely begun.

Well, quite! When you can’t even shop for quirky flat-pack furniture any more, without being brutally murdered by an oh-so-grateful ‘asylum seeker’, it’s hardly surprising.

Perhaps your vision of the future doesn’t resonate as well as the ‘obscene dream’ that the SDs are pushing?

The problem, Persson says, “is that the Sweden Democrats are the only party talking about immigration”.

“The other parties dare not address it, so it seems to ordinary people that there is no other way of thinking about immigration except as a bad thing. When nobody else has a contribution to make, people find it easy to believe the Sweden Democrats’ version of events.”

So, more good stories about happy smiling productive immigrants are needed, right? Seems to me that’s been tried, and yet still people vote as they will.

Why, it’s almost as if the opinions of a bunch of progressive musicians isn’t worth spit, isn’t it?

3 comments for “So, Only Your Vision Of Your Country’s Future Is Valid?

  1. August 23, 2015 at 9:30 am

    Good points – but not sure why the quotes are about Sweden but the comments about Denmark…

  2. Henry Kaye
    August 23, 2015 at 9:58 pm

    Paul, I was going to make the same comment about how Denmark got into this, but my general feeling is that all of these fanatical and sometimes lunatic utterances that are flooding the media outlets are creating bedlam. There have always been people with extreme opinions – some of them valid but most of no substance whatsoever but in those days the world wide electronic media didn’t exist and the nonsense just evaporated into the thin air where it belonged. If only we could turn the clock back so that we weren’t exposed to so much nonsense.

  3. August 27, 2015 at 6:14 am

    It’s OK, everyone! The folk musicians are here! We’re saved!

    And the poets?

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