Why Do You Need To Be ‘Alerted’…?

…when your community is raising the alert in the first place?

Peter Tatchell said the force was told 10 months ago about concerns within the gay community over a possible serial killer on the loose – but the police did not appear to have formally linked the deaths until a fourth man was found dead in similar circumstances last month.

And they’ve referred themselves to the IPCC as you’d expect. If mistakes were made – and it’s a big ‘if’ – then the appropriate action will be taken.

However, Tatchell said the public appeal was “a year too late”. He added: “Four young men are dead. This appeal should have been made in June and August last year after the first two deaths. If the police had done that, some of these men might still be alive.

“It is appalling that the police did not alert the gay community last year that a serial killer could be on the loose.”

But you were already alerted. So why would this be needed?

Could it be that some in the ‘gay community’ don’t hang on Peter Tatchell’s every word? Surely not?