‘the Wrong Trousers’

As I wrote a litle while ago, I also contribute to another blog, and very recently, a commenter on that blog sent a link in reply to the piece I just added to my Post on that site entitled ‘Lunacies of Labour’.

Now, because I post here on Orphans of  Liberty as a guest, I will not post the cartoon, as a few might find it ‘offensive’; but I will provide that link to show that there are people prepared to go that extra mile, to show; to demonstrate that free speech is still alive in this benighted world of ours.

Offensive? Only if the reader doesn’t acknowledge that sometimes it is necessary to be blunt, to speak your mind, to expose that which you consider to be the greater evil.

‘Outrageous? Only if the reader also accepts that muslims have the right to censor any publication which dares to show a cartoon or a drawing of their so-called prophet!

As for myself, I reckon that Nigel’s trousers are never creased up at the ankle as much as shown in the cartoon.

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  1. August 27, 2015 at 6:09 am

    To the point I should have thought.

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