Can We Trust The Official Story?

Ah, America, obsessed with guns, dumb, damn Yanks, always quick on the trigger:

An Idaho rancher has been killed in a gun battle with deputies who planned to shoot one of his bulls after it had been struck by a car.

The bizarre incident occurred on Sunday after a Subaru station wagon struck the animal on a highway near the small town of Council.

Adams County sheriff’s deputies and emergency crews responded to the crash, but the injured bull charged repeatedly as they attempted to help the vehicle’s occupants.

Sheriff Ryan Zollman said: “The bull was very agitated and was aggressive to emergency services, as well as the other cars coming up and down the highway.”

Just as deputies planned to put the animal down, its owner Jack Yantis, a well-known cattle rancher in the community of about 800 people, arrived with a rifle.

An altercation ensued and at one point Mr Yantis and two deputies fired their weapons, authorities said.

The 62-year-old rancher died at the scene and one deputy suffered a minor injury.

Yet, if you read the comments, a different picture emerges:

These Blomberg , butt kissing , gun grabbing media scum need to get the story STRAIGHT!! First off the Rancher was called to the scene by the dispatcher because the deputies shot the BULL and it would not die!! So the RANCHER “who always has his rifle in his truck” because he is a law abiding hard working American, did not want the animal to suffer any more so he got out with the rifle & intention of putting his suffering bull down. These two rookie clowns think OUGH NO a man with a gun & he isn’t a cop so we must shoot him unprovoked and without merit they proceeded to gun him down in cold blood. His wife hears the news that her husband was shot dead by police has a major stroke and is airlifted to the hospital. It’s about time they change the “Protect & Server as that quote is no longer valid


This is the report of a woman who was there when it happened.
Susan Gregersen: “Let me put you folks straight on this. The bull was hit, the cops came, dispatch called Jack to come, they knew it was his bull! One cop shot the bull but didn’t kill it, Jack came like dispatch asked of him, with his gun to put the bull down, cops freaked out, and shot Jack 5 times! His wife suffered a major heart attack and was life flighted to Boise! Hope those cops had there all important body cams on!! Prayers please for our community, we are going to need it!”

Once, you’d have believed the official report, and dismissed the comments as the raving of partisan nuts.

Now? I’m not so sure.

3 comments for “Can We Trust The Official Story?

  1. November 6, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    Does not surprise in the least.

  2. Errol
    November 6, 2015 at 5:52 pm

    Probably somewhere in the middle. Bull isn’t well, police turn up intending to call someone to help put the bull down, farmer turns up, takes his gun from his car (as he’s an idiot without any respect for guns) and shoots the animal. Policeman then asks him to put the gun down and farmer says something like ‘ghuh, I int gonna peet no gunz dawn cos I is amuhrikan!!’ and then the police turned their guns on him, farmer shoots police office and the police shot him.

    They’re an immature, not very intelligent country. They cannot be trusted with guns. Let’s face it, most americans shouldn’t be allowed safety scissors.

    • November 7, 2015 at 1:15 pm

      Blimey, Errol, doing your bit for Anglo-US relations there..?!

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