Generation is a large factor in this situation

only men flee war zones

One definition of insanity is doing that which you know harms you greatly, kills you in the longterm  but you keep doing it.

Shakespeare wrote on this notion in Sonnet CXLVII but before even quoting that, Google rankings meant that I had to go to Page 5 before finding the Roman numerals it is supposed to be numbered in.

That in itself speaks of the state of education in the English speaking world:

Gen X were those born from 1962, roughly, to about 1977 and they are currently presiding over dumbed down education, rampant corruption, breakdown of marriage, victimhood and self-entitlement and those are some of the least worst things.

The Boomers do not escape though. Looking at the state of education, who is appointing the new, barely articulate and innumerate teachers each year?

Why, the remains of the Boomers are doing that, the leftwing members of that generation who control the media, with the now all-powerful Gen X filling up vacated positions, the children of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious, of acid house parties.

The Boomers at least had a decent education – learning the three Rs by rote, literature, the sciences, maths, when exams still meant something except a rubber stamp on a feminist’s name.

What many Boomers are therefore doing is immoral, as distinct from Gen Xers who don’t even know their acid house parties and debased education must inevitably be societally destructive. Theirs can be termed amorality, when one does things wrong without even knowing they’re wrong and possessing no way of self-analysing, the capacity for that having been progressively removed from them by the dogooders and modernists.

Boomers should know better.

But when today you get wrinklies and mutton dressed as lamb still trying to be the Beckhams and Kardashians, saving no money for old age, partying on, imagining they’re still young and feckless, wanting a slice of the modern action, marriages on the rocks in the global me-me-me culture, then society is certainly heading for trouble.

Any society needs a conservative older generation to protect the mores and rein in the excesses of the younger generations. Not popular but respected.

No more, eh?

Now the young are continually failed and shortchanged, even exploited – it’s not just Muslims accessing the young for their own pleasure – it adds another oil slick to the downwards path.

Sure, the ones pushing all this appalling stuff in schools are the new young and ignorant teachers, fresh out of PC School, mainly female Gen Y and now Gen Z – you can see some of their work at the Guardian and in Laurie Penny’s ravings – but the ones overseeing them are still Boomers and Gen X.

Large sections of these two generations are abetting the kids in their ignorance. Look at Corbyn for a start.

Each succeeding generation is allowing more and more narcosludge into the country, moving from opprobrium to approval of and abetting things essentially wrong.  That is, people who should know better, given their education,  are turning their back on that to join the know-nothings they’ve produced, in some vain attempt to stay young and relevant.

Frankly, it’s insane.

And opposing this  is an ever-dwindling rump of the old articulate and numerate, those who have read the lessons of history, who value history, literacy, numeracy, Latin, nation, who see with great clarity the short-termism of society now, the ignorance of its own history, the Jack Straw Syndrome and where that is headed.

This short-termism is what has allowed the PTB to succeed.

Jamie Oliver is vilified because he’s a prat, a tosser and thus his message – healthy eating and exercise, a good message in itself – is anathema to libertarians and most of society who associate it with coercion, and Brits hate coercion.  Therefore they reject the message outright and indulge in their favourite junk food.

I was at McDonald’s yesterday.

Yet one of the princes of smokey-drinky, Leg Iron, has all by himself realized where it gets you and is on a “responsible streak” just now.  Interesting how people come round to things eventually.

The situation, of course, is that these days people must find truth by themselves, no help from past lessons, no help from the vast mass of historical pointers, even though the writing is clearly on the wall for all to read, assuming they can still read.

No one is allowed to point to that wall and say hey, that’s what we should be doing.  There’s just been too much coercion by the PTB, through people like Oliver telling us what to do that anyone trying to tell us anything different is insta-rejected.

At the same time, the ISIS-like, Palmyran-like destruction goes on, from feminists rewriting texts, revising history to smashing icons, symbols of oppression, to renaming everything to obliterate even the memory of things which could provide a reality check.

These are the new checks and balances the PTB have instilled in society, this manipulated theatre, to ensure no one can come in and wreck the Grand Plan for the Global Society.  For when you have removed all reference points from the past, all that is left is what the State and its MSM tells you is reality.  Once you’ve bumped off my demographic, then it’s full speed ahead to the Brave new World.

And what of the gallant band of Libertarians?

At a minimum, Libertarianism should move back to Classical Liberalism within the rule of law and forget all about this destructive do-as-thou-wilt.  Classical Liberals take freedom most seriously:

Mill wants to defend what he calls “one, very simple principle of liberty”. The only good reason that the state could ever have to restrict an individual’s liberty is to prevent harm to other, nonconsenting persons.

But we’ve seen how this has been abused.  By discriminating against the majority, in order to supposedly protect the minorities, misusing the ECHR for example, this has just become a vehicle for keeping down the majority, preventing any form of dissent, on pain of fine, incarceration or loss of job … and by definition, suppressing the indigenous culture.


The issue of the moment, which the captured MSM calls the “refugee” crisis, is a perfect example of all the evils mentioned above.

People of our demographic warn it’s the thin edge of the wedge.

We point to one simple fact the left liberal media never addresses – that NO Muslim nation is also taking them in and yet they’re supposed to be all Muslims together, no?  With a common culture.

On the other hand, the self-appointed “leaders” of an alien society in their eyes – Europe – welcome them in with all their anathema practices and a section of our society, the short-termers, cheer all this on.

This is cultural insanity, a surefire way to cultural suicide.

Yet our “leaders” provide naval transport to get them here, letting a certain number die in order to tug at the heartstrings of our short-term emoters.  Why not just provide a conduit in order to empty Africa and the middle-east and let them all into Britain, bags of room in every city for them.

To hell with the indigenous poor of this country – swamp ’em with the new underclass who’ll go straight onto benefits.  Plenty of benefits for all, we’re rolling in money, aren’t we?  That’s why there’s no austerity anywhere. We’re in boom times just now, yes, everyone secure in their job tenure and strong in their indigenous culture, no divisions in society?

Is the foreign aid budget to be diverted to helping our own poor?  No, it’s to “settle” illegals here, no checks or balances on entry, open slather.

The greatest threat to our society at this time are the people whom Liz Kendall and Natalie Bennett represent, Andy Burnham, Jack Straw, Nick Clegg, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Harriet Harbag, Laurie Penny, Dimbleby, Marr, Krankie – the ones who think they’re oh so reasonable and compassionate for the oppressed but are actually aiding and abetting the demise of this society and all the values which once protected us from the destructive cultures out there.

The generation factor

Krankie’s a perfect example. Born 1970, a Gen Xer, leftwing, State control freak – see the “named person” as mentor for each new Scottish child.

If Corbyn and Straw are the corrupt old left, the children of Alinsky, then Krankie is the terrifying new left.  It’s the Merkel model – conscienceless, graceless, doing the bidding of its master with one added feature – uneducated.

Kendall – 1971.  Burnham – 1970.  Laurie Penny – 1986 [Gen Y ignorati]. Cameron – 1966. Clegg – 1967.

Go back to the last politicians who might have been divisive but were respected by many, they at least had stature: Powell – 1912. Thatcher – 1925.  Bevan – 1897. Bevin – 1881.  Benn – 1925. John Smith – 1938.  Churchill – 1874.

See a pattern?

Articulate thinkers: Hitchens C – 1949. Hitchens P – 1951. Pratchett – 1948. Chomsky – 1928. Rothbard – 1926.

Now look at any current sleazebag “comedian”.  Let’s pick one out of the hat – Jimmy Carr – 1972.

See where I’m going with this?

Let’s pick another: Brigstocke – 1973.  Brand R – 1975.

See any pattern here?

Ross Noble – 1976. Gervais – 1961. Paul Merton – 1957.

Merton is an interesting one – obviously had a not-dumbed-down education, witty, but suffering from the modern disease all the same.

Michael Palin is fairly well respected in this country – 1943.  Bobby Charlton – 1937. Tommy Cooper – 1921.

Let’s get more recent: Rowan Atkinson – 1955.  Graham Chapman – 1941.

Wogan – 1938. Take his criticisms of current day life.

Pattern, isn’t there?

Max Hastings – 1945.

Exceptions, yes – Dimbleby D is 1938 and should know better but that’s a Beeb thing. He’s still articulate and educated.

Paxman – 1950.  You saw him on tele take Chloe Smith apart – 1982.  Another tin can is Louise Bagshaw – 1971.  There’s the hopeless 70s-born kicking in again.

Now one similar to Merton, who is clearly educated and witty but suffers from the modern disease. I’d put him around early 60s in birth. Jonathan Ross – late 1960.

Conclusion – education took a dive in the 70s, the product is far poorer than the 60s offering and so far short of the 50s.  Being a young man in education at that time, I can tell you from inside that it really did dip during the 70s and never recovered.  Those kids I was teaching are now 45 years old.

Task – to recover society in such a way that intellectual giants, educated people who can at least spell, once more dominate public life, calling for sound values or if they must be subversive, at least being articulate and clever.

Nothing worth respecting has yet appeared in the post 1970 born in public life, perhaps it will do in two more generations, to impart some unrealistic spin to the crystal ball.

Further reading on the illegals situation

Via Chuckles:

To me it is irrelevant whether the immi-huggers would house and support a ‘refugee’ or not. The issue is not theirs alone to decide, their intended house-guests are NOT refugees, and their presence or absence in the UK goes beyond the whims or gestures of individuals.

Via Rossa:

Via Wiggia:

And we have groups raising money to take food clothing etc to Calais the world and its dog have completely lost the plot.

Also from Wiggia:

BBC quote petitions to government showing a 4 to 1 bias towards bringing in refugees, comments closed as nearly all the top rated comments say no more, as usual the media have an agenda, why who knows.

Does this aid budget being given to councils mean “refugees ” will in effect be helped ahead of our own on council waiting lists, if so it could be described as racist descrimination, they rarely ever think anything through, at least I don’t have a conscience about who I voted for last time.

Where is the concern regarding security in all this, the security services are already stretched to the limit monitoring those already here plus unknown numbers returning from Syria, never mind those planted in amongst all these migrants as promised by ISIS, madness.


From the woman who now demands we all take a share of those she has invited in, of course she will soon be gone and never have to face the inevitable consequences of her hypocrisy and malfeasance.


BBC pandering to a very stupid “convert” and then going to Tell Mama a totally discredited outfit for comments on something that showed no facts to back it up.


The BBC has shown its true colours in recent days.

I’m not sending any more of these items James I and I think most other people are utterly sick of it all, completely drowned out by the sound of the self righteous MSM congratulating itself for taking the “right” approach along with all the other headline seekers, this is as near as we can get to our Diana moment when 100s of thousands of people for no other reason than they could say they were there cried in the street over someone they never knew and threw flowers at a hearse that represented absolutely nothing in context to their own lives.

This swelling of national pride to be seen doing the right thing is so out of control from the scene above to the photos of children only in a sea of young males demanding their “right” to go to Germany well dressed and constantly on their iphones encouraging others to make the same journey, is the most nauseating spectacle I have seen in my lifetime, and I have seen a few, in a few weeks it will have the same relevance to these people “who were there” as the results of last weeks X Factor, absolutely nothing, so shallow is the population today in their quest for recognition at whatever level it takes.

Even the complete demolition of the story behind the sad child found dead on the beach will not stop this express train of faux grief and caring from carrying on until it runs out of steam and the MSM switch to more mundane things such as the state of Kim Kardashians arse, that is what it has come down to, even Tony Abbott has been coersed into a “humanitarian ” gesture after being harangued as someone akin to Hitler for his sane policies on his countries immigration policies, you dare not be out of step with handwringers however wrong they are, and in this case they are very wrong.

Examples are numerous as to why this should not go ahead, but few are allowed to aired, sensible reasons from experience already gained are ignored, questions to politicians in the same vein are never asked and the few that are are never followed up in case those that dared put those questions could be deemed racist, the get out of jail card for all who push these policies upon us, no more.