If we keep coming back to this, it’s because 1. there’s further input and 2. it’s still very much live.

Rossa sends four links on the issue:

1. Je suis Alyan:

What we should be looking at now is the wave of Syrian refugees flooding into Europe. There are many question marks about this subject, question marks that do not meet the eye without some deeper investigation.

It is not uncompassionate or inhumane to ask legitimate questions when one smells a rat, and generally speaking, when Western mainstream media are having a frenzy, there is normally a huge dead rotten rat waiting to be uncovered.

2. All is not as it seems:

Go to Google and look at ‘Refugees in Berlin’ images’. There you will see migrants leaving the social welfare buildings having applied for residency. Some have carefully packed suitcases and smart-casual shoes in near-perfect condition. They have not just trekked 950 miles. Nor, according to contrarian site thesaker, did they start in Syria this time. It seems they were already in Turkish camps.

3. The phoney refugee crisis:

While the European media arouse emotion by showing photographs of a drowned child and reports of crowds of refugees crossing the Balkans on foot, Thierry Meyssan demonstrates that these images have been fabricated. It’s certain that they serve the purposes of the head of the Federation of German Industries, Ulrich Grillo, and also NATO. But they do not show the phenomenon in its totality, which leads the Europeans to offer inadapted responses.

4. Body was moved:

According to this website, says Rossa, the child’s body was moved from one site to another on the beach before being photographed.

Jury’s out. My approach to things has generally been that if the PTB plus MSM work in unison and instantly, there is indeed a rat … and an agenda. When so many pundits are saying a similar thing, when a poll over here days ago had about 4:1 agin bringing them in and a current poll at le Figaro was 78%:22% again also – if you take all of that together, something does indeed seem rotten.

Plus this:

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  1. john in cheshire
    September 9, 2015 at 9:22 am

    My impression is that Turkey are acting as facilitator in this invasion of Europe and Arab states are paying for it. We are in the midst of a modern day version of a muslim invasion. Armed invasion has not succeeded in the past and the muslim masterminds have learned that lesson and changed tactics. Because it’s perceived to be non-aggressive, they’re not only being allowed to get away it but the communists in our midst are actively encouraging it.

  2. September 9, 2015 at 1:49 pm

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