Feminists finally admit it …

There are a few basic rules to the sport of winding-up the wrongdoers and muddleheaded and that must always begin with the first and foremost principle:

1.  They must actually be wrong by any sane measure.

Following on closely from that – and it usually does, is the principle of:

2.  The devotees and advocates, the SJWs, must themselves be:

a. Simplistic and childlike in their views;
b.  Fanatical;
c.  Totally uncaring and even hostile to other demographics;
d.  Utterly humourless;
e. Incapable of rational thought;
f.  In denial;
g.  Determined to impose their wrongheadedness on others;
h.  Never willing themselves to pay for their schemes.

3. There must also be a sizeable number against their guff, not just one person. An example is 3.8 million UKIP voters in GE15 on a variety of topics.

If all those conditions are met, then it’s open season on these SJWs and might even be seen as good sport, except that the matter is too serious – people are suffering and are being blighted by their SJW actions.

Thus the brave admission by Chrissie Hynde – and didn’t she take stick for it – that women do ask for it if they dress provocatively. She now recognizes that there are demographics other than feminists out there and as she says herself, she’s finally grown up and no longer pushes this childish women against everyone else, especially the hated white male bit.

And now she’s joined by:

Janet Street-Porter
Sarah Vine
Claire Fox

… three feminazis who have also had to admit reality.

Most men, I believe, do feel that women should be able to go here, there and everywhere unfettered. I know of no male who actually wants his woman chained to the kitchen sink. Well, now I come to think of it …

No, most males today agree with fairness, as long as it applies to them as well, which it patently doesn’t.

However, as Lara Logan found out in Egypt, the world is not this lovely, give-women-anything-they-demand place, in fact it’s downright dangerous and whilst we can wish it were so that she could go anywhere unfettered … she can’t.

It’s dangerous for women.  For a start, they’re built in such a way that they are instantly penetrable and most are also built, biologically, with that face, that chest, backside and legs which are designed to attract, innit?  Grandmothers and mothers used to impart common sense to their daughters.

It’s not unlike Bruce Willis in Die Hard 3 in that downtown full of blacks with a sandwich board reading: “I hate niggers,” or whatever it said. He has the libertarian right to do that, of course.  By all means commit suicide doing that and win the Darwin Award.  But don’t start bellyaching about it in the next life.

Religious fanatics take the women’s dress thing way too far, wishing women to be covered from head to foot and most men I know also reject that extreme, along with the rest of that fundamentalist guff.  However, there is a position in the middle that says it’s perhaps not best to be in skank gear alone near a nightclub at 2 a.m. and drunk.

And most readers here know I’m just restating the bleedin’ obvious but the thing is – there are still a few feminazis and their male hangers-on who don’t get it.

So, let’s repeat it. Whilst in a utopia, we would wish for everything to be fair and equal, this world does not run that way, it never will and moves by feminazis to make it so only result in the opposite – even more danger, plus a greatly p***ed off victim class – the white male.  And he really can do damage when he is finally pushed over the edge and gets his backside into gear. It tends to be brutal when that happens.

What he really wants, of course, is the days of chivalry again, when men take their rightful place on the white charger and gallop around saving women from fates worse than death, before having their own way … no, I never said that.

And what men also have to come to terms with is that there is a class of “modern” woman now who wants nothing to do with the feral male they’ve created, along with their “progressive” mates – understandable really.

Germaine Greer said, back in the 60s, that most women don’t understand how much men hate women. Actually, the silly gorgon, most feminazis don’t understand how much men are sick to death of feminazis. Actual women, proper ones, are much loved by men and always will be.

So we have this interminable thing where feminists say this is how it should be and must be, the others all say – it’s not like that and can’t be.  It’s the way of the world.

And the feminists then say well, we’ll keep pushing until it changes.

Yes but it’s NEVER going to change and in fact, the more they push, the more even moderate men who love women get p***ed off.

And as usual, it’s the innocents who suffer, a bit like in the London transport strikes. Here’s union logic:

The nasty bosses who don’t care for anyone human beneath them are refusing to give a pay rise. So the unions then attack ordinary commuters on their way to work, people who hurt no one in this context.

Why? The bosses don’t care, according to the unions. Let the b***ers walk to work. So what are the unions proving? Only that they too hate the ordinary person.

Anyway, that’s digressing.

2 comments for “Feminists finally admit it …

  1. Hereward unbowed.
    September 1, 2015 at 10:33 am

    The world is a brutal place, and women help fashion it thus. In truth, there are no innocents or, at least those who cannot think for reasons of mental disability. Men and women are equal in the eyes of God and under the law but there are those who bracket the world in terms of their ideologically false Gods and impossible ideals – are just that, impossible.

    Sometimes, getting Stellered/largered up, while dressed as a town strumpet and on speed then falling down in the street may send out entirely the wrong message. This is not to condone those who can take advantage – we abhor them far more. But then, most women know their bodies and know well what they are about.

    I always held a candle for Chrissie, despite her trenchant views on promoting the great warming scam.

    Folk have pointed out, she needs to sell a book but I deem that, is rather unchivalrous. OK, yup Chrissie did want to sell her book but also to put the boot into ‘that lot’.

    From afar: I still luv ya girl, perhaps even more now and for prosecuting the truth of it, most girls know full well what they are doing and ain’t that the way of the world – that, you can’t have it all and ride the vehicle down both ways of the street at the same time.

    This endless gobbledegook of arrant twattery, of ‘gender wars’ is a faux confection of Cultural Marxist sophistry – for arguing the toss over only the sake of argument itself. All it begets, it just exacerbates and makes a melange of what is basically a bad world where kids are made confused and very likely for those who MOST NEED to know better! FFS. Evidently, because at certain times in life, late at night particularly – you’re on your own, and if and when you’re in your cups, that, there will be no shining WHITE knight riding on his charger to the rescue…….to protect you girl.

  2. Voice of Reason
    September 1, 2015 at 7:00 pm

    My politically-incorrect opinion is that rather a lot of what passes as ‘feminism’ denies biology and the rest of reality.

    To be clear, that is not to say that I don’t believe in complete equal opportunity. However, I still give extra deference and protection to women and children.

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