Turkey shaking its little fist from under NATO’s skirts

First a selection of comments on the downing of the Russian jet:

Alex Khalansky, Moscow:

Yes, it was our plane. Waiting for official comment of our Government. The question is – WTF is going on and why is the West fighting Russia and not ISIS? Crimea and sanctions were fun, sure, but thing are really serious now. If you want Putin’s ass – go get it, no objections from me. But why shot a plane, who was attacking those guys who bombed Paris?.. Cheers from Russia, Moscow.

Graham Casey, Perth:

Very much doubt if Turkey had the nerve to shoot down a Russian Jet unless they were backed by the USA who are doing their very best to undermine the Russian effort in Syria. The more we see of this conflict the more it becomes obvious that ISIS are a tool created, funded and armed by Western interests to create mayhem in the region and collapse regimes who are not compliant to their wishes.

We are witnessing a continuation of the expansionist greed that has typified the USA and its so called allies since the end of WW2 and they continue to make a mess of everything they touch. Terrorism is very much a tool in their arsenal and when we see the likes of Cameron wanting to follow the liar Blair and take the UK into more illegal and immoral wars we can see the premeditated plan unfold before our eyes and see how it is interconnected. Nothing happens by chance and there are never surprises in these dirty wars it is all planned.

ChrisCooper, Loughborough:

Funny how now instead of pounding ISIS, we’re back to the old story that Putin is backing Assad. Is someone afraid he’s winning and doesn’t want ISIS wiped off the map? You can say what you like against Russia, but at least they made no rash desision over the plane brought down over Egypt, and waited until it was shown to be a bomb.

I admit my bias, having lived in and having been sustained by the Russian people for 12 years.  The trick is not to go the way of the leftwing protesters from Vietnam days and give aid to a known enemy, which the USSR was at that time, through the KGB, see Yuri Bezmenov:

Therefore, one can support one’s people against our “leaders” who take us into wars which are theatrical, stage-managed, whilst opening the doors to rampant invasion – these people have been known throughout history as traitors. There was an MSM piece on the Masons from late yesterday.

Russia is not so much our friend as a sovereign nation feeling threatened by the UN/EU/NATO/CIA/US and UK governments and as such, they will take care of the defence of their realm, just as we should and do not – our govt sells us out and weakens our defences.

There was clear intention, under the unholy western influence, for Kiev to massacre the eastern Ukrainians and Russia stopped it through the rebels.

It comes back time and again to that line in Quantum of Solace about the heroes and villains becoming blurred – the villains in all this are obviously the Muslim nutters but equally villainous and more treacherous is our “leadership”.

Though the reason’s obvious, people still have every right to ask WHY the western powers are making NO attempt to wipe out ISIS, why the borders are not closed and why the US and UK govts have made NO moves to expel known jihadis en masse from our respective countries.

If our govts are treacherous to Europe and America, does that make Putin a saint? Of course not. My Russian mates tell me things that are happening inside Russia and they’re not great. There is economic trouble but much of that is Russia having joined the world financial circus and the western Them thereby having a lever.

Russia is certainly heading back to its closed border situation in which even I am not welcome and yet I’m still allowed to Skype with Russian friends. But don’t think we’re immune – read Mike’s post on electricity and with what you know of the financial crisis coming up, we will very much be plunged back into a former age.

The difference is that the Russkies are used to all that. They can survive. Can we?

5 comments for “Turkey shaking its little fist from under NATO’s skirts

  1. mikebravo
    November 24, 2015 at 11:39 am

    “…….the USA and its so called allies …….. and they continue to make a mess of everything they touch.

    “………we can see the premeditated plan unfold before our eyes and see how it is interconnected”

    It’s funny that people can see what is in front of their own eyes and even write it down, but are unable to join the dots.

    It is not a mess that they are making – it is a plan that is working out very nicely for the planners.

  2. Henry Kaye
    November 24, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    Dan Hodges in today’s DT asked the question whether anyone in the Labour Party’s ranks were fit for high public office. I responded asking whether anyone in Parliament were fit to hold high public office. I now amend that to read:IS THERE ANYONE IN THE CORRIDORS OF POWER THAT ARE FIT TO BE THERE?
    We are being held helplessly captive by international lunatics.

  3. Ed P
    November 25, 2015 at 10:52 am

    How would you answer an alien landing today and saying, “Take me to your leader”?
    Would you recommend Cameron, Herr Drunker, Merkel or Obama? I would point towards Putin, who for all his faults, is the only true statesman the world has now.

  4. November 25, 2015 at 11:17 am

    Aye to all three.

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