For Sale: Watchdog, No Teeth, Answers To The Name Of ‘Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service’…

A doctor who once hugged a female road accident victim patient in Blackburn during a consultation has been back in trouble with his professional watchdog.

Dr Riaz Raza, who also told the Blackburn woman: I’ve never looked after anyone like I have looked after you today”, was suspended for 12 months for sexual misconduct in 2011, but later allowed to return to practice early after a High Court appeal.

Let me guess….for the same sort of thing?

In the latest incident, Dr Raza, a medical examiner in road accident claims, was found to have stroked a female patient’s face and neck before slipping his hands under her jumper from behind, inquiring whether she was married as he told her she “didn’t look her age” .

He had also failed to offer her a chaperone, despite giving assurances he had altered his methods of practice after the Blackburn incident.


Further allegations that he stared at the woman’s chest and informed her he was a trained masseuse, during an examination at the Holiday Inn at Bradford (Ed: wtf?), were found not proved after a fresh fitness to practice hearing before the Medical Practitioners’ Tribunal Service in Manchester.

But he was found to have offered to pay the woman, known only as Patient A, compensation in respect of her complaint to the General Medical Council, though he had insisted this was in connection with a potential civil claim.

Suspicious behaviour aplenty. What did he get this time?

The three-strong panel ruled his initial conduct at the Holiday Inn was not sexually motivated and agreed to impose conditions on his registration, again requiring him to employ chaperones, when appropriate.

Dr Raza, from Hale Barns, Cheshire, must also only work for the NHS in hospitals settings and inform all potential employers about his current status.


Mr Mahmood, for Dr Raza, said the case “had been a big lesson” for his client and he had found the whole process “deeply upsetting” . But he accepted he must abide by GMC guidance in future

Why? He didn’t last time!

Catherine Cundy, for the GMC, had argued that Dr Raza, in light of this and previous failings, should at least be suspended.

I agree. By a certain portion of his anatomy…

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  1. November 12, 2015 at 10:31 am

    “I agree. By a certain portion of his anatomy…”

    With due regard for the tension and torsion characteristics of the piano wire which is the suspension choice of professionals who are expert in the techniques available?

    Painful? Probably yes, but as long as you keep your fingers from being trapped while the wire is being tensioned, no permanent damage to the professional concerned.

    Painful to the Doctor? Who cares?

    • November 14, 2015 at 7:13 am


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