Iain Dale’s list reveals his flawed concept of “conservative”

Iain Dale has always contributed more than just a rightwing perspective and I’ve always read with some amazement the invective he often suffers. He’s had his moments but his lists are still the definitive ones.

If they create debate, well isn’t that a good thing? The latest is his post on the top 50 rightwing influencers and debate there certainly has been.

Let’s go straight to comments, which is where the action is these days:


Iain has a varied viewpoint and is as biased as anyone here but just from a different angle. But clearly, to come to the heart of UKIP and say what he has about Nigel..he’s got the cheek of the devil.


They call themselves conservatives, but they act like the Common Purpose neo-marxists they are.


More left wing socialists on the list than right wingers or even liberal conservatives. For example Osborne with his new minimum wages that are going to cost jobs. Typical left wing interfering in the economy. When the jobs are lost he will say it was unintended. How can you have an outright socialist like him on a list of influential right wingers?


There are about 3 conservatives on this list. List of people not explicitly left-wing more like. How depressing these people are considered right-wing.

This must confuse those on the left for whom anything right of Straw and the egregious Hain is a dangerous rightwing extremist nut.  The greatest joke is the left making out Blair was rightwing – LOL, he’s a socialist through and through, one of the globalists who run the world.

They make him out a rightwinger because it all went pearshaped and of course, nothing PC can ever be a left-liberal’s fault, can it?  Ipso facto, Blair has to be labelled rightwing.

A conservative these days, a real one I mean, does not usually speak of him or herself this way, certainly not with a capital C but you see him or her at Breitbart, sometimes in Mail comments, more often on copious blogs about the sphere.  Though OoL is libertarian, real conservative values can be found in and about it.

He or she will be against the smoking ban, want out of the EU, want immigration controlled, want proper marriage, support grammar schools, the selling off of the quangos and false charities, the reining in of GCHQ, lower taxes, the reining back of the welfare state, he or she will be against EU coercion in many fields, be dead against Common Purpose.

More often than not, he or she sees idiocy in public life – see Julia’s Ambush Predator blog for an endless list of these.  Thus his posts, if a blogger, are about “in support of Cpl Stewart McLaughlin a Falklands hero”, “Muslims may think it funny running around Germany raping young women. Just wait till the Germans start offering them use of the showers!”, “Send #Ghurkas to stop #Calais #Migrants disrupting railway between #Paris & #London, if they are not overseas training moderate terrorists!”, to grab a few from Twitter.

Pat Condell is a typical example of us – libertarian, conservative with a small c in his views, a bit rough in manner, straight to the point.

He or she will read Breitbart and blogs first, maybe the Speccie but in critical mode and will guffaw at the leftwing Guardian, Independent, MSNBC, CNN and of course, the appalling Beeb.

Sworn enemies include Galloway, Cameron, Osborne, Harman, Barosso, Juncker, Merkel, obviously Corbyn and Miliband, deep sympathy is extended to silly little fools like Charlotte Church, none to Brand.  A despised figure for a real conservative over here would be Abbott, D – across the pond, Clinton and Pelosi.  Mixed feelings on Putin.

Anyone who is one of these will wonder why I’m just restating the bleedin’ obvious. Well, it is for us but is not so obvious for the left-liberal. Iain including many on that list whom so many of us see as left-liberal really does vigorously underscore that Tory does not equal conservative.  Not by a long shot.

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  1. Hereward unbowed.
    October 5, 2015 at 8:23 pm

    I won’t have a go at Iain, he speaks his mind and I think, even if I do not agree with most of what he says, I say: good on him.

    President Vladimir Putin, is a Russian Nationalist and sees the world through a prism according to Russian interests, can’t say I have much problem with that. Verily doth President Putin admire steadfast, no BS leaders and is pretty much disdainful of preachifying twats aka western politicians – think Bliar, Camoron, Merkel, Hollande and Hussein Obama, small wonder he despises the dogs pussies who hold sway in the west, here and wholeheartedly – I couldn’t agree more with President Putin.

    Vladimir Putin, is right about Syria and he is right about the EU’s scurrilous attempted land grab in the Ukraine, all the President of Russia did – was to call their bluff and as usual the EU backed down. If he succeeds in his gamble – in Syria, who will be top dog then?

    I get sick of Osborne, the great pretender, his vaulting ambition which is already overreaching in its – his range and scope. A clusterfuck of profligate welfare splurge spending on the endless millions of new arrivals and Lord almighty! he believes in his own publicity!
    Osborne the Ge-ogre… thinks of himself as some great reforming statesman, huh?! And by spending £billions of other people’s money, plus is bent on altering the nation irrevocably but in no good way. Just another wannabe megalomaniac is our George, a fawning Internationalist ninny doing the work of the big boys in pulling the strings of such as he [the Bilderberger Mafia].

    What we need, is less of George and Dave and less, heaped up upon very small government and then give those savings back to the people and watch the country motor, or we do it George and Dave’s way and end up at the IMF with cap in hand.

    Lastly, as Hitchens repeated yesterday – before it is too late in the day, the incessant canker eats away, of Islamification being imposed on Britain. It needs to be shoved back up its own fundament from whence it came – the best way to do that – is to destroy the KSA.

  2. james wilson
    October 6, 2015 at 1:49 am

    The Zman makes the case against libtardarians this way: “Libertarians have built an entire philosophy around avoiding contact with the enemy.
    In the culture wars that have roiled the nation over the last fifty years, libertarians have been hiding under their beds.”

    All political identifiers need defining, and redefining. An American conservative defending the liberal values of 1789 is right-wing today–a term which needs defining as well–but has to little in common with a conservative such as Eisenhower or even Reagan and much less still with a conservative Muslim. I suppose that an Hassid is a conservative Jew, and that a conservative Russian in 1990 might be said to be a communist.

    A conservative at this time may be said to be anyone who advocates taking two fingers off the socialist choke hold on his airways, and a moderate, one finger. But right wing they are not. Conquests Law, or Sullivan if you prefer.

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