The utter farce of the “poor, destitute” boat people

By Wiggia:

navy boat people farce

There have been many justified criticisms of the BBC recently about their biased reporting on the illegal immigrant crisis in Europe and Calais in particular.

The selective nature of interviews with people allegedly fleeing persecution, torture and anything else they can think off is only matched by the BBC correspondent’s lack of questioning about what these individuals can offer to the country they are trying to get into.

When asked what they expect when they eventually make the crossing it is invariably a better life, a house, and an education, this latter often comes from men in their thirties who have no education and are extremely unlikely, even if offered, to take up the challenge.

We have seen the pregnant young woman craving medical attention despite travelling across Europe in that condition and leaving her husband behind without “looking” for him in Libya, a better life for my child she asks of the correspondent and so it goes on.

Never have I heard the question about what they can give this country in return for all they would take.

But it is the BBC who are guilty of projecting this image of all these people being lost souls that we should welcome with open arms, that is as long as it is not their open arms of course, a few hundred tents on Hampstead Heath might just shift that thinking a tad.

A wonderful example of the Beeb in full flow occurred earlier this week – for some reason no longer available anywhere – a corespondent at first light on the beach of the Greek island Kos with the usual sympathetic tone of voice was looking for the first signs of a boat coming in and lo and behold a dinghy with well dressed occupants appeared on cue, as the women and children alighted.

Most boats containing men only, he searched his soul for the right words – coming ashore now are people who are tired, exhausted and hungry after their perilous journey”.

The journey is three miles ?

We then switched to a group who had managed to negotiate the processing centre, the camera showed well dressed young men, many on their iphones, showing an obvious disdain for the cameramen and reporters now they had their papers given to them.

Strangely, the Beeb failed to interview any of those, probably because they had a train to catch or a ferry as they advanced north.

And now Theresa May or May Not is going to help fund the flights to return some of these people, the same ones who had no problem pulling up another 1500 euros for the traffickers to help them on the last leg to Blighty.

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2 comments for “The utter farce of the “poor, destitute” boat people

  1. Henry Kaye
    August 23, 2015 at 9:43 pm

    No reasonably sane person can make any sense out of the way this horrible mess is being handled by the supposed intelligent, educated, thoughtful political leaders of the various countries involved. World war two was handled with more skill and purpose than this ridiculous comedy.

  2. Greg Tingey
    August 23, 2015 at 10:40 pm

    I see
    Blame the BBC for everything
    It’ll be so much better when Murdoch’s not-so-crypto-fascists are dominating the news media won’t it?
    What a tosser.

    In the meantime, I suspect that paying them to go away might (just might) actually be the simplest & cheapest solution.
    ( All that “security” costs money, you know )

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