and the sickle blade is ever sharpened.

As the Second Reading of this truly disgusting Bill comes to Westminster’s Commons, I would reprise a post which I made upon my own site in July. I trust it will prove enlightening!

Not a step: but instead a Leap!

Death. Its a topic which no-one wishes to touch, with or without a  bargepole, either from a viewpoint of the natural progression of the human condition, or of the nature and bent of certain people who take it upon themselves to state that the Law, as it stands, and has stood for many years, is inadequate to the needs of the ‘needy’. I ought to mention, at this point, a belief which has stood me in good stead for many years, and it is the plain and simple belief thatIt takes an awful lot of ‘good’ to undo the ‘good’ which do-gooders do’!

The simple truth that is evident to most, which is that we are all going to die; and there is no escape from that simple and yet brutal fact, seems to be beyond the grasp of those who would meddle in the affairs of others. I have lost a great many members of my wider family to the Grim Reaper, but it is not something which I fear. Death comes to us all, but those near to the dying one seem to be taken by surprise. We read of the so-called tragedy of a pain-filled death, but we always read at second-hand, as it were. We read of the attempts to change or alter the Law in Britain when a man such as Tony Nicklinson tried, and after he failed; he took the road less travelled, refused food in order to legally starve himself to death, and died from pneumonia. The road to Dignitas is not too busy these days, but there is a steady trickle of people who wish to avail themselves of the deadly drug cocktail which is ‘dispensed’ by the ghouls in that Swiss clinic.

The latest push is from a Private Member’s Bill which has had its First Reading in the Commons, and it is labelled  Assisted Dying (No. 2) Bill 2015-16; but do not be deceived by the snuggly title; because behind the words is a vicious determination to allow people to be ‘helped’ to kill themseves. Just consider those few words in my previous sentence. There are those who would put themselves up to be arbiters of life, or death; but not for themselves; oh no: they are all for taking or allowing others to do their dirty work for them, in their belief that they KNOW BEST, and they claim that they should be allowed to move their plans onward, until we see the same ghoulish glory as I wrote of some time back, when the ‘Public Ambulance Service Ltd’ (Gemeinnützige Krankentransport GmbH) officers and doctors were told that they had to kill the feeble-minded because ‘Befehl ist Befehl ‘ (Orders are Orders). It is not, as some may write, a slippery slope, but a straight-forward leap towards a ‘Eugenics-based Society’ where the strong survive, and the weak go to the wall, or to the ‘clinic’. It is but a matter of semantics to step from a Law which allows a person who is mentally competent to be ‘helped’ to commit suicide; to the darkest hours of civilisation as we know it, in that terrible phrase; The Final Solution.

That simple proposed Act of Parliament, just as the one which fell in the House of Lords as it ran out of time, should be a warning to us all, that there are those amongst our Rulers who simply ‘know’ that they must ease the path towards death for all who desire it, and thus erase the final barrier to a system which, once adopted, will be yet another surrender to those who would Rule us from cradle to Grave! The backers of the Bill are a bunch know as Dignity in Dying, but their progenitor comes with a much nastier name; viz. Voluntary Euthanasia!

As a further commentary upon what is known to some as ‘Mission Creep’, consider the fiollowing facts. When Abortion was first legalised within the Abortion Act of 1967. I would simply remind readers that one of the ruling guidelines in 1967 was that two doctors should examine and confer with the pregnant woman before agreeing and signing to that abortion procedure. Those guidelines are now so loose that a NURSE can authorise an abortion.  I would remind  readers that, in just four years, there have been 731801 babies, foetuses; call them what you will, killed quite legally in this so-called civilised country of ours! Just consider what a bunch of politicians and their fellow bottom-feeding compatriots could do once the Assisted Dying Bill becomes Law?

The Assisted Dying Bill, which in reality should be renamed the ‘Euthanasia Bill or the even more explanatory The Inconvenience Bill’ or the  Let us get rid of the Old, the Ill, the Insane, the Sufferers from incurable and painful Diseases, those who alarm us by their very longevity, and the ‘Memories of what faces us all’ Bill’ is a shameful and destructive piece of legislation, and we, along with the dangerous do-gooder Clowns who propose and back this tawdry attempt to change, by euphemism alone, the settled Law, should be ashamed that Legislation as bad, corrupt and disgraceful as this Bill undoubtedly is, even passes across the threshold of the House of Commons in these troubled times.



The Bill has fallen by 330 to 118, so the State executioners won’t be appointed just yet, but just consider that 118 of our representatives thought this Bill a good idea!


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  1. September 11, 2015 at 9:21 am

    No argument at this end.

    • Graham Wood
      September 11, 2015 at 11:12 am

      Mike. I could not agree more with your excellent comment and hope and more importantly pray, that this iniquitous Bill will be defeated again today.
      It’s strange how the liberal left, it’s friends in the BBC, many of our lefty politicos, and the ‘do gooders’ brigade all hate LIFE in almost any form.
      Whether it is life at the beginning (abortion on demand, or infanticide), Or the life giving institution of God given heterosexual marriage (as opposed to the legal fiction of same-sex marriage) , or life at its closing stage (assisted suicide).

  2. Old Geezer
    September 11, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    Have a look at what happened in Germany when this was tried in the 1930’s. That is something the MSM will not report.

  3. September 12, 2015 at 7:56 am

    That address of Mike’s, by the way:

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