As they stream towards Austria

Ladies and gentlemen, please consider three pictures. The first:

gates of vienna

This is the header for Gates of Vienna, the blog, a very old blog in terms of weblogging and the message has been the same from the beginning.

Rewinding for a moment or two, there was an altercation at OoL some years back. I maintained history is vital to learn because the lessons in it tend to revisit themselves. There was an august blogger, fellow admin and all round good guy who begged to differ, calling history bunkum. All right, let’s move on.

What were the good folk at GofV also rabbiting on about?  Well, it was this:

For those of you who do not like your history, due to bad experiences at school perhaps, I’ll try to summarize it.  Following the Crusades, the Ottoman Empire pretty well took over the region and as long as it remained in mainly Arabic areas, it was OK.  Handleable.

But they didn’t stop there for two reasons.  One was the secular desire for conquest and expansion, which the warring class adore and the other was Islam itself, which requires that Islam be spread by the sword, given that the indigenous in each country would wish to hang onto their own culture and mores.

The Ottoman Empire came a cropper at the Gates of Vienna.

OK, current day.  If you can’t see that this minority of women and children are an advance party, allowed to escape Syria and elsewhere, being used by the men of fighting age also hovering around in the background, the ones storming the barricades and testing the defences, with the real enemy behind them observing and planning the various moves – then I’m afraid we’re not on the same page.


Not one of those men would hurt a woman or child.  Look at the looks and smiles behind the front line. Yes, it does melt the heart, it is certainly a plea for love and kindness, which the Christian west is meant to have.

It tugs at my heart too but there is also the other matter – the invasion – to take care of. There should be no women and children anywhere near that front line but this is the Hamas way, the Muslim way – place the innocent in danger and hide behind them.

The other side of the picture is the assault on the barricades you’ve seen pics of. Where was this little girl then?

Down to the nitty gritty.  Prevented from getting to Europe through Hungary, where do they go?  Through Croatia of course.

Do you know the history of Croatia in WWII and earlier?  Have you read about the atrocities, the betrayals?  They’re heading along the Croationa/Hungarian border right now.

Where did they want to go, originally?  Through Hungary to Vienna of course. The Gates of Vienna.  And it was always going to be the pitiable “refugees” tugging at your heartstrings which were going to open the route, the conduit, for ISIS to pour into Vienna as well.

It was pointed out the other day that Germany has not had its 911 yet.  Everyone else has – Australia had its at Port Arthur, the UK had its 7/7, the US had its 911.  Germany and France are to have theirs. Germany follows Vienna.

muslims heading to austria

Is anyone truly saying that these “refugees” are the end of it?  That all the fighting men slipping through too are going to be eternally grateful and live honest Christian lives in their new homelands?

Those on the front lines know the score – Vienna knows, Hungary knows, Israel knows. They know exactly what is going down.  Only the brainwashed, PC west does not know. Corbyn’s cabinet for example.

These are the early stages, people, of the great Islamic push and the targets are the ones which have always been.  it would make this post too long but which other European nation, a former proud kingdom, has been white-anted by PCism in the last two decades?  also reduced to penury through inefficiency above?

Yep, Spain.  And guess what Spain was used for?  Heard of Moors?

The educated readers who know their non-revised, non-PC history know precisely what this is all about.

2 comments for “As they stream towards Austria

  1. john in cheshire
    September 17, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    James, I think they’ve also got their eye on Italy, Rome in particular. These barbaric muslims want to destroy Rome, its antiquities including the Vatican. If they are not stopped, they’ll do to Rome what they have done to Palmyra and other ancient sites. OK, they might have been erected to worship satan, but true Christians don’t fear these construction, rather they are respected as giving insight into past civilisations. The Persians, for instance, might have had a civilisation, but they have never been civilised. They think they have and that’s one reason they are so arrogant. However, just like all muslims, they have been brought up to believe that they own the whole world and in doing so, they never have to be grateful to non-muslims for anything, including selfless acts of kindness. This swarm is here to take and keep taking until there is nothing left to take, and to destroy everything that is non-muslim. If only more people in our country had a true appreciation of what they have planned for us, and Europe had leaders such as Isobella and Ferdinand of Spain and King Jan Sobieski of Poland, to take the battle to the muslims and expel them from Europe.

  2. Henry Kaye
    September 17, 2015 at 5:43 pm

    I’m sure that all who read this blog are very much aware of the dangers and ambitions of the “invaders”. Nothing it seems will persuade the EU
    political leaders but then that is because this is also their ambition!

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