Engine power? Adequate. Brakes? Definitely!

Volkswagen…………Emissions software screw-up.and recall………….Financial disaster

General Motors……Deadly ignition key devices recall………………Financial and political disaster

Rolls Royce…………..Single car air bag recall..…………..Marketing triumph

2 comments for “Engine power? Adequate. Brakes? Definitely!

  1. richard
    November 12, 2015 at 11:01 am

    My old dad told me a story, which he claimed to know was true, about a gent in the 70s whose new Rolls Royce broke it’s drive shaft in France.The owner walked to a village and phoned Rolls Royce to complain.
    “Sorry Sir, Rolls Royce cars don’t suffer from faulty drive shafts. But we’ll have a look. Where exactly are you?”
    Three hours later, a helicopter landed close to the stricken car and mechanics disembarked, fitted the replacement part, then flew off without accepting payment and leaving the car working perfectly.
    Upon his return to England the man phoned Rolls Royce to thank them for so prompt and expensive a repair job and such exemplary service.
    To which he got the following brief reply from the same RR gent, who immediately replaced the receiver after saying – “Thank you Sir, but Rolls Royce products don’t break drive shafts.”

  2. November 12, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    The Rolls story I appreciate the most is the morning that advert appeared in The Times which featured a host of horizontal lines in the outline of a Silver Spur, giving the impression of speed and luxury, and the words underneath went…..’At 90 m.p.h., all you hear is the ticking of the clock’

    The Rolls Royce M.D. calls an emergency board meeting, stands up and asks, ‘Gentlemen, what are we doing about this damn clock?’

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