The bringing up of a boy

Bill Whittle on the gun saga:

Guess what – America wasn’t designed to be safe.  America was designed to be free.  You can freedom without sfety or sfety without freedom … and without the safety.

There’s no such thing as safety.  Ask the families of those scores of kids who were gunned down on that remote island at that private school in Norway about safety.

Safety is an illusion. It’s a temporary bubble of psychological security provided by loving parents to protect … c-h-i-l-d-r-e-n … until they slowly become adult enough to face the realityof a dangerous world.

You don’t like murder and insanity?  Well guess what – me neither but that’s too bad because murder and insanity don’t care.  They’re there and they’re getting worse and the best efforts of effeminate, mincing cowards sitting in skyscrapers in New York City to redefine manhood down to their pathetic level of weakness is not going to stop murder and insanity.

It’s only going to make it worse.

Boys are turned into men by loving fathers who have the strength to set them on the difficult paths of honour, discipline and mental toughness.  That’s where the real steel and the responsibility [for what happens] is or isn’t.

It’s not in a closet of inanimate objects which the left wants to throw into a volcano to appease the gods of murder and insanity which they themselves have done so much to create.

On fathers in families, the two greatest factors militating against any sort of normal family and therefore well brought up boys are:

1.  Stupid women who think single-parent mother and son families on benefits are perfectly fine and she can mollycoddle the child and make him question even his sexuality whilst exerting no real limits on his behaviour.  “My son loves me,” she wails. No need for any horrible, oppressive father.

2.  The product of that – the new feral male of no respect whatever – the very type who rape girls and old ladies and shoots people up in malls. Dysfunctional and inadequate males.

You take a mother out of the family and you have a martinet upbringing most times, lacking the things women bring to the soul of the child, the sense of belonging.  Mothers are critical in a family as a counterpoint to the father’s sternness and standards which the child can’t always meet.  The mother is the safety net, she imparts warmth in the soul.

You take a father out of the family and in the case of boys – it is as Bill Whittle said. If a boy does not have the biological father there at home because the the woman has either made the wrong choice of a beast as a father or  she’s later turned the man into a beast, then she’s not just created a problem within that one family but is helping create problems for society as a whole.

Especially if she will take no responsibility for it. For if she always refuses to take responsibility, so will the children do likewise.

And it’s getting worse and worse. A woman who has managed to break away from the beast and has a restraint order on him – she can sometimes meet up, by pure luck, with a fine man who can deputize for the father but the chances are not great.

And even if that mercifully happens, if she is able to, that still leaves an angry and feral beast out there to take it out on women in general.

“Modern” women have no idea what power they could have, in a good way, on men within their sphere of influence.  A man would eat out of a good woman’s hand – tell me if I’m wrong on this, lads.

Can the mother imagine how a boy would react to seeing his father treat his mother with great respect and even with a slight amount of trepidation, whilst still being strong within himself?  What the boy gets from that is that if he plays his cards right, there is something in Woman which is well worth going for in later life. But he’d need to play his cards right.

It’s a salutary lesson. Look at the feral boys out there now. What is their defining characteristic? Utter lack of respect for anyone, including women, pensioners, whoever – porn and gaming have much to do with that.  Though there’s a case that children inherit bad traits from bad people, there’s a hell of a lot of learned behaviour too.

How can all these new feral males be stopped?  They can’t. All that can happen is that a different paradigm, a different model appears in which the father is like two paragraphs above this one.

With suchlike appearing on the scene more and more, getting the women, the ferals will slowly see where they’re [not] at and what level of respect is necessary to land the prize.

I can’t see it happening for at least one generation but hope that’s wrong.

3 comments for “The bringing up of a boy

  1. Voice of Reason
    October 13, 2015 at 2:08 pm

    Years ago, I pointed out to my brother that the major job of an alpha male in a wolf pack is to keep the young males under control. The calming effect of older males has actually been observed with elephants in Africa. The idea that things are ‘better’ without a male around is dross.

  2. Flyinthesky
    October 13, 2015 at 6:02 pm

    I’m sorry Mr Higham I think a generation is a tad optimistic.
    The insidious destruction of family values is still ongoing at some pace.

    Huge government departments have evolved to reflect the situation, huge amounts of money is being made by businesses, solicitors, doctors, councillors, pharmaceutical companies, social workers et al.

    It’s a situation created by misguided fluffy thinking idealists and within the constraints of idealism they can not be questioned.
    The missing factor, as always, is we live in a real world not an ideal one.

    Without a balanced family upbringing the offspring often become feral, what exactly is feral, it’s the manifestation of basic human nature,
    survival of the fittest, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.

  3. October 13, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    Thanks, chaps.

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