Austerity? Do we really need it (or them)?

We are told of the real worries of the Police Forces (Not f’’@ing Services, you might note) of the United Kingdom regarding the proposed cuts to funding as discussed with the Treasury. We are warned of the perils of slicing the package too close to the bone. We are warned that Terrorism’ may prevail if too many officers are cut from staff.

All that may be true, but given that, in the Metropolitan Force alone, there are the following staff:-

Director of Information

Director of Resources

Director of Human Resources

Director of Public Affairs

Director of Legal Services

Strategic HR Director

Director of HR Operations

Director of Leadership Development

Director of Logistical Services

Director of Catering Services

Director of Transport Services

Business Partnerships Director

Business Services Director

Strategic HR Director (2)

Strategic HR Director (3)

Programme & Information Manager

Director of Property Services

Director of Finance Services

Director of Strategy & Improvement Department

Director of Procurement Services

Director of Asset Management

Director of Construction

Director of Facilities Management

Director of Resilience & Compliance Group

Director of Commercial Operations

Director of Exchequer Services

Director of Business Development, Core Finance & Special Projects

Director of Business Support

Director of Business Strategy

Director of Business Performance

Director of Category Management

Director of Supply Chain Management

Head of Service Delivery

Head of Security, Standards & Architecture

Head of Business Systems & Integration

Head of Business Services & IT Training

Deputy Director of Information

Head of Technology

Deputy Director of Public Affairs

Assistant Director (Olympics)

Assistant Director (Head of Internal Communication)

Assistant Director (Chief Press Officer)

Director of Business Development

Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus

Director of Business Support

Director of Forensics

Head of Business Services (Human Resources)

Head of Business Services(Finance and Resources)

Director of Business Services
Don’t forget that each of these Directors and Department heads will have their own little desk empire to defend against budget attacks, on the basis, known worldwide of ‘More is Better’ ; but it must be asked, how many of these desk-bound clowns soak up the cash which should go to front-line policing?

2 comments for “Austerity? Do we really need it (or them)?

  1. Rossa
    November 25, 2015 at 11:55 am

    Not just in the Police Service. You’ll find the same structure replicated throughout Councils across the country. Not only do they not earn their remuneration their pensions are bloated by taxpayers money. That’s the biggest problem when you have carte blanche to spend other peoples’ money with no responsibility or accountability.

    Austerity doesn’t touch them. They are at the top of the welfare chain. They decide what gets cut locally and it sure ain’t them or their feathered nest eggs.

  2. Errol
    November 25, 2015 at 11:57 am

    I worked out that the 8 men squatting at the top of my city council soaked up over 1.2 million quid in salary alone. Those salaries ranging from £130,000 to 180,000.

    Those salaries consumed the entire council tax of 700 households. Add in pensions and expenses and that’s easily 1000 homes entire council tax being wasted on 8 people. 8. Just Eight men. Not the police, bin men, roads, just 8 people.

    Recently we had a bin collection strike. They were given about 1%. Their entire – ENTIRE increase of *all* their salaries would have been less than the rise those 1 – ONE – of those putrid 8 gave themselves.

    It’s time to sack people.

    I won’t start on the 60 odd councillors who refused to present their reundancy to the public and rejected it outright while demanding a pay increase, or the same troughers in the county council. It’s a scam and a con. Public services are cheap. Government is wasteful.

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