One small, sad, sick incident, nothing special

Sometimes it doesn’t need 129 dead to drive a point home.  Sometimes it need not be killings which make you shake your head with disbelief.  Sometimes it can just be one small, sad, sick incident, nothing special:

Anger as University of York cancels International Men’s Day event after hundreds of students and staff complained it would promote gender inequality

The fine detail:

The decision came after 200 academics, alumni and students at York – most of them women – penned an open letter attacking the event.

All right, as a man, I don’t see any particular necessity to have a Men’s Day, we got along fine without one before.  In a vote, I’d perhaps vote no. It would be enough to be asked.

As you know full well, that is not the point. The point is that this academic staff used influence on what are essentially just children, a few years further on, in order to deny fairness.  There’s no doubt about that – if you have an IWD, then there is always going to be an IMD, no?

But making this twice as bad is the argument they use – that being unfair prevents inequality.

The community as a whole is coming around finally to the realization that radical Islam is not good, that the EU is bad for your health, many other things. There is a body of opinion which wants no part of what is happening, that’s crying out enough!

And yet all of us will die out and then these new comrades will take over society.  Whatever a more experienced society increasingly wakes up and decides now, it is as nothing, as coming up are the heirs of the embittered hatred among the academics and alumni.  And they can’t be stopped doing these things to the ex-children.

Think about those young brains for one moment, think about what the embittered old hags and male sinecure holders, the Eric Foners and Saul Alinskys, have reduced the kids to, what maggots have been placed in their brains.  We outgrew it but there is no outgrowing it with this lot – this is what will be populating this land during our declining years.

There are or were scholastic rules when I was at university, there was a strict code, a way of presenting work, plagiarism was a crime etc. etc.  Students had many lessons on the formal logic. There were ethics.

Across the pond, it’s just as bad.  This from Theo, via Chuckles:

Nothing generates more pity than seeing something that was once noble and respected reduced to a beaten, humiliated mockery of its former self.

The pathos is not shared by everyone however as the humiliated party often has plenty of enemies who rejoice at the fall from grace.  

Like the bull awaiting the tercio de muerte after hours of torment in the bullring, President Barack Obama and the United States of America are in the final stages of destruction, joining Great Britain among those once great nations that have descended first into mediocrity then into degradation followed finally by cultural oblivion.

What makes the fall of these nations more pitiful is that it was not brought about by external enemies bent on military conquest but slowly and deliberately by internal enemies bent on ideological conquest on their enemies’ behalf.

It amounts to the same thing; the culture, the way of life and the very standards of civilisation are irrevocably changed for the worse and downgraded for the majority of citizens.

If revenge is a dish best served cold then this particular offering is at absolute zero.

Having put down his internal enemies and rebuilt his military strength, President Putin set about restoring his beloved Russia’s former glory. To an experienced political operator like Vladimir Putin, the advent of the Obama administration was like a gift from Heaven after the Reagan/Thatcher era with their defeat of communism and consequential fall of the Russian empire.

And so on. Even if we do get a Brexit next year, a few years down the track and the onset will be swift and sudden – we’ll be right back in there again, thanks to the new generation, combined with the invaders.

The loss I feel most deeply is aesthetics, design, elegance, class in music, film, art, sculpture, architecture – we had greats in these fields.  We watch Putin try to haul Russia back up and one imagines a new Soviet architecture will arise, a dynamic art, the Bolshoi will be the talk of the world again.

And us?  Is it blasphemous to say Jesus wept?

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  1. Hereward Unbowed.
    November 20, 2015 at 9:56 am

    Tracy Emin, Damian Hirst, Simon Cowell and all the rest of it, such is our demise, you can’t even turn on R3 without hearing the discordant crap of ‘modern’ classical music – Cultural Marxism in notes and so designed to annoy and discombobulate to deconstruct and destroy, as is all ‘modern art’ – call it anti Kultur. And don’t start me on modern there any?

    I used to watch a TV programme about some bloke, on the face of it he looked a bit thick……. who used to blow up old mill chimneys. Aye ‘n’ he loved “aud” engines “reet well”.

    He was one of the sort whom the political sphere, media cognoscenti, the noveau aristocracy of the public sector would frown and look down at, as if he were a lower form of life and yet in Sheffield and Rotherham they regale the dregs of Slovakia and Mirpur… if they are from a vastly superior civilization and how’s about that for looking at life through the modern day UK prism of discriminatory prejudice?

    Ye Gods an uneducated Englishman….BUT who knew his stuff, the nuts and bolts of life and by God did you ever see some of his “rough sketches” somethings of such rare beauty that would even start such as the likes of Leonardo – YES I kid you not.

    Down coal mines, on ships, in factories, running businesses…apprentice served: THE SALT of the earth, Men, who helped make this country, the nation of craftsmen, engineers and builders, industrialists and architects – of world renown, stuff your fine art and frippery – these are by products of a confident and mature society but the aforementioned – were the lads who made England great.

    What are they taught to do now, business studies and tourism, kowtowing to every filthy precept of Cultural Marxism and the cult of death then dragged into a feminazi world half assed managed by those mommies boys like Dave and George.

    Oestrogen did gain victory, there is no gender war – it’s all over for men.

    • November 20, 2015 at 11:11 am

      Cultural Marxism in notes

      We ran a post on atonalism some time back, how deliberate it was. Schiller Institute did an article on it.

      • Hereward Unbowed.
        November 20, 2015 at 12:07 pm

        The purity of science, of Mathematics, country walks, good company….. even family and the greats of classical music, Bach to Beethoven, Puccini and Mozart and so many other greats Vaughan Williams, sometimes, I think that it’s the only thing which keeps me from tottering and falling off the line.

    • Rossa
      November 20, 2015 at 1:48 pm

      Fred Dibnah a great British hero in the demolition, traction engine and engineering worlds. Loved his programmes.

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