The new interfering adult

The mainstream media is now so bad, so schlock, that one can’t find decent articles on almost anything, forcing a reader back to old magazines such as the Spectator, which has itself seen better days.  However, it’s probably the best of the worst today.

And of course there are blogs but these are an unholy mix of schlock and serious themselves.  There’s a woman’s blog called Hoyt and I can’t get into it, it rambles on and on and never makes the point but the readers seem to think she’s one of the good people so that will do me for now.

One of the readers wrote this:

Mattress Girl strikes me as seriously disturbed emotionally. She’s a promiscuous girl who apparently fell in love with this guy, then claimed he raped her after the fact when he didn’t love her back after having some casual sex with her, then wandered all around campus carrying a mattress on her back (consider the logistics of that!) and later on put a video of herself having sex with some other guy on the Internet.

She obviously needs psychological counseling; I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of her killing herself, and if this happens it will in part be the fault of radical feminists who adopted her as their mascot and hence put her in a category not permitting rational analysis, criticism or treatment.

Yes, I remember the SJW now. Wonder if college boys would dip the wick so much if they knew what sort of meataxes are roaming about ready to drop this on them.  Then again, from the stories, the college boys themselves are like something from a William S Burroughs dystopic novel.

This blogger, for a long time, has been on and on about the current generation and they haven’t been generalized moans – they have been specific and they have not blamed the kids themselves – they blame the parents and the educational set-up these days.  We’ve already covered the measurable dumbing-down at GCSE, A level etc.

The commenter above mentions the need for psychological counselling.  Consider the vast increase in paedo crimes by women, consider the young mothers killing or abandoning babies which have been the by-product of flings – the latest saw a mother having a C-section then walking out of the hospital.

That’s not just the education system, that’s something else.  It’s the peer culture which is the new world culture in gaming and film, plus the global left Them’s breaking down of all mores in western society, which in turn has enabled the Muslim push and let’s not go down that path for now.  Casey Anthony is the High Priestess of this new “modern” young woman.

So that’s how it was until an article appeared at the Speccy by one  and I welcome it because it adds confirmation of what I’ve been rabbiting on about and haven’t been able to get readers to see.  Not their fault, young people have not been their field in the same way they have for me.

But Ms McCartney gets straight to it:

The first thing you need to know about the new sexual revolution isn’t how to do it: it’s how to talk it. Confining yourself to terms such as straight, gay and bisexual — which once, perhaps, covered most of what you thought you needed to know about a person’s orientation — is indicative of adherence to a ‘binary’ view of sexuality. It is fast becoming the equivalent of walking around in plus-fours, peering at human desire through a monocle.

These days, people — particularly those in their teens and twenties — are declaring themselves ‘pansexual’, ‘genderfluid’ and ‘genderqueer,’ which means they won’t be confined to the old folks’ dreary, black-and-white view of attraction or gender.

Where is all this coming from?  Where is Miley Cyrus coming from?  She’s put up to it, isn’t she, in the same way there were evil muvvers behind TaTu and Pussy Riot.  Femen has gone along a similar path, only backed by SJWs with the money.

Most boys go through at least a fleeting acquaintance with homosexuality at school and at public schools, one of where my secondary education was spent, it is artificially extended by the new culture today past that cut-off point where most boys just move away from it and start chasing girls.

There was a case in point where I, as teacher, sprung two boys at it one lunchtime and it was difficult to show any disgust because I myself, one lunch hour at the school farm a decade earlier had done the same thing, mainly to shock.  It’s just part of the process and all this naming of various sexualities is the current thing, less tragic than one might feel except for two things further down.

A certain amount of sexuality happens with kids – in my case, from about age eight and I was lucky enough or unlucky enough to have had two separate female respondents whose parents, I can only presume, thought me not the best company for their daughters.

Point is that kids have sexuality or have you already forgotten your childhood?

What adults must not do is buy into that, either through so-called sex-education which today is a blueprint for going out and screwing at 10 years of age or else through showing any interest in it in the staffroom.

I say the latter because of the nauseating time I went into our staffroom and the middle-aged women, Harriet Harman lookalikes vicariously living out their fantasies through kids were carrying on about one child porking another and not only that, about rumours of one of the junior staff porking a senior girl.  What they made of my personal ironing girl, the school captain, is anyone’s guess.

Point is, again, that there is sexuality everywhere in schools but it’s not the staff’s job to involve themselves, beyond occasionally busting a couple and shooing them out of there. Now that’s about as healthy as growing up gets.  There is, of course, the chaplain’s assembly sermon and Sunday service in some schools.

Film and music is darker today but that’s not the missing factor.  The two missing factors are inordinate adult interference with the process and gaming. Those who defend the gaming are a classic case of the inured – they’ve been so long into it that they see nothing wrong – they themselves see it all as fantasy but headline after headline after headline from around the world show that the new child, bereft of any sort of parental values growing up, see slenderman and the like as anything but fantasy.

And I’d wager the games played by forty year olds are not the games played by 14 year olds.  So making judgements based on one’s own gaming does not cut it.

That is another phenomenon which has been occurring for decades – each succeeding generation becomes more and more inured to wrong things.  The Boomers started it with their Woodstocks and then Gen X – the earring in one ear, stay at home with parents till 30 malcontents with chips on their shoulder about Boomers – they continued the decline in standards and remember – decline in standards hits children first and thereafter others in the community who are no longer safe – pensioners raped, that sort of thing.

Easy to know whom to blame but how can the Frankfurt School, Timothy Leary and Them be brought to book?  They can’t.  Just like Voltaire and the French Revolution, he had copious blood on his hands without ever physically chopping off anyone’s head.

This is the iniquity of it – these clever bastards are never brought to book for what they’ve done.  Except on Judgement Day, so it’s a good reason to hope there is a God.

Meanwhile, a Narrative-hallucinating middle-aged woman appoints young teachers with similarly deluded minds, the Charlotte Churches of the world, useless people in themselves, bereft of any sort of decency in 50s terms but all for kids “finding themselves” at 10 years of age and by hell, that young teacher is going to FORCE those kids to confront their sexuality and decide there and then which gender they are.  Never mind learning the three Rs.

And this young teacher – she is then promoted and reaches the age where she’s appointing new teachers … and so it goes on.  Meanwhile, the curriculum branch come out with all the “new” discoveries about methodology and the textbook companies are right in behind them, selling schools textbooks.

How can parents who are a. not involved in teaching or b. are of a leftist persuasion, ever come to see all this?  They can’t.  And at the parent teacher meeting, it’s never conveyed this way by teachers.  It’s all about being fair and loving the world and all that guff.  It’s guff as defined by them. primary school staffs are chock full of SJWs – and not in their spare time either.

Another factor is drugs.  Sure, teachers are not actively selling them to kids but harder drugs, designer drugs, are increasingly part of the world culture scene.  Get them in a corner of the schoolyard, get them at the club – they can be got.  Grass or weed were more for 18 year olds plus in my day, obviously this has gone right down to about 12 to 14 now. That’s mild compared to all the designer drugs.

An episode of Morse made a valiant attempt at exposing it in the 70s but being adult and away from the scene, was only as they imagined it was. I was in there as part of it and the only thing which rang quite true was that there were “businessmen” behind the making and distribution of, for example, acid.  My own mate was a conduit for tabs and knew where hash was obtainable locally.  I knew one guy reasonably well who was rated as N4 enemy by the cops at that time and he was quite proud of it.  His day job was cook at a local restaurant. He saw it only as business – business is business.

Bottom line is kids have no chance whatever faced with all this which overwhelms the senses and sense of proportion they haven’t even developed yet at 14.  The young teachers are victims just as much.  That cynical, hard-voiced woman of 43 who aids and abets all this – she’s a victim too.

We have here a series of people, all victims, who are continuing a process to its ultimate, destructive end and as Yuri Bezmenov said about politics but it’s the same here – these people, when presented with authentic information, can no longer comprehend it, cannot process it.  Tell them it’s wrong and they smile at their computers.

Especially when it comes in cold from the side as this blogpost does.  The obvious reaction is to dismiss it and cast the blogger as some sort of Mary Whitehouse who should get a life.

I did have a life, I was there at the time. I see the way it has changed and it ain’t good.

How can it be stemmed and turned around?  Well, for a start, with someone inside education [not Gove] making it clear that teachers are NOT to interfere with children’s non-academic side beyond general things about love and compassion for each other – love thy neighbour.  But none of these counselling sessions, none of this explicit sex education, entirely unnecessary and not their job – there are good programmes, software, parents can access that – and just stay out of kids’ worlds – they don’t need adults inviting themselves in there.

The only justification for adults in interfering in kids’ sexuality is to counter ideas of anti-families in the new world culture by showing, historically, the very real positives in strong families and the societies which spring from that. Plus what happens to societies which fail to have strong families. A teacher putting the guff mentioned in the quote at the top by Ms McCartney needs to be summarily dismissed, something old style heads who cared for the kids used to do on behalf of the parents.

Then, politically, it is up to us to work on parents as a whole in the UK to show a bit of effing responsibility for goodness sake, to stop being frightened of kids and to show a bit of spine. Best not to add – otherwise the Muslims will be over the top.

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  1. October 18, 2015 at 8:55 am

    Just saw a reader’s comment at the Speccy:

    Sadly people with mental illness are the ones who attempt suicide. Surely the fact that 48% of trans people under 26 attempt suicide can be attributed to their mental illness as much as anything.

    The evil muvvers behind doing these things to kids are for the fiery place.

  2. john in cheshire
    October 18, 2015 at 9:53 am

    I don’t think any of this, the behaviour and thought processes, will end until we want it to end. That’s stating the obvious, I know, but just as a shoal of fish seems to spontaneously change direction,the individual fish does not seem to influence the change. The best we as individuals can do is protect ourselves and those in our charge,as best we can. As for terms such as transgender, they are made up words and should be challenged whenever they are used. Similarly with the word islamophobia.

  3. John Winter
    October 18, 2015 at 10:16 am

    The next minority sexual rights campaign will be pedophilia.

    Salon and similarity nutty leftist rags in the States are already publishing pro-pedophilia articles…

  4. wiggia
    October 18, 2015 at 11:31 am

    I think I have found the antidote for Mattress Girl……

  5. Brightside Bob
    October 18, 2015 at 8:50 pm

    “Most boys go through at least a fleeting acquaintance with homosexuality…” Good God! Really?

    I suppose it’s now compulsory?

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