The attempts to derail Brexit

Point is, there are any number of issues that need addressing but the oldest one we have in the current era is Brexit.  We knew they’d try to derail it – when you have Them, EU, our colluding leadership and Big Business all combining to oppose the exiters, it’s going to be bloody.

First there was this and I’m amazed Cameron was forced to change it:

‘Biased’ EU referendum question dropped in favour of asking voters whether they want to ‘leave or remain’

Then there is the constant:

For pity’s sake, we must shut the borders: DANIEL HANNAN says the only way to control who comes here is to leave the EU

The horse’s backsides try to fight back by threatening small change punishment against the changing of the entire continent – nobrainer really:

EU threatens to slash funding for countries who don’t take in enough migrants after its quota plans are branded ‘foolish’

… but by far the worst was:

Eurosceptics ‘in chaos’ as THIRD campaign to leave EU is launched by Ukip with warning over ‘biblical’ wave of migration from Syria

Some Labour MP, from a party which has even rigged its own leadership elections, is the one who mentioned “chaos”, not anyone else.

The Mail, always the evil bstds they are, try to make out that two other Eurosceptic groups are the main ones and UKIP is some Johnny-come-lately. Don’t give us that c**p.  UKIP and Nigel in particular have been around on this one for decades.

They are the natural “leaders” of the movement, they are seen as such by the population and this attempt by the Electoral Commission to bypass them – there has always been stick between them and UKIP – and hand, on a platter, “leadership” of Brexit, silencing all other voices, is gobsmacking.

WTF?  The corrupt Electoral Commission decides there must be one voice only?  And guess who they have in mind?  Oh, golly gosh, the Tory Big Business conglomerate – they’ll be our new “champions”.

Even at the 11th hour, eh? And wherre’s Richard North in all this?

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  1. Errol
    September 3, 2015 at 6:44 am

    Dear life not Richard North. He’s incredibly clever, but rude, condesending, disparaging, arrogant and utterly divisive. No question he knows his stuff and I do not doubt he is right on what he says about Farage – the man is a twit who doesn’t do detail – but Dr North can’t/won’t connect with people for whom reading 5 lines, let alone 5 pages is too much like hard work.

    • September 3, 2015 at 12:56 pm

      Not a man of the people then?

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