Stupidity and compliance as recruitment criteria

chest panamaIt’s always fraught when a post attempts to establish how thick other people are because pot-kettle springs to mind, plus Bill Bryson’s observation that the stupid can be identified by their delight in discovering someone even more stupid than they are and milking it for all it’s worth.

Thus we had that bizarre scene in the States of four talking heads on a news show, hands raised and with placard, as some sort of gesture towards black rights or as it has been called of late, Blue-States-Rights. Rachel Maddow was one of those.  Thick as pigs*** sprang to mind.

Whatever you think on the issue, if this is the measure of left-liberal discourse, then there is something seriously wrong in the United States.  [Incidentally, see any men anywhere?]


This post is about dumbing-down, about the giving of jobs to the second lowest drawer of people and given that they are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, their reliance on the instruction manual which, remember, was written by similar types a little further into the narrative.

And yes, there are examples but before that, it’s necessary to establish where your humble blogger puts himself in the intelligence chest of drawers.  As one who cannot understand much of programming, struggles with astronomy and cannot bake the perfect meringue, he’s hardly top drawer and yet he could claim, on the basis of past academia, a place somewhere in the second drawer, probably not unlike most of you.

The third drawer down is for the Rachel Maddows – pseudo-intellectuals who’ve been assisted towards their bits of academic paper and who are perfect fodder for predatory organizations such as Common Purpose – leading beyond authority.  Via other organizations of the same type come people such as Ed Balls – he encapsulates the quality of mind we’re speaking of.  John Prescott is another.

Unfortunately, due to the incestuous way recruitment works through the second bottom drawer HR departments of organizations, we have like recruiting like, the three criteria for employment being:

1.  A certain thickness or youth and inexperience or something else of a limiting nature [ambition?];

2.  Compliance with the New-Biz-Speak everyone has to start adopting in conversation, running about concerning themselves with the irrelevant in terms of going forward;

3.  A happy, do-gooder, love-all, non-thinking nature where initiative and discretion, let alone ethics, are proscribed words.

I saw that at close quarters on Friday in town, speaking with a store manager but that’s another post. Take Ebola as an unlikely example.  Via Chuckles comes this post with the intro:

What happens when you promote the politically correct, not particularly bright box tickers, beyond their capabilities?


When scientists want to study Ebolavirus, they usually take a sample and run it through a few generations of a host to get good replication. That is, you grab an unfortunate guinea pig, inoculate the poor thing, pull a sample of the virus out after it is really ill, inoculate another, and so on. Within four to ten cycles, you have a virus that is really good at incubating in guinea pigs.

You keep this quiet, because the last thing you need is a bunch of PETA people trying to rescue your Ebola-infected guinea pigs. This is not a joke.

This is what we just did in the Zaire outbreak, only with humans, unintentionally, implying that those infected, say after July or August of 2014 have some strains of a quite mutated virus that is now more specialized for humans, and very probably some strains that are mutated to be a little less virulent, thus leaving more carriers.

And the crux:

They already knew that it took months for the virus to clear from prior outbreaks. They released these people back into the community, only giving some instructions about avoiding nursing and employing safe sex precautions for a few months. Inevitably, some of these instructions weren’t followed, and some sexual transmission occurred.

So we’re talking here about the prevailing literature saying this is the way to tackle it, coupled with dumbness on the part of the practitioners whose inability to use initiative and common sense, e.g. you do not release sufferers straight back into the community, is bordering on the criminal and hey presto – away we go again.

And always there is the nagging doubt – is this just incompetence or is it designed-in incompetence, a question we’ve struggled with for some time?

the new teacherMoving on and the subject of many recent posts, this girl in the pic.  Not specifically her of course but the type.  Thank goodness I don’t have to find words this time because they’re right here on an American blog. Just before that, isn’t it uncanny that I can be writing, in the wilds of Britain almost word for word what you’re about to read, written in the wilds of the United States.

Does that not say something about what people are noticing today?  Does it not give at least some pause for thought?

She’s the new breed of teacher, the product of the new leftism in universities and colleges of higher learning, just look at the body language – has it all at her fingertips, ready to brainwash.  When I teacher trained, the pics were different – they showed eager newbies ready to learn.  This in the pic is smug in her complete conviction that, even with her limited life experience, she has it all under control.

The article puts it this way:

Looking back on my time as a teacher, I note with irony that there is a special breed of stupidity which only manifests in those who purport to transmit knowledge to others. Rest assured, it is they who are now in charge. There is no reasoning with them, there is no Socratic dialogue to discover the truth. Only the leftist narrative can thrive in the fallow ground of education in 2015 America.

The sheer ignorance of those tasked with this charge can only be matched by their arrogance. This is displayed in many different facets. Just one example to be explored here is the propensity of modern literature instruction to assume the form of “thematic units.” Because it is not enough to pass on the great literature to the next generation; no, there must be some greater task for the leftist (largely) female English teachers.


A thematic unit is just the right pretension to puff up their absurd notions of intellectualism. Such pretentions in these teachers are so delusional that a mere word; nay, a look, can pop the bubble and they vanish into the nothingness that they always were.

Because these teachers who are so intent, almost psychotically so, on doing good, are just too dumb to see they are doing bad, and would have been better advised not to have gotten out of bed in the morning.

They truly personify all the naivety and cluelessness expressed in the term “do gooder.” They take it for granted that their job is to disseminate the cultural Marxism which they have absorbed uncritically (and indeed unwittingly) from the wider culture on to students.

Any subject matter teaching which might occur during the process is viewed as entirely incidental. Yet it would be quite futile to try to explain this to such teachers. What they lack in logical deduction, they make up for in earnestness. It is a rather unfortunate combination.

Ladies and gentlemen, please stop for one moment again and reflect on the way this writer in a different country can come to precisely the same conclusions, both of us having been in education and both having observed the changes of the past two decades.  No collusion, no narrative script, no social policy diktats.

There must be something to it, no?

People, we are in deep do-dos, sorry but we are. Look at the GCSE results or the American equivalent, go to a summary of education written in 2006, which goes into, among other things, wrong research techniques being adopted, wrong curriculum development, then look at the World Core Curriculum, the American Common Core and the international IB – there is grave danger of complete brainwashing of a generation.  Anyone these teachers in the pic can get at – they are going to be receiving this new miseducation.

In turn, there is then going to be a majority of parents of the new generation who know nothing of scholastic methods, nothing cognitive any more, only cultural Marxism.  This is how the battle is being won, folks – not at that train station in London when SJWs overwhelmed the police – no, it is at this lower level that we are seeing the narrative enforced on the new children from increasingly single-parent families by these new-teachers.

And it is a worldwide push coming out of Rockefeller, Soros, the UN and so on.

And what of us, the quite worried who can make no appeal to reason to these new teachers?  We simply die off, pests finally got rid of.  Welcome to the Brave New World.  Glad I won’t be there.

4 comments for “Stupidity and compliance as recruitment criteria

  1. Flyinthesky
    October 26, 2015 at 11:03 am

    What a thoroughly depressing perspective and what’s more so is I can’t refute a word of it.
    It’s insidious and self replicating, only the programmable get to program. Independent thinkers not welcome.
    We, in the west, are in an agenda inspired, whose?, race to ignorance and reliance. To only exhibit proscribed behaviour. Never to question always to comply.
    It’s the implementation of Hermann Goering’s realisation, oops Godwin’s Law, ‘Education is dangerous – every educated person is a future enemy’.

    • October 26, 2015 at 3:03 pm

      And the people sleepwalk into it.

  2. Voice of Reason
    October 26, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Is the picture that you posted of the incident in question? If so, I believe that none of those women is Rachel Maddow.

    • October 26, 2015 at 3:02 pm

      Oh well, hardly matters – they’re clones. Probably right – think she’s MSNBC, no? The stations are clones too.

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