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There was an article in one of the Sundays about this model, who seemed about on a par with her sisters, in that she was already thin, and she was complaining that her agents were demanding that she shave some weight off her hips, otherwise she would not get any more lucrative work showing of dresses made specifically for women who seemed already to be on the verge of starvation.

Now, being a man, I am already struggling with the whole idea of fashion, dresses, ‘haute-couture’, along with all the other bullshit which has become part of every-day in the mad world of fashion. My idea of something smart is whatever comes to hand out off the shelving where my shirts lie. So, as I said, the very idea of someone designing dresses which ONLY look good on a stick-thin female who is obviously in the first stages of anorexia, is simply downright dangerous.

I wrote the following on my blogsite a while back, and it rings as true today as it did then:-

Readers will understand, now, the real reason for my writing today, was the sighting, in our local Tesco last Friday, of a young woman who was literally stick thin. She looked exactly the same, from her stick-like legs, through her painfully-thin lower body and torso, to her gaunt and ravaged face; as the victims who emerged from the Japanese and Nazi-German death-camps of Dachau and Changi. Now I may be many things, but daft is not one of them; so I did not move forward and intervene, as maybe a well-meaning fool would have done, with this young woman who was obviously intent on killing herself; mainly from a well-developed sense of self-preservation. I did not ask a perfect stranger if she knew how ill she actually was! Many other fellow shoppers looked askance at this walking skeleton, but none spoke to her, and so neither did I. Cowardly? Possibly, but there is the curse of modern life, in Great Britain at least. Should I have spoken out? I do not know, but, having hesitated, I remained silent.

A man with whom I worked about fifteen years ago had a huge problem, as he had an anorexic daughter. He tried reasoning, he attempted threats, he tried standing over her while she was supposed to be eating; nothing worked. She was down to five stone-odd when admitted to hospital, and it took nearly nine months to get her back to a sensible frame of mind, and somewhere near a living weight. There was some sort of demand or movement to ban all really thin and seemingly malnourished girls from all catwalks a while back, if I remember correctly; I reckon we should revive that demand, and make it stick!

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  1. Stonyground
    October 21, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    From The Daily Mash from a while back:

    “MEN across Britain continue to be puzzled by the debate over the pros and cons of bouncy girls, it emerged last night.

    A curvy lady and the 12 tonne crane that is used to remove her grateful lovers

    As the first size 16 contestant prepares for the Miss England beauty pageant, women said it was an important breakthrough while men said they could not imagine the circumstances in which this lovely big girl would be deemed unattractive.

    Helen Archer, an official woman, said: “This is the culmination of years of determined struggle against a male dominated culture that enslaves women and demands they conform to a perfect ideal of sexual attractiveness.”

    But Nathan Muir, a completely normal person in every way from Hatfield, stressed: “What the hell are you talking about?

    “She’s a cracker and I can say with cast-iron certainty that if I, or any of my friends, were lucky enough to be on top of her you would need a crane to get us off.”

    Martin Bishop, a remarkably ordinary human from Doncaster, said: “The girl with the hips, the magnificent knockers and the warm, happy face… or the arrogant, sulky angle-poise lamp who spends half her life in the bog?

    “I’ll be honest, I don’t listen to women all that much but from what I can gather the debate is, essentially, about attractiveness and therefore it is reasonable to assume that I, as a man, am the one who is supposed to be attracted.

    “We keep saying it until we are blue in the face – for the love of god, please gain some weight because we do not want to have sex with someone who looks like a 12 year-old boy.”

    He added: “However, if I and my colleagues are not the target audience then I am deeply confused as to who you are trying to appeal to – unless of course you all harbour some secret desire to be seduced by Gary Glitter.””

    Although this is a bit of light hearted fun I think that it pretty much gets to the heart of the matter. I’ve had conversations with really hot curvy girls who continue to insist that I prefer really thin girls no matter how emphatically I state that I don’t.

  2. Penseivat
    October 21, 2015 at 4:00 pm

    There are 2 theories about fashion designers, even the women. The first is that they are closet paedophiles who want their models to look like children, albeit taller. The second is that they are incapable of making clothes which fit anyone who doesn’t look as though they are days away from starving to death. Either way, they should be tarred and feathered, put on a rail, and escorted out of town.

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