The State waits in the wings for its cue

The truth in this lies midway between the author and some of the commenters, I’d submit.

Let’s not waste much time on the mother ***er, hate-whitey, kill-all-cops woman and her egregious radio show.  There was a post yesterday on “indecent left” and this is just more of the same.

Point is that the PTB behind Obama have, through his lieutenants, spread this race war like wildfire. They literally want conflagration, civil war, people slaughtering each other – they feel best in such a scenario, it’s far more interesting to them than peaceable bourgeois lives.

Agents-provocateurs always operate this way – they take an existing niggling dislike and blow it wide open into conflict.  It’s ever been the way, at the behest of higher powers.

They have been unleashed in the same way the CIA released ISIS and said go kill ’em all, lads. Same thing happened in Darfur with the UN forces HQ nearby while the Janjaweed went into villages and committed their atrocities. Same thing after Kissinger was in Rwanda and turned his eyes to Vietnam.  Same in Kosovo.  Same in Weimar Germany with the brownshirts.

At the same time, these PTB are employing more and more thugs into the police forces and we’ve seen this over here. So when a commenter says:

The police are in a untenable position, they are having to make up for the breakdown of the value’s of the society…I will use the 50s as an example..the value’s were strong and the police dressed accordingly. Sure there were bad things but it wasn’t pervasive like now. Now the Police are dressing like occupiers because the state wants obedience and the police is the stick used to enforce …

… he’s not wrong, that has certainly happened.

But the police force has also altered, from the Eliot Ness model of fearless law enforcement officer on the side of the common man, woman and child to this highly politicized beast who feels the whole world is against it and needs to be brutalized.

The Fox interview with Sheriff Davis was unfortunate because though his description of these black radicals was apt – “slime” he called them – it did reveal the attitude of many of his fellow officers and what with their attitude, opposed by his, it can only end up one way.

Another commenter put this succinctly:

If they start trying to make good on this sort of rhetoric then it wont be long before Caucasians reasonably conclude any black person that is approaching them not in a suit and tie is, just by their approach, an immediate threat to their life.

Some people will choose to opt for caution and open fire immediately.

This will not end well. Especially if people seek to escalate the problem and those targeted get mad and look for more proactive solutions.

I’m already quite uncomfortable if I see a bearded, fierce-eyed Muslim and watch like a hawk what he’s doing, whilst getting the hell out of there.

We’re all being manipulated towards conflagration and breakdown. In steps the State.

[H/T Chuckles]