Time we cleared up this racism/religion thing for good

Wiggia touches on a most important point which is blighting any national discussion – it’s not as if there’s anything new here, it just shows it up clearly:

The Gruniad explaining how we as a country are turning everyone who comes here into a racist, despite the fact the black woman in the clip is not being racist , she is against Islam as a religion, time this link of a religion to racism was broken for good.

That point has to be vigorously underscored – that Islam has nowt to do with race – that is another discussion altogether.

Islam itself – as so many of us know – is not just a religion in the sense that people are free to believe this or that. It’s not Ba’hai or Buddhism or Christianity which people can choose to believe or not and which doesn’t order you to believe at knifepoint.

Christianity as part of the State, therefore a theocracy, did do that pre-1800s and so we got the inevitable inquisitions and crusades, state power backed.

But from the last century, only Islam is this primitive throwback worldwide, carrying all the baggage of Sharia courts, their own education system, their own non-western solutions, e.g. killing someone or maiming them for not agreeing.

This and only this is the reason Islam should be run out of Britain, never to return.  Naturally there would be believers still in the country but the coercive power would be gone.  It’s all about coercive power.  Were Islam not to have this power, no one would be concerned.

No one I know is saying these individual people are not allowed to believe what they want – it’s the coercive power and criminality of their organization which is everything here.

So therefore a black woman can very much rant at Islam for what it is trying to do in her society – it is trying to convert or physically destroy the natives, as it always has done from the beginning.  It is a poisonous, destructive phenomenon which needs to booted out of our country as of yesterday.

When non-Christians start this BS about “all religion is bad and has to be suppressed”, they are being so, so dishonest.  Because under that definition would be included, say, paganism or the Druze.

No, what needs stamping out is not “religions” but “theocracies” and the two most corrosive, destructive theocracies eating at western nations right now are:

  1.  Cultural Marxism/PCism/feminazism/left-liberalism;
  2.  Islam.

As for racism, this is so simple and yet cultural Marxists pretend not to understand and abuse the word, not to mention libel and slander, all actionable at law.

A racist is someone who sees a black or yellow person and physically can’t stand that person, irrespective of what they’re like inside.

A non-racist includes someone who knows that no ethnic minority should constitute any more than about 8% of a society, that the majority people or culture should be in control and yet defend minorities from harm, that the only people let into the country should have gone through a screening process for good character and how they would contribute to the society, as well as being able to pay for themselves.

A non-racist welcomes such people as culturally enriching a nation, as for example, the Italians and Greeks did in Australia.  When a non-racist travels, he mixes in with the local culture in order to enjoy it.

Therefore, the cultural Marxists who fling this word racist at non-racists are the very racists themselves of the worst kind.

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  1. Ted Treen
    October 28, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    85% of the populace would agree with you:- unfortunately the 15% of head-in-the-clouds who wouldn’t are the soi-disantélite who are in positions of authority, but will never listen. Dissent might be punished in an Islamic society, but in ours it is just sidelined.

    The time will come though, when the dissenters grow tired of being sidelined and steamrollered, and decide to act collectively and decisively.

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