Molyneux on Migration

Right now, Stefan Molyneux is on fire. Having taken a break from listening to him for a few years, I slipped back on to Freedomain Radio to have a listen/watch as I’d noticed he’d been talking a lot recently about the mass immigration issues affecting Europe.

It was fascinating to hear an erudite Canadian’s view on this. Especially as that erudite Canadian also identifies as an Anarcho-Capitalist.

It has been equally fascinating to witness some libertarian friends (some no longer friends over this issue, sadly – their choice, not mine, mind) hunker down and defend a dogma of open borders come what may. I’ve discovered their apparent intelligence in some cases was actually just a matter of repeating verbatim what they’d heard or read elsewhere. Something made abundantly clear when they can’t comprehend why people like myself and Molyneux are able to argue that open borders are something we support in theory but not in practice and certainly not in the situation we currently find ourselves in. And that situation we find ourselves in is utterly dire.

There appears to be a similar tone-deafness at work with regard to matters of culture and the control of language that is the only real means of power now exercised by the Weak Left. A power, I think, they are starting to sense slip through their fingers as more people openly defy them. Unfortunately it may be too late – the active suppression of verboten opinions, not least ones that involve sane approaches to borders, welfare states and culture has been too deep and gone on too long.  The kick backs are now violent – from torched “Refugee” shelters for Gimmegrants in Sweden through to a serious physical assault on pro-Gimmegrant politician in Germany. These events would not have happened had people been involved from the very start in deciding the future of their nation’s destiny rather than being continually censored and censured for the last two decades.

Anyway, Molyneux has produced a number of excellent pieces. Browse his Youtube channel. I’d recommend this hour long piece most – seriously, grab a coffee and listen to the whole thing. It’s incredible. Eloquent, informative and very angry. If you have less time, this half hour piece is also worth your time. I’d recommend watching all of his videos and discussions on this issue if you can, though.

2 comments for “Molyneux on Migration

  1. Radical Rodent
    October 19, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    Get it right. They are not immigrants; they are not migrants; they are not refugees – they are invaders. Migrants and refugees arrive with quiet gratitude; confused and puzzled, eager to learn and to fit into their new home. The present-day arrivals come with hostility and violence, knowing their entitlements, and determined to extract them from us, and enforce their own views upon us. That is the attitude of an invading force, not the quiescence of migrants nor the intense gratitude of refugees.

    • October 19, 2015 at 10:49 pm

      I quite agree, RR. That’s what my use of the ‘Gimmegrant’ term refers to.

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