The difference between the GOP and conservative libertarians

For those not in the States, it might seem bizarre what went on when the GOP allowed Obama’s Iran bill through and yet here they are voting against it.

The Atlantic is clear which side it is on – the GOP:

And Breitbart is clear which side it is on – conservative libertarians:

To make it easier to understand, luminaries on the conservative libertarian side include Nigel Farage, Karl Denninger, Vox Day, WND, Pajamas TV, Town Hall, Daily Beast, Breitbart, many bloggers.

Luminaries on the Right establishment side include Cameron and Osborne, Ken Clarke, Heseltine, Heath, Major – in other words, the corrupt.

This is why one has to smile when some from the left, in an attempt to attack conservative libertarian arguments, e.g. on blogs such as this, instead attack GOP inanities, expecting CLs to fight back.  Come again?

There is a part of the GOP power structure that has always been most happy to serve as the permanent minority, personally enriched by serving as minor, ineffective obstacles to the ruling Left.

They [the GOP] win elections by cadging millions from conservatives desperate to Do Something about the mess in Washington, then sink comfortably into that mess as though relaxing in a jacuzzi, rousing themselves only to display true fury against the occasional cage-rattling, boat-rocking conservative insurgent.

This is why a true CL will back Tommy Robinson over here:

And back in America:

We get no action on Planned Parenthood, even as the nation recoils in horror and disgust from their baby-organ-harvesting operation.

We get no votes on anything of substance to conservatives, no votes that would force Democrats to spend political capital or take uncomfortable on-the-record positions that would alienate voters.

The vote to block Obama’s hideous Iran sellout was pre-sabotaged by changing the rules so that Democrats can’t lose.

All we get is the crony-capitalist Export-Import bank brought back from the grave, with Republican fingerprints all over the shovel.

To the Left, this is weird – conservatives apparently attacking conservatives. WTF? To conservative libertarians though, the GOP and the Tories here are anything but conservative. Just as that quote showed, anyone truly CL would never vote for the measures the GOP did.

Which brings up another aspect – integrity and decency in policy, the constant stonewalling and attacking of humbuggery and skullduggery. Whilst CLs, in their personal lives, might fall short of their ideals on many occasions, the policies they support should, in their eyes, seem apparent to any citizen of their nation.

Apparently not and so the war goes on. Thus CLs have two enemies – the declared enemies we could call socialist, of the Left, the Corbynites … and but also those sections within the parties of the Right who do not hold conservative libertarian ideals but just expediency and relativism. The current Pope, on marriage, is just such a slider.

3 comments for “The difference between the GOP and conservative libertarians

  1. john in cheshire
    September 12, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    It’s probably not for the first time in the past 2000 years, that when the question is asked “is the Pope a Catholic”, the true answer is No. But I think in the case of the current incumbent, the answer is most certainly no, he’s a communist. He might speak softly but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. I wonder if he’s going to reveal any more about his plans for world government and religion when he visits the USA later this month? Still, I don’t think there is much we mortals can do, the outcome is now in God’s hands.

  2. james wilson
    September 13, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    There are many distinctions to be made among conservatives, but conservative libertarian isn’t one of them. There are two distinctions to be made among libertarians, and one is more conservative than the other in comparison, but neither is grounded in the learned experience of centuries. The conservative libertarian is no conservative. or right winger if you prefer, which I do.

    Yes, the Pope is Catholic, McCain-Bush-Romney-Boehner are Republicans, and Cameron is a Tory. The fact that we do not like what those entities are or have become does not change what they are. We need to change how we think about them instead.

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