The interfering, socially engineering dogooders

We could start anywhere on this. Let’s start with Wiggia’s link and comment:

What is she on! Instead of making stupid comments to justify her enormous mistake, perhaps she should just go away quietly.

Merkel did her part for her masters in creating the superhighway for the invaders to pour in, some women and children for the photo-ops of dead bodies and grief but mainly jihadis  and German towns are now reporting their issues.

Our homegrown interfering, socially engineering dogooders who wish to throw out that which worked and substitute narrative invented incompetence – I wonder what these people are on, whether they could really be that thick?  Do they really want a situation like Syria right here?  Do they really want a South Africa?


Secret government back-up plan: send the students to Oxbridge as “education refugees”  

South Africa: 85% University Failure Rate – The New Observer

Were I to point out the situation down there in a country now well lost, I’d be called a racist, wouldn’t I?  At least they have a right to be in that country – it’s their land but WTF would we ant to actually import all that trouble for?  In the name of everything sane – what sort of minds think that is a good thing?

And in Australia, h/t Chuckles:

Having lived in Australia for many years, I’d like to suggest I know one or two things about the land.  The people are more easygoing in one sense than we are over here, more tolerant of migrants but that has been the Brits, Germans, French, eastern Europeans and these have fitted in, assimilated and enriched the culture down there.

I honestly don’t know too many Australians who don’t see a certain amount of it as good.  In Melbourne, the restaurant trade is heavily dependent on other ethnicities and going to cafes and restaurants is a big thing there. Ethnics are in every sport at the highest level, they’re not even seen as ethnic.

Which is why, when the Aboriginal Adam Goodes bellyached at a ceremony which made him Australian of the Year, and promptly told Australia never to forget whose land it was – it did not go down well. This is why he’s been booed into retirement, whilst the PTB/Media/head honchos in the sport have tried desperately to ignore his attitude and control public opinion but haven’t been able to.

What Australians objected to was not that he insulted white Australia, but that he wished to insert a divisive note into a welcoming, all-inclusive ceremony.  It really jarred against the narrative.

Well I have no trouble calling a tosser for what he is and Goodes is a tosser. So are all the other victimhood kings and queens, plus the self-entitled, the feckless and so on.  And over here, we’d be more welcoming too if it weren’t for this invasion.  If border control did what it bleeding well should and only a trickle came into the country, the right sort of people, then I don’t know many who would object.

It’s the floods of ’em, innit, aided and abetted by the Straws, Labour, Cable, the socialists, the media, Cameron’s Pink Tories, the interfering, socially engineering dogooders who go to Calais to tear down borders – these are the true problem in Europe now.

What we also have is the feting of failed theorists – the worst is probably Krugman but Ehrlichman is not far behind:

Serial failed futurist Paul Ehrlich has warned that Australia will become a third world country, if we Australians don’t abandon one of our main sources of national income.

How can the interfering, socially engineering, dogooding left get it so utterly wrong each and every time?  question – name one other demographic/occupational unit which also gets it completely wrong every time it goes near something?

Yep, Gummint.  Bureaucracy. Let’s drool over a society where the gummint + bureaucracy + the left equals the rule of the blind.  Oh, nirvana.

First cab off the rank privacy?

Baroness Shields – she be a liar?  And who made her baroness anyway?  OK, here’s a perfect example of their interfering, socially engineering dogooding:

It’s headshakingly bad, innit?  The chain of events, from tender to design and construction to distribution – all of it becomes a million SDR waste.

The left’s flagship, the Beeb, loves to sneer at the primitive societies like Japan:

Name our indigenous car manufacturers, wholly owned by us?  We have little manufacturing compared to former years, we’ve no defence forces and we have a flood of invaders pouring in.  Yep, we sure do things so well in Britain, no?

So let’s have a look at these interfering, socially engineering dogooders:

1.  The rabid SJWs who genuinely want society reduced to ruin because the narrative slaps a label on it and calls it Capitalist.  Therefore, everyone must suffer in pursuit of that nirvana, Stage 5 of some obscure text by Moses Mordecai Levy.

2.  The average political illiterate who is more into shopping, clubbing, sex and drugs or maybe even just family, yet still has the vote for some bizarre reason rooted in our heritage.  This person is basically an interfering, socially engineering dogooder by default but because she/he does not know much, cannot think things through, he takes Sky news or the Beeb as his guide, or the Guardian and it tells him/her that we must flood the country for the good of humanity.


To put it another way, the insane system actively enables such things to happen.  We might eventually expel the jihadis if we could overcome the interfering, socially engineering dogooders but how do we overcome the interfering, socially engineering dogooders?

3 comments for “The interfering, socially engineering dogooders

  1. Henry Kaye
    November 4, 2015 at 11:30 am

    An oft repeated comment, James, and one with which I wholeheartedly agree. Whenever I read about this growing problem I am always reminded of the reported aims of the Frankfurt School which included the destruction of the nation state,the destruction of national cultures and the abandonment of religion, to mention just what I can remember. It would seem to me that this “philosophy” has been fed in some way to many influential people who are determined to make it all happen.

  2. john in cheshire
    November 4, 2015 at 2:05 pm

    It is not hyperbole to say that we are ruled by lunatics, supported by a significant minority of the wicked and the insane.

  3. November 4, 2015 at 5:21 pm

    There was a comment by Rossa on this and I include it below:

    I have variously read today that

    1) Merkel was influenced by German industrialists to allow unfettered immigration so they could force their minimum wage down. But she hadn’t considered the fact that the Balkan countries wouldn’t be too pleased about this. So the EU has tried to force countries to accept a certain number of refugees and guess what they’re saying Nein!

    Soros has admitted that his NGOs are deliberately encouraging migration to get rid of nationhood.

    2) In Australia an increasing number of people are ‘renting’ tents and caravans in other peoples’ gardens because the housing bubble has forced so many out of the rigged market.

    3) As for futurism this piece about collectivism says it all.

    4) And then there’s the UN plan to introduce biometric ID for everyone by 2030, starting with these refugees who will be told that this is the only ‘legal’ way to obtain benefits, housing etc. Once the refugees have it, it will be rolled out to the general populations. It isn’t always the most obvious reasons like cheap labour, it’s the hidden agenda we have to be on the look out for.

    5) Finally, if that isn’t enough there is another epidemic coming to a town near you. There was a Polio outbreak in Syria and all those concerned modern women refusing vaccinations for their children…..

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