Goodbye Germany…

…you realised the mistake too late to do any good:

The authorities’ report also cited concerns that those who are granted asylum will bring their families over to Germany too, Bild said.

Given family structures in the Middle East, this would mean each individual from that region who is granted asylum bringing an average of four to eight family members over to Germany in due course, Bild quoted the report as saying.

Did Merkel realise this? More to the point, did she realise the effect it’d have on her political future?

Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said Germany would grant asylum to those fleeing Syria’s civil war, has recently seen her popularity ratings slump to a four-year low.

That the citizens haven’t demanded her immediate resignation is something to ponder. Certainly, he cabinet isn’t quite so keen to commit electoral suicide…

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said on Sunday Europe needs to restrict the number of people coming to the continent.

Stop handing out ‘Wish you were here!’ cards then!

2 comments for “Goodbye Germany…

  1. Twenty Rothmans
    October 10, 2015 at 3:55 pm

    Like us, Germany has well and truly had it. I left eleven years ago, and I’m more and more appalled each and every time that I return at how much worse things have become – and that’s returning frequently.

    Most people would worry about the state of the country that they were leaving behind for their children – not a burden which Frau Dr Merkel will endure. Could it not be the case that with the foreigner problem that Germany has already failed to solve, greater numbers could not bring about an end game that might be apocalyptic?

    The vein of the Left runs very deep in Germany. The people who don’t mind seeing it poisoned are contemptuous of those who disagree and call them all sorts of names.Now, where have I seen that before?

  2. Monty
    October 10, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    I suspect Merkel thought she could play a game of “beggar my neighbour”, and win.
    German benefits for long term unemployable layabouts are meagre. Merkel may have thought that would have caused a voluntary mass transport of immigrant layabouts and spongers, to more generous EU sucker-states like the UK, and Sweden. Just as soon as they got their EU passports.
    While the serious grafters, the well qualified, would stay and settle in Germany, and help the German economy.

    But she could hardly say that out loud, anywhere, could she?

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