Fear and Loathing at the UKIP conference

Is it divide and rule by the Tories’ version of Donald Segretti’s CREEP, just as their dirty tricks campaign saw off Nige in Thanet South … or is it the thing which happens when you try to herd cats?


Breitbart is liked by many readers but Raheem Kassam is not. Not at all. He mentions the aggro at the conference and Carswell’s actions. He mentions this Arron Banks.

What is not mentioned is who made this pratty ruling that One Organization only must represent EU Out? That this organization is the ONLY one who can “officially” put the EU Out case? WTF? Why must there be one organization only?

The answer is that the PTB have this organization in place to fail at key stages and want it led by the PTB. Think it’s called “Leave” or some such.

Now, given that the Electoral Commission have shown a few times that they are strongly anti-UKIP – there was the faux party at the head of the ticket at the EU elections and the failure to act, there was the majority over Nige announced by the Tories at 11.34 p.m., hours before the first ballot box was opened in Thanet South and there was its failure to act in Tower Hamlets until forced to, long after the damage had been done.

I’m not blaming specifically the Tories. As Douglas said – it’s the whole Westminster Village. And it’s whoever decided that there had to be an “umbrella organization” to be the sole voice for EU Out.

Who decided that? Remember – this article is by the Tory Spectator:


And then this:

Richard Tice is part of the theknow.eu campaign trying to educate … to be the beginnings of the formal umbrella “no” campaign that eventually gets anointed the official campaign group by the Electoral Commission. … He says the big need is to reach out to centre-left voters, and the need …

The Electoral Commission itself.  Who are these people?  The Spectator article gives some insight.  So does this:

Bruce George, Labour MP for Walsall South between 1974 and 2010 has joined with former diplomat Julian Peel Yates to raise concerns over elections in Britain.

“If Britain wishes to criticise others, it must put its own house in order. Potential dangers include defective postal balloting; no guarantee of secrecy – numbered ballots in a list identifying the voter for each ballot issued mean an unscrupulous official could establish how you voted; no requirement for voters to provide any form of identity gives opportunities for voter fraud.

“Moreover, Britain does not meet its obligation to guarantee the equality of the vote. At the last election, it took an average 35,000 voters to elect a Conservative MP, 33,000 a Labour MP, and 120,000 a Lib Dem MP. UKIP received more than 900,000 votes, but no seats. The best mechanism to review Britishelectoral shortcomings might be a Royal Commission.”

The investigations by the Electoral Commission of alleged UKIP malefactors and the veil of silence over the corrupt in the Big Two parties would be a scandal if it ever reached the public through the MSM.

Why is the MSM failing in its brief?  We know the answer to that.

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  1. Henry Kaye
    September 26, 2015 at 9:11 am

    How awful are the workings of the PTB. Have they always been there and have I just not noticed? How do we rid ourselves of them? Perhaps if we did we would only be saddled with a new set! Keep trying James and Co – you have an audience.

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