Never mind the silence; what about the song?


Ignore the lack of mannerly behaviour when remembering those brave and talented young men, who although mostly gone long ago, still resound in our Nation’s memory. They cannot be insulted: they are secure.

Ignore the seeming lack of respect by both not singing or even speaking, the National Anthem. He probably doesn’t believe that Her Majesty should reign over us.  Ignore the scruffy image as projected by the un-matching jacket and trousers, the undone shirt button, the tie literally loitering around his neck, the ‘I don’t care’ attitude: these are just irrelevant.

The real worry, in my mind at least, comes from the inability of the new Labour Leader to answer a question in a straightforward manner. If asked to condemn, out of hand, the tactics and murders of the IRA, he responds by condemning all bombing, violence etc.. Why does he not condemn the IRASinnFein terror tactics? The truth is probably less palatable than he would wish to make public. He probably believes wholeheartedly in the cause of Independence for Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom’ and the creation of a United Ireland. He has held, after all, firm Republican sympathies for all of his political life, and even invited the murderous duo of McGuinness and Adams into Westminster in 1984 weeks after the Brighton Bombing.

We should not smile at this foolish man, we should fear him, and pray that the Labour Party will come to its senses, act as did Henry the Second; and rid us all of this pestilential creature; hopefully without all the blood on the cathedral floor!

2 comments for “Never mind the silence; what about the song?

  1. richard
    September 16, 2015 at 1:12 pm

    That’s a strange thing to say because Bill Clinton and Tony Blair were hailed as statesmen for speaking to SF. Corbyn beat them to it by years, but he’s somehow a menace? How does that work?
    “He probably doesn’t believe that Her Majesty should reign over us” whereas most people should believe that genetics should decide and whoever has dropped out of the last one’s uterus has some magical right. Hmmm.

  2. Stonyground
    September 16, 2015 at 6:51 pm

    Well our NA is a bit of a dreary song. I also suspect that JC, like myself, probably doesn’t believe in God. What is God supposed to be saving the queen from anyway? I find it annoying that our media have made such an issue of this anyway, it doesn’t matter to me whether he sings the National Anthem, there are one or two more important matters to be discussed.

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