Women dominate Corbyn shadow cabinet

So, a majority of women in Cabinet for the first time ever in the UK. Are they ecstatic about it?

Er no. They wanted only the best jobs, understandable really. Why would an ambitious feminist want something like education, for example? It’s oppression I tell you And of course, sooner or later, there had to be a Hitler Downfall:

Sure enough, the misogynist male press was out in force – this from Katy Horwood:


Sure, the top positions went to men, but maybe that’s because those are the people he feels will do the best job, and be most effective in implementing and fighting the corner of his policies (many of which are equality related).

And isn’t that what’s important – that a person is chosen for their ability and suitability for a position rather than what body they were born in?

Quite right, Katy. What is it about women named Katy [ie]? Seem to have their heads screwed on the right way.

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  1. September 15, 2015 at 6:20 am

    “Just like my 15th birthday again”. Hahahahahahaha.

    Just wait until Turnbull announces his Cabinet in Oz. Herr Corbyn will be all over it.

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