And They Are Appropriate Consequences…

Joe O’Connor, defending, said the dog belonged to Brice’s former partner but it had continued living with her after he moved out.

However he said: “She accepts responsibility for the dog’s actions.

“There is an element of double jeopardy with the police issuing a caution which remains on her record and the Royal Mail bringing these proceedings, although they are entitled to do that.

“She is a woman of good character and has never been before the courts before.

“As has been pointed out, she immediately wrote to the Royal Mail praising the man’s work and offering to have the dog destroyed which she has done voluntarily.

“She works with people with mental health issues and in roles like that there are normally consequences of a criminal conviction.”

…because when you knowingly keep a dangerous dog, you really shouldn’t be in charge of vulnerable people, should you?

The postman had previously encountered trouble delivering to Brice’s address on Hazel Grove, Radcliffe, due to the dog’s behaviour, magistrates heard.

He had, on occasion, taken her post back to the depot or left it with neighbours after the dog was heard snarling behind the front door or trying to climb over the garden fence when chained up.

The ubiquitous ‘pre-sentence report’ has been called for. Why bother?