When the people want this guff, there’s not much we can do

Rossa mentions Karl’s piece on the Republican Party dilemma:


… and that’s interesting as some other things have come through on it too, e.g. Chuckles’s Zman piece:


… which follows a post I was going to do on the sort of politician which people, aside from the non-voters and tribalists in that order, will always vote for.

The quickest path to a return to health for the party is a political divorce.

The Tea Party activists need to make it official and petition to form their own political party. Heritage Action, the Senate Conservative Fund and right-wing talk radio can lead the Tea Party faithful to the exit.

The Tea Party started as Taxed Enough Already.  Indeed.  But the worst tax of all is deficit spending because it’s not disclosed as a tax yet it is, and it falls on everyone without discrimination.  Those who are very wealthy can find ways to try to evade it, albeit with a lot of risk — if they buy stocks and get the timing wrong they get their head cut off, but from 2009 to today that’s been a pretty good bet.

The middle and lower-middle class people have no prayer in hell of being able to do any of that and are forced to eat the destruction of their free cash flow.

Most of what is wrong with our government on a fiscal level can be fixed by addressing just one area of the economy — medical monopolists of all stripes.

But neither party, not Democrat or Republican, will take it on.

Meanwhile the Republican media flag-bearers call those who actually have a view toward social conservatism “bombastic and imbalanced.”

It’s clear to me from all the above that people simply don’t want things run properly, they think those who wish the country to run along sane, achievable lines are somehow extreme and unbalanced.

There’s this area of politics which is into pride in the nation, respect for our forbears and armed services, sound fiscal policy, initiative, discretion, classical liberalism, family and marriage, as low taxes as possible, charitable-mindedness, the ability to start up and run companies, giving employment, low greed in councils – in other words, civic wellbeing in which families and individuals thrive, with respect for neighbours.*

We think that the rest of society must surely agree those are good things but it’s clear they don’t.  Just look at the support for the criminal Hillary Clinton in the States – astounding how she could have even one adherent beyond her ISIS informant Huma and her hubby.

Look at the support Corbyn has, look at the left-liberal notion of grandiose, ill thought out schemes of social equality from what they imagine is a huge pot of money but which is really taxes from a shrinking middle-class, look at the champagne socialists.

In fact, a huge number are into this “get something for nothing and don’t get off the backside” style of politics where everything is guaranteed and everyone’s happy in some vast handout state.  We saw that in the USSR and how it fell apart.

But huge numbers blindly want the unrealistic in that way.

In fact, my guess would be that we, as in the asterisked paragraph*, are only about 30% of the population, tops.  What the population seems to want is some party which will at least pay lip service to all the fads and fashions of the day, e.g. gay “marriage”, trans this or that, social provision of other people’s money to them.  Doesn’t matter if that’s Cameron or Blair, that’s what they want.

Downunder, conservatism, as in Abbott, is disliked as too harsh, too unforgiving and Turnbull’s mush is vastly preferred, even though his policies are about to take Australia back onto the cultural political downwards slide European nations are now set on.  The conservative experiment is ended due to one man’s personal foibles, not an issue with the policies.

The people want their own destruction.  Obviously they don’t see it that way – they see only a “fairer and more equitable” society because they swallow the pollies’ BS.  My mate was talking to a woman who believes if we were just kind to ISIS and radical Muslims, they would see the error of their ways and we could train them and everything would be lovely.

That woman has a vote – frightening, isn’t it?

Would there be any point me giving her the 78 pages on the history of Islam from its inception to it’s bloodthirsty present?  Would there be any point me pointing her to the new technique of knife attacks from nowhere on buses and trains, in supermarkets, by Muslims whom Cameron calls “peaceful” whilst mothers plot against westerners at the same time?

So now Cameron is scrambling to get powers to stop passports.  Sheesh – why let the b**gers in in the first place?  Sheer common sense.

People seem not to care which party it is, as long as the party stays in this mushy, “all is well” lie and it’s not “well”, it’s not well at all.

Only peripheral and theatrical issues are tackled, never the real ones.  Thus Nigel seems dangerously unbalanced to them in asking for border controls, anti-abortionists point out it is murder and they’re seen as extremists, those demanding an end to the quangos and false charities, the greed of councils, are somehow dangerously extreme.  It’s insane.

And some people simply don’t like the angry tone we adopt. Karl Denninger is a perfect example where many do not like the constant frustration and anger. Not a thought that he may well have much to be angry about – that people have short term memories only and neither understand nor remember facts, that the spinmeister pollies depend on that and cynically manipulate the sheeple with buzzwords and phrases.

Downunder, there’s been much talk of the decimation of Labour. Uncanny that, innit, given what’s happening here as well?

People want this nice, comfortable, reassuring Cameron type ineptitude, impossible promises, e.g. EU reform – what a fiasco his trips to the Continent turned out to be – and they refuse to countenance that there might actually be people trying to kill us, that they’ve actually clearly stated this and they are already inside our society, doing it.

Oh, say the sheeple, these are just the occasional odd-jobs killing our Lee Rigbys.  Most are peaceful and lovely.  No they’re not – they are people who resent and fear the indigenous Europeans in their nations, fear their reactions and hate them along religious lines, for the very reason that every time they visit a mosque, they are told to hate and that it is religiously heaven-bound to murder an infidel or rape his women.

One wants to take people like this, the sheeple I mean, shake them and force them to confront the reality but of course … that would make us no better than the SJWs themselves.  It is deeply frustrating, amazingly dispiriting, to see this idiocy all around and our sleepwalking to destruction when there is absolutely no bloody need for it.  None.

The blinking bishops – don’t get off their a***es and do anything except making women bishops and marrying gays, do nothing and say nothing publicly about the very real social problems we have, do nothing whatever to support the institution of marriage and the family and if they don’t support this, then who the hell should?

They do absolutely bloody nothing except follow anti-Christian policies and yet eighty something of them suddenly jump up on the weekend and demand we let 50,000 jihadists into our country immediately.

Are they criminally insane, these bishops or are they just plants, trolls?

And the very worst people are governing us or filling the ranks of the judiciary and school staffs, whilst the greedy, headstrong and incompetent infest local councils.

Where are the fast-diminishing “sound” people, people who’ve successfully run things before, people in touch with people?

Marginalized, dispirited and overwhelmed into silence – precisely the opposite of what they should be.

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  1. Henry Kaye
    October 19, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    This is why I’m in a permanent state of bewilderment. I ask the same questions and -like you – I get no answers. We’re helpless,James – utterly helpless.

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