So he did matter, but just to his mother!

I searched for a mention of nine-year old Chicago resident Tayshawn Lee’s murder on a couple of browsers, found one local American newspaper, along with one broadcaster: alongside a great number of commentary and blog sites: all of whom were specifically asking the same questions as I.

Where was the fury over this pointless death of a small black boy? Where were the editorials demanding action; any action? Why did we not hear the White House commentariat loudly condemning the execution-style murder of this little BLACK boy? It is rather strange not to hear the strident tones of Al Sharpton, or the slimier syllables of Jesse Jackson condemning the shooting of this little boy! Not a whisper from Black Lives Matter; probably because, well, he was just a nine-year old kid, and he didn’t really count, because his killer was known to the locals, and they were all shit-scared of being accused of being a ‘grass’!

Could it simply be that the silence, the aversion to highlight this, one of the 418 killings this year in Chicago so far; is because the murderer is probably a Black gangster who wished to punish the father of Tayshawn Lee over a drug dispute, and not a POLICEMAN; Black or White?

America: where all the news that fits is printed, and the rest just gets swept under the large and ever-available rug of history.