I Wish Someone Told Me ‘I Don’t Belong’ Like This…

Stan Grant on the awful trial that is growing up as an indigenous Australian:

There are so many reasons this country has told us we don’t belong.

Deborah Cheetham – Indigenous performer and associate dean of music at the University of Melbourne – has revealed that she declined an invitation to sing the national anthem at the AFL grand final. It would have been the largest audience she had performed before.

Yet she says she could not sing those words with sincerity.

“Australians all let us rejoice.” What is there for us to rejoice about in our troubled history?

“For we are young and free.” My people are some of the most incarcerated people on earth. We are less than 3% of the population and a quarter of the total of Australians in prison. For juveniles it is even worse.

“We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil.” We are the poorest community in this country. We have the highest levels of unemployment – at least three times greater than other Australians.

Advance Australia fair is an aspiration, not a reality, for Indigenous people.

So, just who is Stan Grant?

I suppose he’s some poor minimum wage illiterate jackaroo in the outback, getting into fights and sending himself half-blind sniffing petrol fumes?

Award-winning journalist Stan Grant is from the Wiradjuri tribe of Australia and began working for SBS’s NITV in 2012 as the host of the channel’s flagship current affairs program Awaken.

Stan has held posts in Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong and Beijing for CNN International and in addition to presenting Awaken, is currently the international editor at Sky News and anchors the evening program Reporting Live with Stan Grant on Sky News National.

Oh. OK. Never mind.

Seems that staying out of trouble with the law, getting educated and working hard does indeed help you to achieve your aspirations.

Who knew?

3 comments for “I Wish Someone Told Me ‘I Don’t Belong’ Like This…

  1. October 30, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    Very well paid (possibly 10 times the average wage) but still manages to be a victim.

  2. Stonyground
    October 31, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Are these people another bunch that go out of their way not to fit in and then complain about being excluded?

  3. Errol
    October 31, 2015 at 12:33 pm

    Do they never get tired of complaining? Is there no point they just sit down and think “hell, I’ve achieved so much and it doesn’t matter what I label myself as!”

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